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We have had many contributions from men who were circumcised as adults or teenagers, and they are welcome. We understand that these will help many other men considering this issue. Nevertheless, we would really like to have a broader picture. Women's views are particularly welcome, and this discussion will be kicked off with some posts from the archives and from other internet sources. Maybe this will encourage other females to come forward.

Also, what about men who were circumcised in infancy, or who are still uncircumcised? This page exists to give you a voice too, so feel free to contribute. Don't be put off by the length of some of the items here - a couple of lines will be just as welcome. And you absolutely do NOT need to send photos of your private parts!

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Here is an article on 'the circumcision dilemma' by British humorist and food writer Giles Coren. He apparently hated being circumcised as a boy but when his son was born he was so horrified by the sight of an actual foreskin it had to come off.... read on....

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Women's views

     Yes, this is for real, not a Photoshop job. The top was sold from a now defunct Jewish website called "". So I guess it's not available any more. You can read a bit more about it at

Thanks to C. Hippikins for bringing it to our attention.

Lucy (UK)

The health, hygiene and appearance benefits of circumcision are well recognised by most women, but only a woman who has had the pleasure of experiencing sex with a properly (and tightly) circumcised man knows the difference which it makes to our enjoyment of intercourse! This benefit of circumcision is not publicised half enough and if more young people knew how much more they would enjoy sex when the man is circumcised, there would be queues waiting outside circumcision clinics for this procedure. It does the same for men also - my husband was circumcised as an adult (with my encouragement, soon after we met) and although he had no medical reason to be circumcised, he says that sex was overwhelmingly transformed for the better for him, just as it was for me.

When one thinks about it, a well circumcised penis, with its always-bared head, pronounced rim and tightly stretched skin on the shaft, is bound to be better for sexual purposes. I can certainly feel the flared rim inside me during sex and the tight shaft rubs me just as I need to be rubbed, as it moves. It’s a no-brainer. A well circumcised penis looks better, smells better, feels better and fucks better! I keep saying it and I will continue to do so until the message gets through.


Why I share Charlotte York's struggle and sort of wish I could ask my boyfriend to get circumcised

Remember that Sex And The City episode where Charlotte makes the guy get circumcised because 'ew, it looks like a shar pei!' or those rumours about how Taylor Swift broke up with Harry Styles because he was 'uncut?'

Yes. It sounds ridiculous but for some of us, the struggle is so real. My first serious boyfriend who I lost my virginity to was Muslim and unbeknownst to teenage me, Islam is the largest religious group to circumcise boys so my first ever experience of a penis was unknowingly with one that had been snipped. Seeing as penises in pop culture are 99% of the time circumcised (with Michael Fassbender in Shame as that glorious 1%), it looked normal to me.

Then, came boyfriend number two: British but with an American dad. And although the rate of newborn circumcision is going down in America, it was still recorded at 77% in 2010 (as opposed to 83% in the 1960s), meaning if you end up in the sack with a Yank, he's more likely than not to be snipped.

Fast forward to me being a single, independent woman ready to experience my sexual awakening and I'm having a one-night stand with a Parisian because pourquoi pas? But I noticed something was different; suddenly that handjob was a lot easier and there was just. So. Much. Skin. What was I possibly going to do with it all? I did what any self-respecting woman would do and drank until it made sense.

I obviously have a sign on my forehead that reads 'no foreskin? No problem!' because my next boyfriend was also freaking circumcised. Three boyfriends in a row! I was slowly being conditioned to only like circumcised dicks. Considering that recent figures from the NHS say that only 3.8 % of British male babies are now circumcised (down from 20% in the 1950s), the chance of this happening was slim. It's not like I was dating particularly posh boys either. (The Royal Family and other such toffs used to circumcise their sons as a matter of 'class.')

Plus, I had all my moves down. Blowjobs? Easy. Just focus on the tip. Handjobs? Fine, as long as I had lube. Sex? Epic. I'm talking marathon sessions since circumcised boys can last longer. This is thanks to their penis growing a protective film over itself meaning there's more space between the nerve-endings and the surface and ample time for me to get mine.

Now I'm in a long-term relationship with someone who isn't circumcised and I admit the first time I saw his 'hooded' dick; I gasped, sighed and died a little inside. Flaccid, it looks like a shrivelly bald man in a nude-coloured onesie - it's just not as aesthetically pleasing. And then I gave him a blowjob, assuming I needed to push his foreskin right down but that wasn't right either. Confused, I went to give him a handjob but I suddenly was conscious to not pull his foreskin in one direction too much. Jobs aren't meant to be such hard work, I decided. 'I'm going to have to break up with him!' I told my girlfriends who, having all only been with uncircumcised guys, don't understand my plight one bit.

I then got a yeast infection (because uncircumcised penises are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria since moisture can get trapped in the foreskin) and exclaimed, 'That's it! I'm done!' Only problem? I actually like this guy (plus, I'm saving so much money not having to buy lube.)

I still wonder why his penis insists on wearing a poloneck and it really does take everything in my power to not try and blow his flaccid foreskin up like a balloon (which my gay friend tells me is an actual move.) Maybe I should move to America.

From The Debrief. Thanks to AM for the link.

