A Chinese student tells about his circumcision and the reaction of his classmates

I am 24 years old and I am from China. I want to share my experience about circumcision and my views on this matter. I had a circumcision when I was 6 years old. I had problems with phimosis before circumcision, and under any circumstances my glans could not be exposed. Sometimes, either because of holding back urine, or receiving other irritation, the penis becomes erect and the shape of the glans is very obvious. When urinating or sliding the foreskin with my hands, I could feel the structure of glans and foreskin. Before the operation, I knew exactly what other male's penises looked like. In public baths or toilets, I could easily compare adult and young boy penis. Perhaps because of my own phimosis, those adult men with overly long foreskins seemed to me nothing special. At that time I paid little attention to these issues, and didn't care what the penises of my peers looked like.

It was my father who first noticed my phimosis problem. Once in a bath with him, he tried to teach me to wash my glans with soap. His foreskin could stay behind the glans obediently, but mine couldn't at all. In fact, I had never seen my glans before circumcision. At that time I didn't think this was a big problem, I thought I would be like my father when I grow up. I also thought that adult men would have exposed or semi-exposed pale glans, and this would also happen to me in the future. So during the years when I was five to six years old, my father tried to teach me to retract the foreskin, but never succeeded. Then my mother found this issue. She found a doctor in this field. Later, I visited the doctor accompanied by my father. In the consulting room, I took off my pants for the doctor to check. I don't remember the doctor's conclusion. I didn't care about this at that time. In hindsight, the doctor's suggestion was that since the foreskin still cannot be retracted after so much hard work, then I need to undergo surgery.

During the summer vacation before elementary school, I had my circumcision. The operation procedure caused me a lot of trouble. My parents were outside when I entered the operating room. The nurse let me lie on the bed and took off my pants. Liquid was injected into the base of my penis. This makes me very nervous because my parents didn't tell me what I am going to experienced. Just some time before the circumcision, I was watching TV with my father. The TV plot is that a boy was going to be castrated to become a eunuch. Similarly, the boy was lying on the bed with his pants off. I couldn't understand the plot, and asked my father what it was going on. The father said that the boy needs to be cut off his dick and balls to become a eunuch to serve in the Forbidden City. So, when the base of my penis was injected with liquid, I thought I was going to be castrated too. I was very nervous and tried to struggle for a while. Later anaesthetics gradually worked. After another period of time, the operation was over. I found my penis was bandaged with gauze, and the top of the penis was exposed. Accompanied by my parents, I returned home. The glans just exposed rubbing my trousers all the way. It was very uncomfortable.

After that, I was at home waiting for the wound to heal. During the period, I went to the clinic several times for the doctor to check and change the gauze and disinfect. While waiting, I found that many boys had undergone circumcision just like me. Most of them were a few years older than me, and occasionally there were teenagers in their teens and 20s. During the recovery period, my glans was very sensitive and could hardly rub against any clothes, so my walking posture was very strange. Later, some horniness gradually appeared on the glans, and gradually the glans became less sensitive. By the time I was fully recovered, the summer vacation was almost over.

In elementary school, I found that very few boys were like me. Not only was the glans completely exposed, but there was also a scar on the shaft behind the glans. I also noticed that the color of the glans of the boys who had been circumcised was the same as that of an adult man, which was pale and dry. At that time, circumcision still caused me some troubles. There was a naughty boy who saw my dick in the urinal. Then he tried to yell to everyone that my dick was different from others. Because I became a minority among the boys, I began to pay attention to whether there were anyone like me. When I was in elementary school, almost one in ten people was like me. Whenever I found a boy circumcised, there would be some positive impressions of this boy in my heart, then as now.

Another difficulty that circumcision gave me was masturbation. Towards the end of my elementary school, I began to experience some restlessness. At the time, an "experienced" lad tried to teach me how to solve problems by hand. Of course I had also come into contact with some pornographic media, but they are all pictures. I tried to trick my dick, but I didn't feel happy. Later I tried to use some tools, such as toilet paper, underwear and socks to rub. Finally, I experienced the first ejaculation and orgasm in my life after a series of feelings similar to that when I had just circumcised, my glans rubbing my pants. But this was still too difficult. Later, the boys watched porn together. In their demonstration, I learned the difference of utility between a foreskin and no foreskin for the first time. I tried to learn their movements, but the friction was too strong. Then another boy who had been circumcised suggested to find some lubricant, then everything went smoothly. But throughout my adolescence, I tried to masturbate like an uncircumcised boy. Because a large part of the foreskin is preserved, to a certain extent I can be like them, and the mess of any kind of lubricant might have caused trouble.

Later in middle school and university, I found that more and more boys were circumcised. In college, four of us boys became roommates, and two, including me, had circumcision. Perhaps because of the early circumcision, I have never to worry about private hygiene. Cleaning penis is as easy as cleaning other parts of the body. But I am not satisfied with my circumcision recently. Maybe it is for learning other boys' masturbation methods for too long, that I felt my foreskin becoming more and more loose, and sometimes there is more than one-third of the glans covered by foreskin, which made me uncomfortable and immature. And I don't like how my circumcision style. My scar is very irregular, and the inner skin is preserved too much. I am now planning to have another circumcision. I have attached some pictures of my penis. Maybe in the next two or three years, I will perform a second circumcision, and then I will show the new results. The result I hope is low and tight. And I want to remove the frenum at the same time. Because my frenum is not sensitive at all, and I need to pay special attention to washing it every time. Most importantly, I think the penis without frenum is more charming.

From my personal point of view, I really like circumcised penises, they look very clean and mature. But I still hope that I can choose circumcision at my own will. This is another reason why I want to have the second circumcision. I want to make decisions about my own body. Hope my experience can be helpful to others.


If you do have a revision, please send us pictures and we will add them here. But I must say that your penis looks pretty good as it is. Ed.