I've lived with my head exposed for more than 10 years - should I now get the snip?

I am in my mid 20's and have lived more than 10 years already with my glans exposed. I pulled back my foreskin for the first time by accident when I was 7 or 8. I loved the strange but pleasant feeling of my moist glans drying in the air or by my clothes. Some days I would leave my foreskin retracted for many hours and then cover it back to moisturize it again. At some point, I just decided to keep back the foreskin without covering it back. Since then I have a semi-permanently exposed glans. My foreskin will still occasionally roll over and cover and leave moisture on the head. But generally my glans is kept dry and exposed for 99% of the time, rubbing against clothes all day. By my teenage years the glans has been completely keratinzed and developed a rough leathery texture and small cracks with no sign of any moisture or smoothness (see picture). My glans changed its color from bright to darker pink. I also stopped masturbating by moving my foreskin over the head. Instead I hold my foreskin back as tight as possible and dry rub the inner foreskin and head directly with my hands.

The idea of circumcision came from my somewhat sexually dominant girlfriend. She loves to play with my foreskin but she also wants me to have a tightly cut penis because it is aesthetically more appealing for her. She also loves the idea of leaving the head permanently exposed and irreversibly never to be able to be protected again by a foreskin. I guess that comes from her slightly sadistic nature. In our sexual play, she would often tell me how nice it would be for my glans to become even more desensitized and helplessly exposed but at the same time become more masculine and nice looking. Also it has become our routine for our play that she wraps my penis with cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol for multiple minutes because she read somewhere in the internet that alcohol keratinizes and desensitizes glans.

So I did some research on circumcision, pro and cons, styles, methods, etc. and I find the high and tight style quite aesthetically appealing and also it leaves as much inner foreskin as possible since I get most pleasure from it. I am thinking about leaving my frenulum untouched for now but may remove it later if I think otherwise - or maybe my girlfriend will decide it for me. Getting my thing circumcised doesn't seem to change much from my current situation as I live with the head exposed anyway and at the same time I can make my girlfriend happy too. The cost and worries about the small possibility of risks are keeping me away from getting it done immediately but I am slowly preparing to get a cut.

MJ, west Europe     

Editor's note - medical research suggests that keratinization of the glans doesn't increase after circumcision.