Having a boy – must I get him circumcised?

Many people have a strong opinion about the topic, when they don't know what the benefits are. In my case not only do I personally agree with the pros, I agree that foreskin should be removed. My son had his foreskin removed when he was 2 weeks old, by a registered GMC (General Medical Council) doctor.

Sophie Moti (UK)

A Continental European viewpoint

Here in Europe, basically no one is circumcised at birth. All the men I dated before my marriage were uncircumcised. Interestingly the foreskin's morphology differs very much from man to man; in some cases the glans was fully covered even in full erection, with some of the skin protruding beyond the tip of the glans. In other cases, there was virtually no foreskin covering the glans, very much like a cut penis. The majority were almost covered fully when limp. My husband had a fairly long foreskin which would extend over the glans even when fully erect. Of course, it could be easily pulled back and I particularly liked to do that during foreplay. The feeling of the foreskin moving back and forth over the erect penis is quite stimulating for the female partner. I also liked to give small bites to the foreskin.

For me, sexual intercourse was pleasant but not terribly gratifying. It seemed to me that my husband was penetrating his own foreskin rather than my vagina. Once or twice, I discussed that with him, suggesting we should hold his foreskin back during intercourse. Obviously this was not very practical.

While I was away visiting my parents, my husband secretly decided to go for circumcision as an outpatient. On my return, ten days later, he found some good excuses for not making love for a few days. I was getting suspicious about his behavior when he told me all about it. After my initial shock, I was impatient to see what they had done to his penis. I had never seen a circumcised penis before and only knew that some communities practiced circumcision as a religious rite. The appearance of his newly-circumcised penis amazed me and I found it to be extremely erotic. I could see a clear dark line close to the glans, where the incision was made and the glans itself was proudly on display. Though he said he was still sore, the cut had completely healed up. His foreskin was totally removed and his shaft was smooth. The frenulum was intact and there was enough skin mobility over the shaft for caresses and masturbation.

We made love for the first time about 10 days later (i.e. 25 days after his circumcision). I must admit I felt his thrust much more intensely and enjoyed sex much better than before. He also felt much better inside me. In one day I moved from a total ignorance of circumcision to being pro-circumcision. My sex life has radically changed and so has my husband's. His glans seems to have grown bigger and the look is neater and more appealing. Regarding sensitivity, all we've heard about decreasing sensitivity is simply absurd. My husband responds positively to my slightest touch.

I have meanwhile got interested in this subject and discussed circumcision openly with a few of my female friends. Three of them have had sex with circumcised men as well and have experienced similar feelings. One negative point though - masturbating a circumcised penis is somewhat less practical as the remaining skin is less mobile. However the other advantage overrule this point.

My husband's only regret is that he was not circumcised as a baby as he was quite embarrassed to undergo this procedure at his age. Our 2 sons were circumcised in their first month, not to "look like dad" or for any other classical reasons such as hygiene or cancer, but because we are convinced that circumcision definitely enhances sexuality. And cosmetically, what a look, WHAAOO! It seems that the US is crowded with anti-circumcision movements giving all kind of funny reasons why circumcisions should be "abolished". The only good reason I would see in their views is the pain the poor little baby is undergoing. Today a large panoply of local anesthetics are available, so your dear little one need not feel it at all.


Men's views

The Editor's Story

In post-war England, when I was growing up, circumcision was very much a class thing. At my large, crowded but very good state primary school I never saw a circumcised penis - and I saw plenty of penises since most boys made sure they were seen at the urinal. There was one Jewish boy in my year but he was quite shy. (Had I known then that Jews were circumcised I might have tried to get a closer look.) My family lived at the classier end of that school's catchment, and the boy next door was circumcised - and went to a private school. I was instantly impressed with the look of his penis.

My foreskin was a problem. When I was young my mother used to try to pull it back, with no success, and she often said that if it wouldn't come back I'd have to be circumcised. I had no objection to that but I never was, and had to solve the problem by myself, later. It was only years later, as an adult, that I realised my mother was pro-circumcision but my father was dead against it. As an officer's son I was from the demographic which normally would have been circumcised in those days.

By age 10 I knew enough of the facts of life to realise why I needed to be able to retract my foreskin (mother had always glossed over that bit), and I set to work in earnest. I was 11 before I managed it, and at first it was so tight it would insist on going forward when I got hard which was very frustrating. But I kept at it and before long it was quite well behaved. I'd always pull back to pee - partly for better hygiene, but also showing off!

By this stage I was at an English Public School (which would be called private anywhere else). Not one of the famous ones like Eton, Harrow or Winchester, but one with a good academic record, a liberal curriculum, and a friendly environment. It took both boarders and day pupils and I was a boarder. In this middle-class demographic it was 50/50 circumcised and foreskins. I was as envious as ever of the circumcised ones, but now at least I could find more out about them, and there was ample opportunity. Communal showers after PE and games were compulsory, there were 6 baths to a bathroom in the boarding house and in the pre-teen years there was plenty of horsing around in both environments. Boys would masturbate - not to orgasm, just to show off their erections, and most were very happy to have their dicks investigated and do the same to you. You got to see everyone in your year, dayboy or boarder, and since sports went by three age groups, junior, intermediate and senior, you'd also see a fair few from the years above and below yours. I (and everyone else) must have seen close to 100 penises in my school years.

