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The UNICIRC device is produced in eight sizes, ranging from small child to adult.


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Reproduced here with consent.

The Unicirc is a single-use, multi-material circumcision instrument. Unlike most modern single-use circumcision devices, it does not remain on the penis during the healing period. It functions as a template during the cutting phase and is then removed, in a manner similar in principle to a Gomco clamp. It differs from a Gomco clamp insofar as it cannot be re-used; once the srews have been tightened beyond a certain point they cannot be unscrewed. Many people feel that such an approach has value particularly for teenage or adult circumcisions when a retained device can be restrictive in cases of swelling or natural erections. Topical anaesthetic cream is used - there is no need for injectable anaesthesia.

Subsequent use of tissue glue de-skills the rest of the circumcision procedure by eliminating suturing. Along with the high degree of protection from the scalpel afforded to the glans by the Unicirc, this allows circumcisions to be done rapidly and without the involvement of highly trained surgeons. No necrotising tissue is left attached to the body, and healing is claimed to be rapid. In normal circumstances, no return visit to clinic is required.

The first version of the device had problems with obtaining adequate tightening of the screws - the version shown here is the second version with "wings" on the top of the screws to give more leverage. Clinical trials on adults have shown minor complications at much the same rate as conventional surgery but better cosmetic outcomes. A recent trial on 50 adolescents aged 12 to 15 showed no adverse events at all, but as of December 2016 follow-up was not yet complete. WHO approval has been applied for and is expected soon.

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The South African Medical Journal (SAMJ Vol.104, No.1; 2014) published a report of a trial of the first version of Unicirc, conducted in Cape Town, South Africa, involving 150 participants age 18+. Millard, PS et al., Rapid, minimally invasive adult voluntary male circumcision: A randomised trial of Unicirc, a novel disposable device. There is an onward link to Open Access Full Text. There is also editorial comment by one of the co-authors.

A randomized controlled trial of the current version (Unicirc2) has been published in the open access journal Plos One.

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+27 (0)76 870 1754

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