Twice circumcised in China

I am 24 years old from North China. I would like to share my personal experience of being twice circumcised.

The first time I discovered the concept of circumcision was from the comparison between my father, uncle, cousin and other adult men. My father has a good looking penis with high manhood, whose glans has never been covered since young. There is almost no foreskin on his cock and all of his foreskin is held back behind his sulcus all the time. What a lucky guy. And his glans is a bit larger than other adults I met in public bathrooms. Most of the other guys' glans there were totally or half covered.

When I was seven years old, I got a "new" uncle and a "new" cousin, who are my father's sister's husband and son. My uncle is a Muslim from another province. ( In my home province, there are not many Muslims). The family decided to move to our city after many years' separation. And my cousin is one year older than me. Then the two families' males sometimes went to the public bathrooms together and I found my uncle's penis was just like my father's, no foreskin over the glans. But the difference is that he had a scar behind his sulcus, and there was not any foreskin between his shaft and glans, which means it was tighter than my father's. I asked my uncle what the scar was. He told me that he got his foreskin removed when he was 7 as was their custom. And he would have my cousin's foreskin removed next summer too.

My parents didn't plan to get me circumcised. Based on my father's personal experience, he thought it's not necessary. When I was 8, my cousin got his circumcision. His shaft was wrapped in gauze and his glans was exposed like our fathers. He told me his glans was very sensitive when touched by underwear and pants. So before his full recovery, he kept himself half naked indoors during that summer holiday. Honestly, I felt a little jealous. I thought suddenly, my bro got more manhood, and I was still a boy, not a real man. Actually, my cousin was also very proud of his new cock. In the next two years, the comparison made me more jealous. My cousin began to have pubic hair, and his bird was getting bigger. His glans showed off every moment, in the public bathroom and lockers of swimming pools. However, my glans couldn't be exposed even though it was fully hard when we watched porn and masturbated together. By the way, he was my first teacher of sex, shared me the first porn of my life, taught me how to wank and date with girls. When an orgasm from masturbation came, his sperm sprayed out and mine flew out. Another difference is that I didn't need any lube but he was eager to try shampoo, oil and ointment. And I had never succeeded to retract and expose my glans, it hurt too much.

When my neighbour boy, who was 16 then, decided to get circumcised, my parents realized that I had a problem with phimosis. One day my father asked me if I could retract my foreskins, I told him not. It seemed a long time looking forward to the transformation. In the clinic, many boys got themselves half naked, waiting for the nurse to change the dressing. Me and my neighbour brother got a circumcision with a "traditional" way at the same time. The doctor removed a lot of foreskin from him. But after the recovery, I found my glans was still covered by 60-70% when it was totally soft. The neighbour brother's glans was exposed entirely, he got a high and tight circumcision. (I had asked him to show me his circumcision result privately) Anyway, I was partly satisfied with my circumcision that time. I could easily clean my glans and had no need to worry about the unpredictable line when I used a urinal. At the same time, I began to experience my own puberty, my cock grew bigger, and my manhood showed off the same way as the father’s (maybe just half). so I was not so jealous of my cousin.

After many years, it occurred that I found myself not satisfied with my first circumcision from a special and private sexual experience when I was 20. (I know it's better not to share sexual content) It was my first threesome, with another couple. The boy used to be my high school classmate. I know he got circumcised after our graduation from high school, 18 years old. His circumcision style is low and tight, but mine is high and loose. That was the first time I met an erect penis from a fully mature man. When I was wearing the condom on my penis, I had to retract my remaining foreskin first. But my sex peer didn’t need to. Then I realized that the penis I want is one without any inner foreskin and frenulum. After that I had tried sex several times with other boys. (Actually I don't think of myself as totally straight) The boys with an intact penis made me feel uncomfortable (especially those whose foreskins are long). And the opinions from my female partners showed me that they prefer a clean penis. Finally, I got a second circumcision last summer. I told the doctor to remove almost all my foreskin and frenulum. Now I couldn't masturbate without lube, just like my cousin from a very young age.

I don't know why my father was born without a foreskin to cover his glans. And he taught me nothing with how to retract and clean, which I thought was important for young men. Maybe he was lucky. I has hoped I could get my circumcision with my cousin's style and at the same time as him. Last winter me and my cousin went to the bath together, he noticed my change, and suddenly he apologized for laughing about my covered infant like glans when we were in puberty. I am glad of my choice.

NMD, China, May 01/2021     

Editor’s comment. “Bird” is a common Chinese colloquial term for penis. I really don’t think that NMD’s father was born without a foreskin, I think he just kept it retracted from his early teens. In Thailand that is very common and in Japan it is almost universal. Even in England, where I grew up, it was pretty common.