Female Sexual Anatomy

Last updated: 14th May 2015

normal adult female anatomy (21361 bytes)
1.  The normal sexual anatomy of an adult female.

This diagram illustrates the sexual anatomy of an uncircumcised adult female. The hymen is absent (see below for illustrations of the hymen).

2.  Variability of hymen structure in virgins.

Virginal hymens display a wide variety of forms. Illustrated here is a normal partial closure of the vaginal orifice (top right), a division of the orifice (top left) and a rare sieve hymen (below).
hymen variations (27077 bytes)

imperforate hymen (51661 bytes)
3.  The imperforate hymen.

In rare cases, the hymen completely closes the vaginal orifice and remains un-ruptured throughout childhood. Commencing at menarche, menstural blood becomes trapped within the body as illustrated here.

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