Chinese boy - conflicting opinions - circumcised at 16

I don't remember much about my childhood. When I was 5 years old, my relatives advised my grandmother to have me circumcised. At that time, I didn't know what this was. I asked curiously what a foreskin was. After listening to my grandmother's explanation, I was wondering how anyone would want to get cut and bleed? At that time, I strongly opposed it, so I didn't get circumcised. But later, I really wanted it.

My memory from 5 years old was soon forgotten. When I was in primary school, a classmate was circumcised. He asked me if I had been circumcised, and I had forgotten what circumcision was. When he explained, I vaguely said that I had been circumcised (in fact, I hadn't been). At that time, my classmates and I didn't compare our private parts with each other.

At the age of 11, my father bought me some sex education books, and I learned a lot. Soon, I became obsessed with circumcision, because the sketch of the penis that had been circumcised in the book was more beautiful, with a clearly exposed coronal groove.

I was very shy and didn't tell my parents that I wanted to get circumcised, so I kept trying to retract my foreskin, but I was not satisfied with the effect. The foreskin would always cover the glans sooner or later. Later, I summoned up the courage to say to my father that I wanted to get circumcised, but because I always tried to retract the foreskin, it was no longer "phimosis". After my first visit to the hospital, my father did not let me get circumcised. I don't know how long later, I mentioned circumcision again. This time, my father checked me directly. When my mother learned about it, she scolded me. Obviously, my mother didn't want me to get circumcised. Later, I mentioned circumcision again, and my mother was still against it.

In order to get circumcised, I even thought about returning to the "phimosis" state, but it was not really a good idea, and I didn't do it in the end. The turning point of the story is that I mentioned another disease (I don't want to say its name), so I was taken to the hospital by my father. In fact, I didn't want to go to the hospital that day. I had only two days' holiday, which was too hasty. My father's choice was not brilliant. He chose to take me to a andrology (men's health) hospital. China's andrology hospitals are notorious on the Internet, so I should have chosen a high-level general hospital. In the end, my disease was not cured. My parents were angry with this hospital and didn't take me there any more. It seemed that my disease would need me to go to the hospital alone in the future.

But it had a good side because the doctor wanted to circumcise me in order to make money. My mother was not there, and my father asked me to make my own decision, so I finally got circumcised.

I did get circumcised, but I was not satisfied with the result of this operation. The doctor gave me "high" and "loose". I wanted to be "low" and "tight" and at the same time I wanted to remove the frenulum. I want to get recircumcised sometime in the future. But for another circumcision, I do have some worries. The skin may be not enough and pubic hair may be pulled up the penis shaft with an erection. However, now, sometimes when my penis becomes very small, my glans will be covered half or more.

I don't regret getting circumcised, although I'm a little disappointed with the results of my own operation. I feel happy and different when I think about circumcision. Circumcision is not popular here, but boys are strongly influenced by their peers, so often a whole group will end up circumcised. On the day I went for my circumcision, my aunt said that she planned to have her grandson circumcised when he was 6 years old, so that he would not have to get circumcised when he was 16 years old like me. And at that time, I only had two days off, which was not really enough for rest and recovery.