Icon Content Advisory: This page includes images of child patients. The Rapideclamp is used in Malaysia for circumcision of boys aged between 6 and 10 years.

Rapideclamp picture

The Rapideclamp is a recent Malaysian invention which has some features in common with the Ismail and Circumstar clamps. However, with only two components it is simpler than the Circumstar, and unlike the Ismail once clamped it cannot be undone. It seems to have reached market in 2017, and so far does not seem to be used outside Malaysia. It is available in sizes from 14 to 31mm, but all the examples shown by the manufacturer, Medicfit Technology, are of boys aged between 6 and 10, the age at which circumcision is usually performed in Malaysia, using 14mm and 16mm sizes. Ring-block local anaesthesia is used.

Circumcision of 8-year-old boy

The procedure is as follows:

1. The foreskin is freed and stretched as necessary until the funnel can be placed over the glans, with the foreskin over it. The clamping ring is placed in position and partially tightened. At this stage the position of the foreskin can be adjusted to ensure all is correct.
2. The clamp is then fully tightened and the foreskin is cut off with a scalpel as close as possible to the ring. The cap of the funnel is snapped off (first picture).
3. After 5 days the ratchet clamp is cut and the ring removed (second picture).
4. The body (funnel) will fall off after 24-48 hours (third picture).
The fourth image shows to fully healed result. Both examples are of 8-year-old boys using the 14mm (smallest) device.

Circumcision of 8-year-old boy

An animated video of the procedure is available here and a video of the actual operation is available here.


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