Scarring from a Russian circumcision

I would like to add my personal experience. I lived in Russia 20 years ago, where I was circumcised when I was 20 years old. To help healing I used Vishnevsky's ointment, which, as I read later (after moving to Israel), may promote scarring of the suture line. Indeed, over time, a scar formed - quite small, almost invisible, but, and I did not understand this at first, greatly increasing the sensitivity of the penis during erection. As a result of this I suffered from premature ejaculation. I thought that the solution to this problem could be found in methods to combat premature ejaculation, but nothing worked.

At the beginning of this year, 2021, I got the idea that the increase in sensitivity was a consequence of the scar tissue at the circumcision site. I started to use an ointment to fight postoperative scars - Kelo-cote (just don't think that this is an advertisement). As a result, the seam began to disappear and the sensitivity during erection was greatly reduced, compared to what it was before. I have seen many similar cases on the Internet - in men who were circumcised in adulthood, scar formation is possible - this is the cause of the problem. I would like my experience to help in solving this problem, because I believed and still believe that circumcision is necessary.

SF (Russia/Israel)     

Editor's note. Vishnevsky's ointment is an antiseptic containing birch tar, xeroformium (bismuth tribromophenolate) and castor oil. It was widely used by Russian forces during WW2. Prolonged use has been linked to a risk of cancer. Kelo-cote is a silicone ointment used to soften and reduce scars.

I have read elsewhere of circumcision scars being a source of sexual sensitivity – I suppose because the hard scar tissue exerts pressure on the shaft beneath. I have no direct experience of this – my own adult circumcision is low and tight with the thin scar-line in the coronal sulcus where it doesn't get direct stimulation. My circumcised British schoolfriends had scars which were pretty mush impossible to find – they just looked as if they had been born that way. US Gomco circumcisions are probably different. This may help to explain a puzzle. Many Turkish and Iranian papers report 'mucosal cuff' (remaining inner foreskin) as causing premature ejaculation, yet many Western men like having a 'high' cut with inner skin left. Maybe the actual effect of the Turkish re-circumcisions is to replace a prominent scar a few centimetres down the shaft with a neater one in the coronal sulcus – and the inner skin has nothing to do with it.