Turjon Clamp


Invented by John Turner of Detroit, Michigan, the Turjon Clamp was intended to speed up the process of fitting the clamp to the patient.

The image below shows the production version of the design, labelled as the product of the A.S.Aloe Company of St.Louis, Missouri. This company was involved in the manufacture and distribution of surgical and laboratory equipment, survey equipment and compasses for a period in excess of 100 years. It was founded by Albert Sidney Aloe (1842–1893), a Jewish immigrant from Scotland who settled in St. Louis, Missouri, in the early 1860s.

The Turjon Circumcision Clamp claims to provide one instrument for 3 sizes of glans to perform “an accurate and pleasing circumcision every time”.

Photo, Turjon Clamp (66,406 bytes)
The Turjon Clamp shown in its box, with instruction leaflet


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