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A device for Routine Infant Circumcision

The Accucirc device is specifically designed for circumcision of healthy, full-term newborn boys aged between 12 hours and ten days. Marketed by Clinical Innovations LLC, it comprises a kit described by the vendors thus:

The AccuCirc is a revolutionary circumcision device that helps physicians provide precise, consistent and reliable circumcision outcomes. Specifically designed to protect infants from injury, it consists of two innovative components: the Foreskin Probe/Shielding Ring and the Single-Action Clamp. These two components work together to deliver the delicate hemostatic crush and precision cut of the foreskin in a single actuation, improving the safety, consistency and convenience of the circumcision procedure. The Foreskin Probe/Shielding Ring ensures that the glans is protected and the foreskin is properly aligned, while the Single-Action Clamp ensures adequate hemostatis and the precise delivery of the protected, circular blade. The AccuCirc uses the Foreskin Probe/Shielding Ring and the Single-Action Clamp to complete the circumcision procedure. No dorsal slit, freehand scalpels, scissors, reusable clamps or safety pins are required. The AccuCirc comes in a single, self-contained kit and is completely disposable.

A recent paper in PlosOne found Accucirc to be the device of choice for infant circumcision in South and East Africa, where circumcisions may be carried out by nurses and orderlies rather than doctors. It was both safer and simpler in these situations.

The device in use (sequence of still photographs with captions):


Inventor: David R. Tomlinson MD, Brown University, Wakefield, RI 02879, USA.

Manufacturer: Clinical Innovations, LLC, 747 West 4170 South, Murray, UT 84123, USA.

Manufacturer's website:

Parent company: ACI Medical Devices Inc., 1445 Flat Creek Road, Athens, TX 75751, USA.

First marketed: 2009 after trials in 2008.

USFDA approved: Yes, subject to the age limits stated above.

Primary patent: [USA Patent Application number 20100168757, dated July 01, 2010]

Published images comparing the AccuCirc with other devices (Gomco, Mogen and Plastibell) suggest that the natural style achieved by the Accucirc device is loose and moderately but not completely low. The device does not set out to remove the frenulum.

Known use
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We are aware of the clamp being used in the USA and, experimentally, in Nigeria.

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