(Originally called the SKL Circumcision Device)

SKL Device - Image 01
Manufacturer’s publicity image. The two parts of the spiked body are shown already joined.

Developed in the first decade of the twenty-first century by Mediglobal Enterprise SDN BHD of Johor Bahru, peninsular Malaysia, the prototype of the Circumstar took its name from the initials of its inventor Datuk Dr Siow Kuang Ling.

The complex multi-component design undoubtedly succeeds in two of its principal objectives – the creation of a clip-&-wear circumcision clamp that (a) is tamper-proof and (b) does not protrude significantly beyond the end of the glans during the wear period.

Like it’s local Johor rival the Ismail Clamp, the device appears to have the potential to create very tight styles of circumcision. However, Malaysian circumcisions are not commonly done in tight styles and the frenulum is almost always retained. Thus the full potential of the Circumstar Device may not yet have been demonstrated.

Unfortunately there is at least one possible pitfall during use; if the two threaded components are assembled out of alignment (“cross thread”) then clamping is not secure and significant bleeding could occur, necessitating emergency removal of the device and reversion to conventional surgery. This risk is the subject of a prominent caution in the instruction document and a simple visual check before the scalpel cut is made enables any error to be corrected before the “point of no return” is reached.

The complexity of the individual components make this device relatively expensive to manufacture, but the commercial enterprise now developing this product, Evolutionary Quotient (“EQ”) is nevertheless believed to be ready to ramp up production quantities and promote worldwide distribution and marketing.

Before - During - 1 month After : Photo sequence of a Circumstar circumcision
>The three photographs below illustrate the use of the Circumstar device to perform a very conservative circumcision on a 19-year old patient with a complex urological history. Note especially the phimotic foreskin, the totally loose style of the circumcision and the retained frenulum as well as the evident megameatus and the pre-existing surgical scar on the abdomen, resulting from repair of an inguinal hernia.

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