Maltese immigrant in Australia .

I was born in Southern Europe in 1952, Malta to be precise, where circumcision is rare as in a lot of Europe. My parents immigrated to Australia when I was a toddler, and now I am in my late 60s.

JM's penis

I arranged to be circumcised in my 20s, it was my own decision, and I had no pressing reason to be circumcised (at least to the anti circumcision lobby). My foreskin was fully retractable from early childhood, the foreskin and glans were easy to clean. I did not have phimosis. My decision to circumcise was to get rid of the smell that no amount of washing removed, to allow me to pee without the need to retract the part of the foreskin that covered the meatus, and to stop the "hoover" effect of the foreskin for fluff and hairs. Cosmetically, I did not like the spongy, oily look of the glans. No matter how you flick your penis or squeeze it to remove urine after finishing peeing, urine will come out and form a film on the glans which is trapped by the foreskin. I hated that, it offended my sense of hygiene.

Circumcision made no difference to the sensations of sexual intercourse. My foreskin was fully retracted on erection and did not slide back over the glans during intercourse, so it played no part in penetration or thrusting in or out. All I ever felt from my foreskin was pain, never pleasure. I was sexually active long before I was circumcised so I know what sex felt like before the chop and after. Also putting on a condom is easier on a circumcised penis. You could not pay me enough money to restore my foreskin and the scar does not affect me at all.

Joseph Muscat