Circumcised at 45 - before & after photos

I was circumcised in the US with the frenulum completely removed at 45 (Oct 2015), not for any medical reasons, but by personal choice. I knew for sure I wanted to be cut very tight (what's the point of getting circumcised if you remain with some skin above your head and some movement?) so I have no extra floppy skin when flacid and absolutely no movement when erected (but not so tight so that it is painful). However I was not too sure whether I wanted a high or low cut. The Doc decided for me and gave me a low cut, which some surveys do suggest would lower the risk of contracting an STD. (Ed - a low cut in adulthood also avoids the risk of post-op swelling leading to loose puffy skin on the shaft.)

After general anaesthesia surgery I came back home with a ring of blood right behind the head of my penis and a swelling shaft. However I had no pain and did not take any pain killer except for one that the nurse gave me as a precaution before I got into the car. I spent the night thinking about spiders and grandmothers, but nethertheless, I woke up the next morning with an erection. I was worried about pain and pulling the sutures, but they held up OK. I spent the entire day with multiple erections (I guess because of the new sensation) but luckily I got to work from home. The erections remained for a few days until I got used to the new feeling of my now permanentely bare head.

The first few days saw my penis and scrotum swollen and going through multiple color states (which is normal after a surgery). The ring of blood along the circumcision scar dried into a crust. It was a little sensitive to the touch but not really painful and I was able to take a shower a couple of days later. After 3 weeks I had a checkup with the Doc and everything was normal. He recommended using antibiotic cream to soften the crust that had formed above the scar and ease up healing.

The first 2 weeks did feel unconfortable. Then all starts to get better and heal. I did not have any intercourse until 2 1/2 month (because I was worried the scar would not hold) but started masturbating gently (with lubricant) at 2 months. Now 3 years later I am completely healed and love the result. I love the look with no visible scar. There is a little bit of "railroad tie" but because the scar is so low, it is hidden right behind the head and only really shows when hard. Hygiene is also so much better with a penis that is now always clean and with no smell.

My head did not dry and/or lose any sensation, however because all of the foreskin was removed (low cut) I did lose some of the sensitivity. Some may say this is a bad thing, but I'd say it actually moved the feeling from the shaft into the head. At first I was feeling like the skin was pulled forward above the shaft, but got used to it and now I love the more subtle arousal that this creates. I can also last longer to the benefit of both my partner and me.

Masturbation and intercourse need to have a good lubrication (natural or lubricant) but this was expected since I wanted a very tight cut. I have absolutely no regrets and if I went back in time, I would definitely do it again and try to get it earlier in life (but at least this way I am lucky that I actually got to experience sex before and after).

I would not circumcise my son as an infant but I would explain the differences and let him know that I would fully support him if he someday decided to get circumcised but that is eventually his own body so his own decision to make.