And what a variety there was! Before puberty, the uncircumcised ones ranged from impressively long hosepipes, through the 'rosebud' bunch in front of the knob (the commonest type), short ones which just covered the knob and totally loose ones which left half the knob uncovered. Apart from the few totally loose ones it was impossible to predict how easily they would retract. Some of the hosepipes were dead easy to retract, some of the short ones were impossible. The rosebuds covered the whole spectrum from dead easy to impossible, but of course they were all working on the problem too, and most solved it. I was very interested in the circumcised ones, which also covered the whole spectrum from partial circumcisions with the knob partly covered to a couple of dead tight jobs with no trace of free skin. But just as rosebuds were the norm for the foreskins, the commonest circumcisions were moderately loose. Some had skin bunched up behind the knob when soft, others didn't, but erect there was still plenty of skin movement, with the scar (if you could see it at all) half way down the shaft. I still think of this as a typical English circumcision.

With the teen years, and puberty, that free and easy horseplay came to an end. But we still saw each other nude all the time. So what changed? In the case of the 'roundheads', not very much. Of course they got larger - much larger, and the 'half-circumcised' boys all now had bare knobs, but the loose circumcisions were still loose, the 'English circumcisions' still had plenty of free skin, the tight ones didn't get any tighter, and the ultra-tight ones, well, couldn't! The 'cavaliers' (uncircumcised boys) were a different story. In my case, the foreskin just covered the knob when I was soft, and completely uncovered it when I was erect. There were others like me, but some still had a covered knob even when erect, and even a bunch of skin in front when soft. On the other hand, many had fully bare knobs all the time - some because they deliberately wore it back, others because it simply went back, and even if you pulled it forward it wouldn't stay there. And there was no connection between the length of foreskin before puberty and the result afterwards - some with long skins had bare knobs afterwards, others with shorter skins were still covered. A few unfortunates still couldn't retract.

So, without that playing around in showers and bathrooms, how did we know so much about each other? The answer was mutual masturbation - forbidden, of course, and requiring discretion, but still a normal activity for most boys right through from 11 to 17. (Other sex acts were unknown.) Uncircumcised boys did it by pumping their skin in whatever position was most comfortable for them, which, in spite of popular cliché, was most often not the 'long stroke' moving the skin back and forth over the knob. Few boys at that age (14-16) had the combination of enough coverage and a loose enough skin. I, and many others, didn't have enough skin, and many of those who had the coverage didn't have the looseness. (They probably developed it in adulthood).

So to me at 16, and two things happened. One was that I spent a summer in the USA. Nothing sexual happened there but I did get to meet, and get interested in, girls. Beach and pool change rooms were places where, in those days, men and boys wandered around freely in the nude and I never saw an uncircumcised penis (I kept my foreskin back so as not to look too different). There tended to be a common style - no skin bunched up behind the knob, but visible wrinkles on the shaft – tightish but not totally tight. (I didn't know it then, but I was seeing Gomco circumcisions). The second was that I invented a new way of masturbating. I found some 'sunning oil' and used it to rub a lubricated fist over my glans and shaft, holding my skin back with my left hand. This was an attempt to simulate the feeling of sex with a girl, which I hadn't ever experienced, and it was also intended to get my knob back into the action.

It was too messy for school use, though I did introduce it to a circumcised school-friend in the holidays. Even at home it was only really feasible as a special treat. But once I left home it gradually took over as my normal way of doing it. Then, in my 20s, I moved to Australia to an academic post. Salaries were higher (then) than in the UK, and so were house prices, but food and wine were cheaper, so I reckoned I was on to a good thing. And I was, in more ways than one.

I never did anything sexual with other young men (why should I, I found that Aussie girls were very willing and available) but I did find myself among them a lot since I was very much into outdoor sports, and in a University context that meant that I was often camping with students, most of them male and all of them circumcised. And I realized that student jokes about masturbation almost always referred to lubricants. "His girlfriend's left him and now he keeps a stack of Playboys and a jar of Vaseline under his bed." My 'new' way of doing it was what everyone did here! And I soon saw why. Shyness among men was just as unknown as in the US 10 years earlier, and I realised that really tight circumcisions were the norm in Australia.

One immediate advantage was that if a girl didn't want to 'go all the way', my favourite hand job was exactly how she expected to do it. That was good. In England asking a girl to do it that way seemed a bit strange. But I now had a secure job, and the idea of getting my long wished-for circumcision was always on my mind. However, I got conflicting messages from my girlfriends - one would be urging me to get done, while another was all in favour of foreskins (probably because of the scarcity factor). So I realized that I'd have to wait until I found the girl I wanted to marry and spend my life with. Well, that happened, and we're still married so it must have been the right choice. In due course I mentioned the issue to her. Her response was 'Of course, but not for a year or two, I want to experience you both ways'.

That's exactly what happened - I was circumcised after a few years of marriage, by a leading urologist using the sleeve dissection technique. My wife was able to give me a gentle hand job after only 11 days, and we had full sex after a fortnight (very well lubricated in both cases). My circumcision was low, and fairly tight. The picture shows how it looks. I'm a 'grower' so this translates to very little movement when erect. I'm very happy with it.

