A long-awaited circumcision

I escaped the RIC that so many guys in my age cohort had done, by my parents decision which I'm grateful for.

I have had a lifelong fascination with male circumcision ever since my father described a gomco circumcision to me when I was a small child. I got incredibly excited at the thought of having that done to me.

As a young man I found out how good the sensation coming from my inner foreskin was, and realizing that the typical circumcision cut most or all of that away, I had a conflict between my growing fetish and my desire to keep all my nerves intact. I worked on different ways to keep the skin pulled tight during masturbation, and found out about taping the foreskin back. This worked but was difficult and time consuming to get right and was uncomfortable to remove. At some point I don't remember exactly when, I found out about different styles including high and tight. I thought this would be what I wanted, but fear kept me from pursuing the procedure.

Finally this year, at age 68, I got everything lined up in my life to do this, the funds, the time off work, the explanation to my wife who years earlier had suggested the op but was now squeamish about it. I made a drive to San Diego where Dr. Mo Bidair practices, and he gave me a good high and tight circumcision. He certainly wasn't the cheapest urologist around, but his before and after photos on his web site showed some of the best looking results. Finding a urologist with plastic surgery training made the decision easier. The only regret I have was having waited so long to do it...

On the last day of being intact, I worked out a couple of good loads, the last one using the tape to pull back my foreskin. It felt great, knowing this would be the last time doing it like this. Then it was time to drive to the clinic, get checked in, then see the Urologist for the consultation. He examined my anatomy, rolled my foreskin back looking for any phimosis ring which I did not have, then he pulled the foreskin all the way up covering as much of the head as it could, then he marked the tip of my foreskin with a felt tip pen. This marked the point of the distal cut to be made, so all of the sensitive inner foreskin would be preserved. We discussed how he would perform the surgery, and we discussed the use of an injection into my penis to chemically induce an erection during surgery, this would enable the best evaluation of tightness and the amount of skin to remove.

Then it was time to climb up on his table, get washed with Betadine, draped and ready for the needle. I watch him prepare it, the syringe looked huge! I'm guessing about 10 CC worth, injected into the dorsal side at the right in very base of my penis, with a long needle that reached clear down to the root of the penis. He pushed down the plunger, and a burning sensation started, but within a few seconds that faded. He repositioned the needle after about half the lidocaine was in, the put in the rest. He refilled the syringe with the same amount, and injected the left side of the base of my penis in a similar manner. Then followed another syringe about half full injected on the ventral side of my penis, just above my scrotum close to the urethra but missing the veins and urethra itself, with the target being the nerve that runs close by. When the needle hit that nerve I felt a momentary hot flash of sensation all the way to the tip of my dick, kind of like the feeling when the dentist hits the nerve with his needle. Then he put a fairly small amount into the frenulum area, but not too much because he didn't want a lot of swelling in that area before surgery started. Lastly, he prepared another very small syringe with a 10 unit load of Trimix, and injected that into the corpus cavernosum on the right side of my penis, about an inch away from the scrotum. This Trimix would stimulate an erection over about the next 10 or 15 minutes, and then he and the assistant left to room for me to finish getting numb and erect.

When they returned, he rolled my foreskin all the way retracted and the mark he had made earlier showed at about the mid-shaft point. He used a pair of forceps with widened jaws, sort of a duckbill shape, by placing one jaw point on the marked line right over the dorsal vein to keep the stretch point of skin centered, and with his fingers pulled up my shaft shin toward the head and pinched it with the other jaw point and closed the forcep. This captured about 1 1/2 inches of shaft skin, and we could see and gauge the tightness clearly. He said it looked like he could get a little more, so released the clamp and got amother 1/2 inch or so of skin, and reclosed the clamp. This left a small amount of skin movement, but as I was only about 70% hard, the doctor decided this would give the maximum comfortable degree of tightness. Then he used the same marker pen and made a second mark circumferentially on my dick almost 2 inches proximal to the first mark.

Now it was scalpel time! The doctor traced a very shallow cut line on the proximal mark starting on the dorsal side where I could clearly see what was going on with my dick. At this point I realized I had forgotten to have my phone with its camera in my hand, so I asked the doctor to stop for a moment and get someone to get my phone out of my pants and hand it to me. The doctor and assistant were very understanding and acceded to this request, so I got to not only watch but take over 30 pictures of the whole procedure. I realized later that the phone could have made a video, but at least I have all the pictures to remember this event by.

Then things seemed to go pretty quickly. The doctor resumed the cutting and after both circumferential cuts were finished, he used a small set of forcep clamps and with the points closed he undermined the skin between the cuts starting at the center of the dorsal side. He would force the closed points about 1/4 inch or so under the skin, then while twisting and opening the jaws he would separate the outer layer of skin away from the subdermal tissues with most of the little blood vessels and lymph channels still intact. He would shove this tool ahead another few milimeters with each twist and spread operation, and once the clamp tool had reached the proximal circumferential cut, he used a small scissor to cut through the thin skin layer. He continued this separation of skin from subdermal tissue all the way around and all the way between the upper and lower cuts until the entire skin layer from between the cuts was separated from the subdermal tissues and soon this skin plopped onto the tray.

Next came chasing down the bleeders. I had already been fitted up with a large electrode pad on my thigh to act as a return path for the current, so one by one he isolated the location of the bleeders with his electrode point. He would use a tweezer tool to close on a bleeder point, then touch the electrode point to the tweezer for a moment. The tissue clamped by the tweezer would rapidly heat up blacken and bubble, then he would release the tweezer and go on to the next bleeder. Pretty soon he had the last one electro-cauterized. All during this time the open tissue between the two cut edges looked huge.

Now he brought the upper and lower skin edges together and put in the first couple of large stitches at about 10 and 2 o'clock to hold the edges in alignment, and began the series of tiny stitches that were placed just under the visible surface of the skin. He explained that this is a plastic surgery technique, and stitches placed this way are completely hidden. He proceeded all the way around, working between the larger stitches used for initial skin alignment. This part of the procedued was the most time consuming part of the whole thing, so by the time he got to the area of my frenulum the lidocaine was beginning to wear off, and I felt some stinging as he did those final sutures. All of these sutures were made using a dissolvable thread, so no repeat visit would be needed for stitch removal.

Now all that was needed was some cleanup and dressing of the wound. The assistant used a large syringe filled with water and rinsed the blood off my penis, then dried me with a towel. The effect of the trimix dose administered just after the lidocaine was also wearing off by now. The doctor checked the fading erection by squeezing my penis to force as much blood back out of the corpus cavernosum, then he applied a gauze strip folded 4 layers thick wrapped fairly tight to inhibit swelling for the first 48 hours it would remain. The doctor then pulled my penis head up toward my belly and put a strip of tape all the way across my belly that would hold my penis upright while I walked or moved. They then had me then sit up on the table and watched me for a few moments before allowing me to step off onto the floor to dress.

Then the doctor gave me some aftercare instructions and wrote a prescription for pain medication, and I was out the door. As I made my way out the parking lot to get to my Jeep, I felt almost in a daze with the intensity of the experience I had just gone through. I had actually done it, I was now a circumcised man.

I drove to a drugstore to get the pain prescription filled, then had to leave to drive to a second pharmacy after the first one was too busy. By this time my penis was starting to give me a constant little sting but I had to wait a little while to get back to the RV before taking one of these. Within a few minutes, it was starting to work. I spent the next 24 hours or so dosed with the Norco and don't remember any degree of pain. The day after I was able to walk comfortably, with no pain as long as the area wasn't bumped or pressed. So much for how painful a thing circumcision is supposed to be.

DB, USA