Mexican circumcision - father and son

Here in Mexico circumcision is not common, and I only realized that I had been at age 10.

When we were children my brother and I often bathed with my father. My father's glans was always exposed while mine was about a quarter covered and my brother's about half covered. One thing, though, my father always helped my brother wash and only told me to scrub myself well with the sponge.

Natural sciences class in elementary school aroused my curiosity about the human body and its differences and I took more notice. The truth is that I was never shy but my parents would not let me walk naked freely in front of my uncles or cousins, maybe because they wanted to avoid uncomfortable questions, I really don't know.

On a vacation day at the beach, when we returned to the room, we usually bathed separately. I don't know why but that day my cousin took a bath and it was easy for me to get in the shower with him. He was 8 and I was 10 and that's when I realized that he was different, his penis had a tight foreskin with a bunch at the tip, different from mine and even my brother's. When my uncle realized that we were bathing together he did not say anything but I had become aware that my penis was more similar to my father's.

It was then that, out of curiosity and a bit of intrigue, I asked my father about this. He replied that he had been circumcised at age 25 because of a very long foreskin. When I was 4 years old I had to have a hernia operation and because I also had a very long foreskin he asked for me to be circumcised at the same time. I was given a partial circumcision. (I remember nothing about this). My brother had a naturally short foreskin.

From that conversation I never touched the subject again, I only dedicated myself to observing each time a new cousin was born. Here in Mexico to know if someone is circumcised is very difficult, why? As you can see, nudity is only barely allowed in the closest family.

Since I became aware or this, I only know of 6 people other than my dad who are circumcised and all for medical reasons, including a cousin.

I have never used lubricant or anything and the truth is that sometimes I have been asked what it would be like if I never had an operation. I have never considered surgery to have a tighter circumcision – I am happy as I am and you could say that I have the best of both worlds. As for the million dollar question, if I ever have a child, would I have him circumcised? The answer is no, I would want him to be able to choose and learn about the responsibility of caring for his body. I would have liked to have a choice about my own body, but I don't blame my dad since he did it because he was worried that I could suffer the same way that he had suffered.

LM, (Mexico)