How did it affect sex? It was better, because the skin no longer rode up on the out stroke. Our sex had always been good - better than I'd had with anyone else – but this not only provided more sensation, it gave me more control since I knew I could climax more readily when I needed to, and so I could equally hold off when that was necessary.

About a year after the op, when everything was totally settled down, I tried to masturbate by stroking, as I'd done to my circumcised school friends 30 years ago, and wow! an orgasm as intense as the first ones I'd had as a young boy. It's harder work than using lube, but more intense. Both are better than skin pumping, which before my circ would produce an ejaculation without much sensation at all. Afterwards, tugging on my tight skin didn't even work (I wasn't a teenager any more). If my wife gives me a hand job it's always now dry stroking, and fantastic. If I do myself (only when we are apart, but we both have commitments so that happens) I tend to alternate between the two methods. Marriage and circumcision - two of the best things that ever happened to me.


Don't try a self-circ!

I'm Australian and now 48. I wasn't circumcised so I was the odd one out at school. I copped a lot of flack over the years about having a dirty sock as they called it. So at age 40 I took measures into my own hands and made a circ kit at work with a steel band & a rubber band. Once fitted and foreskin was numb I cut around the band removing heaps of skin. Everything was healing quite well until I slipped and pulled the steel band out. Lots of blood and off to hospital where a urologist cleaned it up and the rest is history.

Final result
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You can see I was cut low and tight and the frenulum is still intact but I'm thinking of getting it removed. What are your thoughts ?


Editors comment: if you look closely at the frenulum it is clear that much of it already has been removed. It's your choice if you want to get rid of the remnant! But I hope this very honest post will put everyone off the idea of attempting a self circumcision. Just think how much easier it would have been had BT gone to the urologist first.

An Adult Circumcison Before the Internet

At what was and probably still is the best-known Preparatory School in Oxford in the 1950s, the ratio of "roundheads" to "cavaliers" was very roughly 50:50, perhaps 60:40.. Almost all the "roundheads" had a low and loose style of circumcision. Two brothers, however, had the highest and tightest cut I've ever actually seen. In the past, I believe, anthropologists have described such circumcisions as "flayed". Not so, 'flaying' circumcisions actually did remove the shaft skin totally. See our page on Islamic circumcision Ed.

At the minor Public School just down the road, the ratio was much the same. Having a rather short foreskin, I was untroubled by the problems one so often reads of. However as I grew older, the foreskin was forever retracting and in particular, being a keen cyclist, this became really quite uncomfortable – a definite nuisance.. After discussion with my wife, who was totally sympathetic, we decided on a circumcision. Fortuitously, a colleague of hers mentioned that he was going into the Radcliffe hospital for a minor operation which he delicately described as "a very ancient procedure" – what a tactful way of putting it!

But how to proceed, in those days before the internet ? Circumcision was regularly discussed at an intelligent level in "Forum" magazine and for those seeking the procedure, they recommended a Dr Newell, (who I'm sure has long ago hung up his scalpel). He had a very small consulting room on the first floor of a house in Harley Street. After an initial visit, an appointment was made. He wrote a prescription for tablets to be taken the night before, to prevent erections. On the actual day, I arrived at his place – he worked alone with no nurse and he gave me several injections at the base of the penis as local anaesthetics. Then after marking a line around the foreskin in red ink, he carried out the freehand procedure. I still remember the "click-click" of what I assume was the making of the stitches. Within less than an hour, I was heading for the Tube station, having paid (in cash) what today seems an incredibly modest amount.

I'd here like to strongly contradict what one so often reads – that adult circumcision is an incredibly painful procedure. In my experience, complete nonsense. I was back at work the next day (an office job). Walking around the house with no pants ? Rubbish! Painful walking ? - not a bit of it! A week or so later, Dr Newell removed the stitches, assured me that the local swelling would soon subside – as it did.

Since then, I (and my wife) have had absolutely no regrets and the many benefits one reads about in Circlist proved indeed to be true. One thing though, and again something one reads about in Circlist. Dr Newell did things his way. Thus he dismissed any suggestion of removing the frenum (which was already partly torn). Nor was the style of circumcision open for discussion. With hindsight, I would have preferred a slightly higher cut. Looking back, my abiding view of adult circumcision is that it really in no big deal. I cannot understand why people make such a fuss about it.

Our son was circumcised at birth (in the USA) and has never had any problems. As the years go by, the multiple benefits of circumcision become more and more established, the arguments of the intactivists ever shriller. Within a few years, pretty much the entire male population of Africa will be circumcised – and so far, we hear of no problems or complaints. The Chinese seem to be ramping up their rate of circumcision. Now that non-surgical circumcision (PrePex etc) has been so thoroughly proven in Africa, how long before such lower-cost methods become available over here ?


Editor's comment: For non-UK readers, in the private (fee-paying) system boys often go to a prep school from ages 8 to 12, then a public school from 13 onwards. However the public schools also take boys at 11 who have been in the state primary system, as in my account above.

