South African experience

I am a white, English-speaking South African. I do not believe in infant circumcision. I believe that your son should be given the choice of being circumcised from age 13. I went to a boarding school from grade 1 and 90% of the kids had been cut. Being circumcised then became an obsession with me, but my parents would hear nothing of it.

In South Africa circumcision amongst the black african population is a major cultural institution. Young men are circumcised at initiation schools without the use of any anesthetic. Unfortunately deaths occur in some of the schools due to poor conditions.

I eventually, after contacting various doctors, was circumcised at the age of 40 by a black african doctor in his surgery under local anaesthetic. I was able to watch the procedure. I am thrilled with my circumcision which is low and tight. I must mention that I had no pain whatsoever.

My sons were circumcised at the age of 16 at their request. I am now 71 years old.