Another Russian (double) circumcision

In Russia, circumcision is not common without medical indications,but I always liked the look without the foreskin .I decided on circumcision at the age of 30 without having problems with the foreskin,but the result did not satisfy me,since there were 2 cm of the inner foreskin, which in the soft state gathered into folds behind the head and differed in color. At the age of 40, I decided to fix it and found a doctor who agreed to fix it.The operation went without complications and I am satisfied with the result.Now I have a low and tight style. In a relaxed state, the head is completely exposed and there are no folds. The sensitivity did not decrease, and the orgasm became brighter and richer and longer, hygiene became better and more effective than before circumcision. I very much regret that I did not get circumcised earlier.