Once again, PLEASE don't try a self-circ!

I don’t have older siblings and wasn’t that close to any friends, so when I was a child I didn’t have other boys to compare with, but that didn’t keep me from discovering my body on my own. When I noticed that movable piece of skin at the end of my thingy, and especially that strange head underneath the skin I became fascinated by it. From that moment on I started playing with it all the time when I was in the bathroom.

My favorite games were blowing my foreskin up like a ballon when peeing and twisting it, so it couldn’t retract that easily. But mostly I loved the look of my bared glans.

Some years later I learned at school that some people had their foreskin removed. And I knew immediately that this was what I wanted. Having my glans freed all the time? Hell, yes. Definitely. I just had no idea how to achieve this. I was neither Jewish nor Muslim, so no religious reasons. Everything was easily retractable, so no medical reasons. Just telling my parents that I wanted my foreskin removed? Haha, great joke.

So I kept my desire to myself. Several years later after masturbating I pulled my foreskin through a metal disc and noticed after some time that it started to become numb, like your foot falling asleep. Without really thinking I took some scissors and started cutting. I even managed to get through the outer foreskin. But when I nicked the membrane separating outer and inner foreskin everything started bleeding heavily. Well, suprise. As I said, I wasn’t really thinking. Fortunately the bleeding stopped on its own and nobody ever learned about that episode.

Self circ attempt

That was my last serious attempt to get rid of my foreskin for several years. Meanwhile I finished school, started university, and went through the whole internet searching for videos and other materials about circumcision. I decided to save the money and try the DIY method again (please don’t do that!). So I spent weeks and months searching for the best improvised circumcision clamp.

Finally, after years of planning I chose some stable pressure tubing and simple twine to tie off the blood flow to my foreskin. And it seemed to work at first. My skin was totally numb and I didn’t notice any blood when cutting. But remembering the first narrowly averted disaster I decided to stop after cutting about 1 cm, go to bed, have my prepuce die overnight and cut off the whole thing in the morning.

Well. I think it was because I trapped some hairs. Dunno. But after some time my whole shaft felt like it was on fire and I had to cut the twine. You can guess the rest. Bleeding started. And this time it didn’t stop. Hospital it was.

So finally I asked the doctors there. And two months later my lifelong desire was finally fulfilled at age 26. And several years later than necessary if I had skipped the DIY-stuff. Freehand, low and unfortunately rather loose. I am quite happy, especially as the remaining skin allows enough movement so I don’t need lubricant, but currently I am considering whether to get re-circumcised for my 10th anniversary for the look. If I go through with it I will send updates…

upper view upper view lower view

Christian, 36 (Germany)