The oldest known depiction of circumcision - 2,500-3,000BC. Courtesy Wellcome Collection

Circumcision of males is one of the oldest known surgical procedures, widely practiced since ancient times.

The CIRCLIST web site is designed to provide factual information about infant, childhood and adult male circumcision. It details the benefits of the procedure and shows how it is done. Parents are encouraged to use the site as a guide to help them decide what is best for their son. Those considering the procedure for themselves will find here the information they need to take an informed decision regarding circumcision.

WARNING: This website contains actual before, during and after photographs of circumcision and the instruments used in circumcision, illustrative drawings and examples of circumcision results. Because circumcision is performed on the human genitals, the site naturally contains images of these areas of the body. There is nothing pornographic here, but there is explicit medical detail, and minors should only view this information with the permission and under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

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