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The Activeklamp is a Turkish circumcision device similar in principle to many others on this page. Advantages claimed for this model are lighter weight and smaller overall size, making it less cumbersome and more comfortable for the patient, protection of the frenulum, and absolute impossibility of re-use. The clamping line is very narrow, giving less necrotic tissue and faster healing. Also the device does not need to be rotated during placement, reducing the risk of accidental torsion injury. It is made in children's sizes 10, 12, 14, 18 and adult sizes 20, 24, 28, 32, 36.

Circumcision with the ActiveKlamp
Step 1
Cut the seal on the clamp
Cut the seal
Step 2
Insert the tube under the foreskin
Insert the tubr
Step 3
Apply the clamp over the foreskin
Cut the seal
Step 4
Lock the clamp arms
Cut the seal
Step 5
Cut off the foreskin with the scalpel
Cut off the foreskin
Removal 1 - after 3-5 days
Cut the first clamp arm
Cut the first arm
Removal 2
Cut the second clamp arm
Cut the second arm
Removal 3
Remove the clamp
Remove the clamp
Removal 4
Remove the tube
Remove the tube
Removal 5
Apply ointment
Apply ointment

Comment The Activeklamp will obviously give a moderately loose result and the frenulum will remain - in fact it is specifically protected. Readers of other parts of this site will know that some men like tight circumcisions, and some like the frenulum to be removed. However, in the context of the intended use of this device these are positives. The frenulum contains an artery and cutting it can lead to serious bleeding. In an operating theatre this is not a problem, but in a simple clinic it could be. Likewise, when circumcising adults and teenagers erections are inevitable, and anti-erection medications are not available for mass African circumcision patients.

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