Circumcised at age 17, in the US.

I've shared my story elsewhere and thought I'd share it with circlist. I was cut 22 years ago at 17 and don't regret it.

My parents didn't have me circumcised because they didn't have the money and my mother was against it. My dad is, unsurprisingly, cut. I wish they had gotten me cut at birth because I really felt like the odd one out. Anyway, my parents got divorced when I was young and my mother remarried when I was 16. My step-dad came from a military background (I've called him sir my whole life). I also acquired an older step-brother who ultimately joined the military.

A few days after my step-dad officially moved in, he found out I was uncut while we were getting ready in the bathroom and was horrified. When he saw my foreskin he walked over and pulled it and said this needs to come off. He strongly felt no adult man should be living with foreskin. He really believed in the health benefits and ultimately convinced my mom. I personally wasn't keen on it - where I grew up most if not all the guys were cut but I was really nervous about the procedure.

In any case, the next day he took me to the pediatrician. Surprisingly, my pediatrician was really happy my step-dad had brought me in to talk about circumcision. Apparently, he had advocated to my mother to have me circumcised before and without hesitation gave a referral to a urologist. We went the same day to the urologist as a walk-in visit. He too was a supporter of circumcision and explained all the benefits. I like to believe I have always done a good job of cleaning myself but when it came time for the physical I was very embarrassed. When the urologist pulled back my foreskin there was a distinct odor and some unsightly smegma on my glans. He looked at me disappointed and said "This, son, is the reason why we circumcise". He took a gauze to clean it off which only made me cringe from the stinging. When he noticed he said that's the other benefit - your glans won't be as sensitive.

Everyone was in agreement - I was to be cut. But the procedure was expensive - don't remember how much exactly but definitely not money we had laying around. So we had to wait - my step-dad was determined to save up to have me cut. 1 year later and I remember waking up and my step-dad said today is the day. We went back to the urologist for the snip. I was ready to be circumcised - my dad was cut, my step-dad was cut, all my friends were cut. I understood the benefits or whatever was explained to me at the time anyway. I was still nervous but I remember my step-dad held my hand through the whole thing.

I've now been cut ~22 years with no regrets. My penis works just fine even with my cockhead exposed all the time and now I have whatever benefits come along with getting cut. I've also had a very close bond with my step-dad - it's nice to have someone who cares about you and is invested in your health. I now advocate to all men - those who are fathers, fathers to be, and even grandfathers. Invest in your son's health - it's a rite of passage and a bond between men. Discuss circumcision. Even if you are not cut - it's never too late. The advantages are numerous.