Photoshop circumcision

photoshop circumcision
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I'm uncircumcised, but considering getting done. To help me decide the style I wanted I prepared these Photoshop versions of my own penis with four different circumcision styles. Maybe they will be of interest to Circlist readers.

Steve W.     

Editor's note. Steve, I'm hugely impressed by your Photoshop skills and I'm sure many of us will find these pictures useful. Please, if you do get circumcised, let us know which style you chose and include a photo of the result.

Well, Steve did get circumcised, and here is the result.

Anyway, now in my mid 20's I finally went through with it three months ago and haven't looked back. I was spurred on when living in Korea where public bathing is common and an adult with a foreskin is unheard of so is often met with uncomfortable stares. I made the call to a men's urology clinic on a Thursday for a Saturday appointment and was cut on a Saturday morning under local anesthetic by the sleeve resection method. Recovery was easy and painless, I was able to return to work on Monday with no issues. The whole process was unbelievably quick, easy and painless ( I guess it helps that almost every male in the country goes through it). There was no examination prior to being prep'd for surgery and no questions as to why I wanted it. Overall the cut is looser than I would have liked but this was what the urologist suggested to avoid hair being pulled onto the shaft during erection.

Since healing sex feels great and cleanliness is amazing. My British girlfriend was neutral at best on the idea of me being circumcised beforehand, but since she has seen the result and difference she has come full circle and thinks the newly cut version is great. I honestly wish I'd done it years ago and would encourage anyone else to go for it.

actual circumcision

I've included a couple of pics from almost exactly three months after the cut.
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Steve W.