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This a further development of the "Chinese Anastomat" (see the RYPS and ZSR devices.) A major point of difference is the 'pistol grip' design, with only one handle to operate. The manufacturers claim that this avoids the risk of uneven pressure being applied when two handles are used. It comes in a sizes from 12mm to 36mm diameter and so caters for all ages.

Operation procedure.
A. Unscrew the knob and remove the glans shield.
B. Insert the glans shield under the foreskin, positioning the base at the corona. Tie the foreskin to the rod.
C. Insert the rod back into the device and tighten the screw firmly.
D. Release the safety catch and fire! The foreskin is severed and the cut edges stapled.
E. Release the handle.
F. Unscrew the knob, remove the outer device, then gently remove the bell with the foreskin.

There is a rather 'over the top' Indonesian youtube video available here.

Manufaturer: Jiangxi Langhe Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
4F, Tower D, Wanli Trade Center, No. 346 Panyu Ave. North, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Website: Langhe Medical: CircCurer.

European distributor: ACTA. Srl. Vanvitelli, 5 - 80129 Napoli, IT, website

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