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Brazil (officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, República Federativa do Brasil in Portugese) is the world’s fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population. It is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas and the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world. It borders with all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile.

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Brazil - Location within South America.
The States and Regions of Brazil (map legend in Portugese)

The land now called Brazil was claimed by Portugal in April 1500, on the arrival of the Portuguese fleet commanded by Pedro Álvares Cabral. The first settlement was founded in 1532 and colonial rule was effectively begun in 1534. The Portuguese encountered stone age natives divided into several warring tribes, but nothing equivalent to the established civilisations of the Inca or Aztec peoples discovered by the Spanish. Brazil remained a colony of Portugal nominally until 1815, when it was elevated to the status of a united kingdom with Portugal and Algarves, but the colonial bond was in fact broken in 1808 at which time the capital of the Portuguese Kingdom was transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro after Napoleon invaded Portugal.

Independence from Portugal was achieved in 1822, initially as the Empire of Brazil with Prince Pedro de Alcântara, the elder son of King João VI of Portugal, becoming emperor Dom Pedro I.

The country has been a republic since 1889. Its current Constitution defines Brazil as a Federal Republic, formed by the union of the Federal District of Brazilia, the 26 States, and 5,564 Municipalities.

The cultural consequence of this history is a strong Portugese and Roman Catholic influence in language, religion and architecture. The Brazilian economy is the world’s eighth largest economy by nominal GDP, much under-rated by those unfamiliar with South America.

Correspondence received

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At my suggestion, a friend of mine, Dr. Claudia Miranda Villa Nova, a physician specializing in Urodynamics (the workings of the bladder), also interested in circumcision, did research among the patients undergoing urodynamic evaluation, in order to establish the percentage of Brazilian males with foreskin (not circumcised) or without foreskin (circumcised).

She examined 107 patients from October 2001 to April 2002. Their ages varied from 10 to 83 years old (average age 58.75),  of which 81 were Caucasian (white/leuco) and 26 were black (melano).

The results of the research were as follows:
Males with foreskin (not circumcised) : 77  (71.97 %)
Males without foreskin (circumcised ) : 30  (28.03 %)
[Editor’s note:  This information was submitted some years ago and no record appears to exist regarding the location where the survey was conducted. It seem likely that there are wide variations in circumcision rates as between the urbanised coastal areas (plus Brasilia and Manaus) and the interior, but no comparative data have yet been traced. These figures should not be extrapolated across the whole country. Note also that the white/Caucasian group is over-represented in the sample. Nationally, according to 2008 government statistics, they comprise approximately 48% of the population.]


Flag of Brazil   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Adult circumcision in 1999 - with wife’s approval

I had always wanted to be circumcised since puberty. While not all men are circumcised here, many have chosen it and routine infant circumcision is becoming more popular.

Where I live in Rio de Janeiro the weather is always very hot and it makes me sweat a great deal. This has always been very uncomfortable for me and irritated my penis and my pubic area where I sweat a lot. The consequences were a strong smell and humidity. I felt like a liquid dropping from my dick all the time. I was concerned so I went to a urologist to see if it was some disease and he assured me that it was not.

By that time I got used to washing my dick more than twice a day!  After a time I started to keep my foreskin back and after a few days it stayed that way permanently and the smell and irritation stopped. I didn’t feel the foreskin moving forward any more, and I got used to having my foreskin retracted on a permanent basis. This continued for more than 10 years and I felt much better with my glans exposed. The sensitivity of the glans changed but was not diminished. The skin, after a time, would only cover half my glans but I still was not happy with my uncut status.

This year (1999) I had the opportunity to get the operation performed and I talked this over with my wife. As we both agreed, I went to the urologist and set the date (September 29) for my circumcision. The method used was free hand. The first night was difficult. The healing process lasted for 15 days.

Now I am proudly cut and the result was exactly what I wanted it to be and I am feeling great and much more hot and hungry for sex. I have experienced both the uncut and cut status and I know that cut is best. It is a wonderful experience.

José - Rio de Janeiro


Flag of Brazil   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'(Third party translation)

Yes, the email you forwarded me is in Portuguese. This married man (he does not write his name) is from Brazil. Since he was a child he wanted to keep his foreskin retracted. For a long time he kept it thus. But in Brazil, he states, circumcision is practiced only by the wealthy who want to distinguish their children from the masses. Since he was not a rich man, he did not have a circumcision when he was young. But he cherished one greatly.

He married and had children and had his own sons circumcised, but he still wanted to have a cut penis himself. He was embarrassed to approach a Doctor about it until he consulted his wife, who gave him an OK. He went to a urologist and expressing his desire to have his long foreskin cut, the Doctor agreed to do it. The operation lasted about an hour. In 15 days the operation healed and he was able to use his penis normally. Both he and his wife are much happier for this new circ’d status. He says he has lost no sensitivity and he writes they have started a new spousal relationship that is much more rewarding than sex was before being cut. He is very happy about it and is most happy to find out that Circlist is a group of people who give support to pro-cut people.


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