Anja (Germany)

I am Anja from Germany and am very much pro-circ.

When I met my partner,he had an extremely long foreskin. His glans was fully covered by the foreskin, even when the penis had a full erection, but he didn't have phimosis.His glans was extremely sensitive ,because the penis head was covered almost all the time and he ejaculated immediately when I exposed and touched his penis tip. Due to the long foreskin I didn't feel much when we had sex.

Therefore I wanted him to get circumcised. At first he resisted. He couldn't imagine having his glans denuded all the time. Therefore I made a contract with him. He had to retract his foreskin as often and as long as possible ,so that his penis head could get used to being nude. I was allowed to control him whenever I liked and pulled his foreskin behind the rim when the foreskin came forward. When he managed to keep his glans nude for a longer time, he could choose whatever sort of sex he liked.

We extended the time of the bare glans every day until he got totally used to wearing his foreskin retracted, even in the sauna. Then I could convince him to get his circumcision done. I choose low and tight for him and as soon as he had agreed,made an appointment with the doctor. I was alllowed to attend his circumcision ,which was done under local anaesthesia.

He recovered quickly and our first sex with the circumcised penis was a sensation I will never forget. Both of us are very happy that he is circumcised now and enjoy sex without the foreskin very much.The circumcised penis looks wonderful, the hygiene of the penis is excellent and the sex much better for both of us. His penis is so clean now, that we can have spontaneous sex without any preparation or cleaning.

Therefore my two sons, aged 19 and 14, are circumcised too. The older one was circumcised at 15 because he wanted it for himself. The younger one was cirecumcised at 11 because he had an inflammation of his foreskin. I can highly recommend circumcision for all couples. More or less all my female friends prefer a circumcised penis, if they have experienced the difference.