Growing up circumcised in Sydney

I was circumcised at 6 weeks old, in Sydney, Australia and I'm now 29. I'm very glad I was. I feel it is much cleaner and my sensation is great. I do however sometimes wish I had been circumcised at an older age so I could remember the full experience. My scar is hardly visible and I have been cut high and tight. For the record, I am 6" erect and 2.5" flaccid. (Hey, Australia went metric before you were even born! Ed)

Growing up in Australia in the 1990s I was the odd one out, since circumcision had gone out of fashion by then. There were only 4 circumcised boys in my class. I was told from a young age that I was circumcised and different and given the reasons why - about hygiene etc., so I wasn't too worried I wasn't uncut like most of the boys.

The other boys did like the look of our cut penises. Nowadays I also notice my cock gets a lot of looks from other men in the changing rooms. It seems the older guys around 60 plus are cut and are surprised to see a younger cut cock. Sexual partners both female and male have preferred my circumcised penis as there is no stench for oral sex and the scar is pretty much invisible from being cut at a young age.

I still have my frenulum and it is a very sensitive part of my cock, but I am wondering about having it removed. Other men say how nice it is to have smooth skin there.