In deepest Bavaria

Southern Bavaria, West Germany in the 1970s was a place where people simply had foreskins, and so did I. It was a place without any readily available information on the subject of circumcision, or any other information regarding the male appendage, come to think of it. I had an absolute odyssey trying to educate myself on the subject for the first part of my life, and crashed from one weird experience into the next, as you will see.

As a little boy of six, I was convinced to be the owner of one of the best looking penises going: Not too big, not too small, and with a nicely shaped, long foreskin.

Things came crashing down for me when entering primary school at that age, and seeing my classmates naked before and after swimming class. It revealed to me that, while I was largely right about my assessment compared to the average rival penis, there was one that completely stole the show. I could not get over it. It belonged to a nice, funny guy I had befriended earlier, and it was decidedly a different model altogether: It did not taper into a wrinkled hose of skin, but actually seemed to have a neat knob at its end, with a short cuff of skin around it that reminded me of a rolled-up shirt sleeve. A bit as if he was trying to make a fashion statement. A designer penis... wow.

I had never pulled my foreskin back until then, because my family's household maid had once warned me "not to do anything funny" with my appendage, lest it would "stay that way for good". I realize now she was probably alluding to the dangers of a possible paraphimosis and meant well, but the result was that I actually ended up living in mortal fear of my own organ, imagining it to be capable of all sorts of unpredictable actions I might unwittingly trigger by doing something funny, and that I would regret it, and that nobody would be able to help me.

And that is what I presumed to have happened to my classmate when I saw his thing. I truly believed that he had probably done "something funny", and the skin had sprung back like that, and stayed that way, true to the prophecies of our housemaid. I quietly commiserated and never said a word, but made sure to leave that foreskin well alone.

Years went by, I entered a monastery boarding school, and made other friends. Perhaps surprisingly for a catholic monastery school, two of them were from the Middle East – an Egyptian and an Iranian. Clowning around in the showers one morning, I realized that they also seemed to be victims of some folly, because they, too sported those rolled-up sleeve penises. Now I just had to ask what had happened to them. One was an accident, two was an epidemic. This was obviously spreading.

I was informed that the foreskin was a sleeve of skin that got habitually shortened at some stage in life everywhere in the Middle East, and that, to their eyes, we Europeans looked pretty ridiculous with ours. Somehow as if we were trying to give birth to tiny elephants. And in America, everybody had this done. This insight was a great liberation, because it meant that our maid had been wrong.

In religious studies class, it wasn't long before we studied Judaism. Circumcision was mentioned for the first time in my life, and the teacher, a Benedictine monk, described it as "removing only the very tip of the foreskin" to the class. It did therefore not seem to be the same thing as the designer penises of my two Middle Eastern buddies. Curious about this, I asked them promptly whether a circumcision was what they had had, which they confirmed. I put two and two together and concluded that removing "only the very tip of the foreskin" evidently somehow resulted in it rolling all the way back behind the glans.

To my surprise, I was not able to replicate this look through retraction by age 12, and subsequently soon found myself checked into a local hospital to have a circumcision performed. "Don't worry, we'll only remove the very tip of the foreskin," I was reassured by a nurse and a doctor, to which I nodded sagely. Of course they were. And I'd get a cool designer penis, like my friends. Deal.

Upon waking from the anesthesia, I discovered much to my delight a perfectly good rolled-up sleeve designer penis, but alas, with shocking looking, bloody stitches all around it. Still, I wasn't too worried, because I presumed this to be part of the procedure, as nobody was hopping around me with gadgetry, proclaiming life threatening problems; so I was presumably fine.

The nurse brought me ointment, which I was supposed to apply "every day to make sure no adhesions are forming." She demonstrated how, then, to my surprise, rolled the skin forward over the glans so that the stitches disappeared. Incidentally, another big misunderstanding was created in this way, and I continued applying ointment and vaseline and lotions for months afterwards, presuming it to be a necessary maintenance measure for this kind of penis. On the upside, this is how I discovered masturbation.

Everything was fine in the end, only that I never got to enjoy the rolled-up sleeve look for long before it decided to roll forward again by itself, covering most of the glans, and resulting in a sort of sleepy look. I assumed things would eventually be as they should be, and spent about a third of my days pulling back the remaining foreskin. I enjoyed the airy, new feeling, and felt like I had become part of something exotic and interesting.

I lived with this partial circumcision until my first meaningful encounter with a girl about four years later. "Aha", she said, "what's that?" I explained to her that I was circumcised. Then she explained to me that she was Turkish, and had three brothers, and as far as her culture was concerned, I was not circumcised. This irked me enormously. My Lawrence of Arabia Factor was being questioned.

I would not have it, and quite directly went to the father of my Iranian highschool friend, who was a doctor, and who had performed his son's circumcision. I told him about my issue, to which he nodded and ho-hummed in his wise way. He explained to me that German doctors have a different definition of what a circumcision is, and that he would gladly provide me with an advanced version. Medical justification could easily be found, which was required to convince parents and insurance companies.

And a few weeks later, I was again experiencing the entire hospital experience, including stitches and ointment, etc. It seemed oddly comical, even paradoxical, to be doing this twice. Friends and relatives alike were like "he got circumcised... twice??" It seemed a physical impossibility to most, and I, too found it quite Monty Pythonesque, on principle. The result was a low and loose freehand circumcision with partial frenulum remnant and permanently exposed glans, done by a German-trained, Persian doctor. To this day, I have to say it is absolutely great.

