Zhenxi Circumcision Ring
(Weihai Zhenxi Medical Equipment Corporation)

The Weihai Zhenxi Medical Equipment Corporation is, or was, a South Korean company with facilities in the Shandong province of the People’s Republic of China, specializing in the manufacture and supply of circumcision rings for men. The Korean website for the company has disappeared, so they may be no longer in business.

Photo: Zhenxi Ring components (32,360 bytes)
The Zhenxi Ring. Additional to the components shown is a length of spandex rubber string.

Avalable sizes:
20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30mm diameter.

There is still a European website, in four languages, which we decline to show. Although there are token warnings that medical supervision is recommended, there is a strong suggestion that this device is suitable for self-circumcision, and this seems to have been a part of its original marketing in Korea. A correspondent to Circlist was ill-advised enough to try this, with disastrous results. One of his comments was that it required more than one pair of hands! He ended up having the mess rectified (successfully) by a surgeon. It is clear that in the hands of medical professionals it can give satisfactory results, but so can many other devices which are marketed ethically.

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