Twice cut as an adult

I've read several letters here that sound very much like my own experiences.

I grew up with boys that were circumcised as infants and some didn't know that they weren't born that way. I always wished I had been cut as well. Like others here I experimented with different methods of circumcision,but never got up the nerve to do it.

I read everything I could on the subject, pre-internet days. Finally frustrated and wanting my foreskin gone I devised a bell-like device and stretched the foreskin over it and tied it off. My foreskin was long and droopy. I took a sharp blade and cut it off,and yes it hurt,but I felt very excited. After twenty two years it was off.

After it healed I was disappointed because there was still enough foreskin left to half cover the glans. An improvement, no smegma and better sex, but I still wanted a tight cut with no gathered skin behind the glans.

Two years later and a lot wiser I went to a urologist and he said: "You're already circumcised". I told him I wanted him to remove as much skin as possible so it would look like I was cut as an infant. The result is what I'd always wanted. A low tight cut no moveable skin when I'm erect.

My wife loves it smooth and tight,always clean and no twice a day clean up. She said her mom told her all her brothers were circumcised as babies except one who had phimosis and was cut at age 13. She said he whined for three weeks. Wish I'd been that lucky at thirteen.

For anyone considering circumcision I say do it. My only regrets are not having it done prepuberty and of course not going to the urologist the first time.


Editor's note. Never consider self-circumcision. Even a reasonably successful one like this still needed revision. Most attempts will result in a trip to the hospital emergency room - there are several such stories in this section of Circlist.