Reactions to it continue to amuse me as bedroom encounters continue. I went on to live in Canada, then England, and honestly quite relish the reactions I get from females.

None are the same. I've had French and Swiss girls commiserate ("oh no! Your poor thing...! Does that hurt?"); an Israeli girl found the stitch marks monstrous ("like Frankenstein! We don't do that...!"); Canadians and Americans alike found there to be "so much wobbly skin...?"

Whatever. In the end, what counts is that everybody is happy, which will eventually materialize if you keep trying.


Teen circumcision

I was circumcised at 15 years old because of phimosis (I am now 54) and I haven't regretted it a single day.

It's just a really great, cool and clean feeling. You no longer have to retract the foreskin to clean the glans properly. For the last seven years I have lived in a committed relationship and my partner found it is just great to have a beautiful circumcised penis inside her. It's just a super cool feeling for my partner. So as I said I can only recommend every man to get rid of the foreskin and forget alternative experiments.

For a few years now I have completely removed my pubic hair, as you can see in the picture. That too I can only recommend to anyone! It's just wonderful and a great feeling during sex! So I'm totally in favour of both circumcision and pubic hair removal. Just do it!

Translation by Google and the editor.


A Russian job

Good afternoon! My name is Roman and I would like to share my story about how I was circumcised. The main reasons for circumcision were - appearance, hygiene, balanitis. My doctor to whom I addressed the problem of balanitis, suggest to me the different local medications - creams and baths. It helped, but not for long and had to repeat the treatment again.

So I was delighted to see another doctor. She was a woman. This doctor looked at the medical history and she asked me what I know about circumcision and what I think about it? I said that I know that this is a religious procedure. The doctor told me that it is not only a religion. She told me that in the developed countries, the majority of men undergo this procedure while still a child, and her children are circumcised too. The doctor told me about the advantages of a circumcised penis in terms of health and sex, and that it will cure me. She told me about the methods of circumcision. I agreed.

The next day I passed all the necessary tests and went to the procedure. For the circumcision AlisKlamp was chosen. The whole procedure was quick, I get a shot of anesthesia and then application of the clamp and cut off the foreskin. The whole procedure took less than 15 minutes. Then the doctor said everything is done, you can get dressed. I asked - is that all? So fast? She said - yes, in a week you will enjoy your new penis.

A week later, I went to her office and she removed the clamp and said that in a few days everything should heal completely!. But she warned that now the glans is very sensitive and it can create discomfort at first. After healing, I was completely happy with my new penis, I have increased sensations during sexual intercourse, sex became more enjoyable and I completely forgot about infections!


Ahead of the pack!

My parents had me circumcised when I was born in 1942. I guess it was unusual at the time, at least in our small town in southern USA. When I was little I didn't understand why my penis looked different from my father's and those of all the other little boys I had seen. After it was explained to me I was a bit resentful about being made the odd one, although I was never teased about it, and I thought mine was better looking than theirs without that wrinkly skin hose hanging off the end.

A few years later I learned that most of the little boys were now being circumcised when they were born. Then I was proud of my circumcised penis. It made me feel up-to-date, cultured and civilized. I enjoyed being in situations where other boys could see my penis. We didn't talk about it, but I imagined they were admiring the appearance of mine, perhaps wishing that theirs were the same.

When some of my contemporaries had to be circumcised for medical reasons around the time of puberty I was really glad that was something I did not have to worry about. I really appreciated then what my parents had done for me when I was a baby.

After I left the home town for college and military service I learned that circumcision was much more common than I had previously supposed. The incidence for men my age appeared to be about 50%. (And of course higher for those a few years younger.)

When I became a father I had no hesitation about having my sons circumcised at birth. By then it was the normal thing to do. My penis looks good, feels good and works fine; and I'm sure they feel the same way about theirs. They had their sons circumcised when they were born.


A Filipino experience

Here in the Phillipines, boys are usually circumcised before puberty. My problem why I was not circumcised by age 10 or 11 is that my foreskin was not easily retracted by that time. The glans was still attached to the foreskin and it really hurt me to fully retract it. I was so jealous of my peers during that time because when we were bathing together, they proudly showed me that they were already cut and I'm not. This was a great impact to me as a teen. It really lowered my self esteem as a man. Their penises were cut in the traditional way, dorsal slit done by local circumciser.

It was only at age 17 that my foreskin was retracted along the corona of my glans. I accidentally retracted it one time when I learned how to masturbate by the influence of my classmates who told me how to do it. They said that through frequent masturbations, the foreskin will be retracted fully and the penis head will be truly exposed. It was so late that I learned how to masturbate because of a conservative family. Talking about genitals is a taboo or forbidden.

I followed their suggestion, and it worked. At few strokes, the glans was exposed up to the neck. Then that was the time that I approached the local circumciser to work on my penis. After two weeks, the circumcision was healed. I'm now proud that I am a circumcised man and no more smegma, no more object of teasing by peers.

