Romanian teenager with Turkish stepmother

I am now a 32 yr old man from Romania. I didn't know anything about circumcision till I was 16, when my dad started dating a Turkish Moslem nurse. Being a divorced man he had beeen dating many women but never in a serious relationship like with this nurse.

Initially I didn't quite understand, I was just informed that he was getting a small operation for his health, and then he was in bed not walking for a week. I and my 11 year old sister were helping him, but we didn't see any surgery scars. Then after 4 weeks he announced he is getting engaged to her and that their marriage was next on the cards. This was confusing and a bit irritating for me.

When step mom announced that for health reasons I also needed to have a small procedure where excessive body skin is removed I was like 'there is no excessive skin on my body'. Then I was informed that it is removed from the tip of the penis, and I was booked in a week later. (I did had a fairly long foreskin almost 6-7 cm, and couldn't pull it back). I remember not liking it as it hurt a lot. Later I came to know that I got a high and tight 'turkish' style cut and I had lost half of my skin. It was better in a couple of weeks but it was killing me when I was getting erections which happens most mornings for teen boys. Also circumcision is a pretty rare thing in Romania.

After around 4-5 weeks I started feeling better about it, and kept applying vaseline as instructed. When I got my first girlfriend she was surprised to see me skinless, as she called it, but she complimented me that she got the best experience from me of all the boys she had dated. None of my partners complained after that and my anger towards circ reduced over the years. Now I don't regret it, but I do think I should have had the option of choosing the style, that's all.