But as I grew older, I found out that my circumcision was a bit different from my comrades. Their glans were fully exposed even in flaccid state. Mine was partially covered with foreskin. Only when erect that the glans was fully exposed. They said that they had their circumcision done at a clinic. Theirs were so nice to look at, with no floppy skin in the underside unlike mine.

When I was 31, I then asked a doctor to subject me for a circumcision even though I was already circumcised traditionally. He examined my penis and he joked that maybe my penis was getting smaller. Is there such a situation that penis gets smaller? He performed the operation and it healed within a week. It was so nice now in appearance. The glans is always exposed even in flaccid state, but it's so tight now when I have erections I get the feeling that my penis will burst. My other concern with my circumcision is that my penis head becomes easily irritated by unwanted erections, especially when I'm wearing not so tight underwear or boxers.


Editor's comment. No, your penis will not shrink between age 17 and 31. The only difference might be that teen hormones will keep you semi-erect more often at 17 than at 30. I'm sure that the unwanted sensitivity will disappear in time, and as for the sensation of tightness, most men love it!

Father and sons circumcised together

My wife is a nurse who works for a urologist, so she is very familiar with circumcision. Along with the normal procedures of a urology practice, the doctor circumcises both adult men and boys, no infants, for cosmetic and medical reasons. Ever since we were married, my wife has urged me to get circumcised like her brothers (she has five). Her father had all of his boys circumcised as teenagers as a matter of good health. He himself was circumcised at age 71! In that part of the country, the central US, it was, and still is, common for most males (but not all) to be circumcised.

My parents intended to have me circumcised as an infant, but due to a shortage of funds for other expenditures, never did. Time went by, and nothing was ever done. When I was a teenager in high school, I knew that I looked different from just about everybody else in the shower, and I wondered why I had so much skin on my penis. So I asked my parents about possible circumcision. My father told me every man/boy should have this done. He said that it would help me become a man, that it would improve my manhood, whatever that is. He did offer to have me circumcised for my birthday, and then promptly forgot about it. I figured that if I wanted to get circumcised, I would have to do it when I was on my own. But that didn't happen for a long, long time.

We have two sons, who were 13 and 15 at the time. We did not have them circumcised as infants, but rather let the boys develop into a more workable size. The 15 year-old participated in a lot of school sports, such as basketball, and, as a result, spent a lot of time showering. He told my wife and I that he was tired of looking different from his friends that he played ball with, and that having a foreskin was such a nuisance, that he wanted to get circumcised for both athletic and cosmetic reasons. We talked to the 13 year-old, who was in junior high at the time, about surgically removing his foreskin. It turned out that he agreed with his brother and wanted to be circumcised for gym class. He was already tired of looking different. He said that a lot of boys in gym were getting circumcised. Since this all fit in with my wife's experience with her brothers, she was heartily for it. She mentioned it to the doctor, and he said to bring them in for an exam and to set up the procedure. This I did. When I discovered how simple it was, I thought "If they can do it, so can I." When I asked the doctor if I was too old for a circumcision, he laughed and said "This is a good time to circumcise your sons, and I can circumcise you like you were a 12 year-old boy!" When I later told my wife of my decision, she said "Why did you wait so long?" So, all three us of were circumcised at the same time in the doctor's office, one by one. The doctor's assistant was, of course, my wife, which caused the boys a little embarrassment. The procedure took about 30 minutes for each. He used what I think is called the Freehand Method. We all elected to have as much of our foreskin removed as practical. The healing process took about two weeks. All of us, including my wife, are very happy and satisfied with the results.

This is the best thing that I ever did, and I wish that I had done it earlier. My wife really likes the new, clean look of my penis. I can certainly say that there is no loss of sensation. This is a simple procedure that can be done at any age.


Successive stages of circumcision

I was born in Feb. 1945 in England which, although it was wartime, most baby boys were circumcised, but I wasn't! I don't know why not, perhaps my parents couldn't afford it (pre NHS) or it was not in my mother's family tradition (my father was circumcised, which I discovered at about 4 years old when I saw him pee. I asked my mum why we looked different and she explained that he had had a small operation as a baby. At primary school I noticed that most other boys could pee further than me but didn't know that they were circumcised.

At ten years old I went to a very small 'prep.' school consisting of 36 boys. After sports we all showered together and saw each other at bath time.All the boys born in 1942 were circ'd except one who was Danish. Those born in 1943/4 were mainly circumcised, my year were mainly circ'd but slightly fewer than the older boys. The circ rate got gradually less as time went on. To start with I thought that a bared glans was a sign of maturity, (one of the boys had half a foreskin) and I was expecting to gradually grow the same way. It didn't take me too long to realise that this probably wasn't true. As most of the circ'd boys tended to be better at sports and the uncirc'd more artistically inclined I was afraid that if I were to lose my foreskin my musical talent would diminish and I was very afraid of that happening.

As I found masturbation I discovered that my foreskin was attached to three quarters of the glans. As I continued to masturbate it gradually came free. It stayed over the glans during erection until one evening it came completely free and would no longer stay forward. The horror of appearing at showers looking different was considerable. By the following morning it had returned to normal, but I realised that I no longer wanted it. Sometime later I decided to keep the foreskin back, which led to questions from one or two of the boys: wasn't it sore? Well yes it was, not because I had been circed, but because the glans and ineer foreskin were still very tender.

At thirteen I left that school and went to grammar school, living at home. I was still not sure about whether or not to be circ'd. I made sure that my family never saw my penis, not easy in the small house we lived in. My parents were quite worried about it and my father came to wash my back during my bath. I decided that I would keep the foreskin back. He never said anything about it and I still don't know if he thought I had been circumcised or not. For most of my teen years I tried to keep the foreskin back, sometimes using sticking plaster. When I started sex with my girl friend I would remove the tape, so she got used to seeing me with the foreskin back although being French she expected me to have a foreskin. In 1968 we moved to the Netherlands, she went first while I finished working. I wanted to arrive in the Netherlands circumcised and ready for action.

I made an appointment with my parents doctor and asked him if I could be circumcised. He tested my foreskin and said there was very easy movement so there was no medical necessity, but if I wanted it done privately it would cost about 300 pounds. That was about what I earned in a year, so out of the question. Three years later my wife had hormone problems from having taken the pill for too long at a strech, sex was out. I decided to circumcise myself as there would be plenty of time to heal before I would need my penis (and before my wife would see me). I had surgical knives which I used to voice harpsichord plectra. I put an elastic band around the base of my penis to restrict the bleeding, put plaster around the rim of the glans and a little bit of the inner foreskin. I sarted with a dorsal slit and then started cutting around the right side of the foreskin. At about a third of the way round I could no longer stand the pain and cut off what I had detached leaving about two thirds of my foreskin in place. I managed to contain the bleeding with waterproof tape. When I was healed enough to show my wife, did so. She was horrified. 'There's nothing left to play with' she said.

I couldn't remember her ever playing with my foreskin but so what. I had about 2/3rds of skin on the left of the glans. Most of the time it stayed back, but sometimes it moved down while I was sitting. Not a nice feeling. After we were divorced I decided to finish the job that I had left very incomplete. I was determined not to be put off by pain, but I went at a higher speed than I should and got all the way round but with a rather uneven cut, taking more off the back than the front.This time I could not stop the much greater flow of blood, I couldn't close the wound and so had to 'phone for an ambulance. Total embarrassment! The surgeon who sewed me up said that I had made one or two mistakes and he would tidy things up once I had healed. He also said that there were many men who wished to be rid of their foreskins so why hadn't I asked? I had no answer for him. I never went back to be tidied up. Now I had quite a lot of inner foreskin in front and not really enough behind. This meant that when soft there was quite a lot of bunching up in front, I also had some tunnels which collected dirt.

This is how I was at the beginning of my second marriage to a Dutch girl, who had only seen her uncircumcised brother and horses and dogs. She was not bothered with my status but still doesn't like my interest in the subject. After a few years I wanted to be tidied up to look like my school friends but needed a motivation for the health authorities as I still could not afford private medicine. I started to complain of erection pain at the back, where I had no spare skin. In those days in the Netherlands there was a society which dealt with peoples sexual problems, so I got an appointment. After being interviewed by a sexologist and inspected by a doctor I was referred to a urologist who had devised an operation to extend the penis for those who were not well endowed, though not my case, he was someone sympathetic to men unsatisfied with their equipment.First he suggested a Z plasty at the back to give me more room, but when I asked if it would be possible to take some off the front he said 'Oh so that's what this is all about' I've helped any number of young Muslims who had a flap like yours I'll recircumcise you. Which he did. When I looked at the stitches after my first shower I was surprised to see that he hadn't done the Z plasty but taken out the frenulum. At last I was the way I had wanted to be since puberty. It was quite tight, though I still had some movement on the front. After 20 years it has got a little looser and the skin comes over the glans while seated, so I am back to using tape to keep it out of the way! A fourth circumcision at 70 seems a bit OTT.


Am I too tight?

I'm Martin – not my real name, I'd be too recognizable if I used it since I'm an American expat living in Malaysia – it's a small community. My father heads the local branch of an American multinational company – obviously I can't say which one. I'm 18, just finished school and about to start college. In case you wonder how I can say that in December, it's because I'll be going to an Australian university and they don't start till March. More of that later.

At first I went to an American school here in Kuala Lumpur – maybe it tells you something about American attitudes that it just calls itself The International School, even though it's registered in the US and teaches exclusively American curriculum. The British, French and German schools all identify themselves as such! It's open to everybody, of course, but the expat students are mostly American. More than half of the students are Malaysian, though. The classes are all in English, but English is widely spoken among Malaysians of the class that could afford that school. The only difference is that when we had classes in Bahasa Malaysia (the Malaysian language) the locals had additional English classes. For everything else we were together.

To make things clear, I should explain the ethnic makeup of Malaysia. Malays are the native people, all Muslims, and they are both the majority and also hold most of the political reins. Since this is a circumcision site, I should explain that they are circumcised , with much ceremony, between the ages of 5 and 7. I've been to many of these parties thrown by my father's senior staff. At first I felt jealous that having been circumcised as a baby I was missing out on a party, but when I realized that the boys – my friends – were sore for a week or so afterwards I changed my view. Ethnic Chinese make up about a quarter of the community – a mix of religions and about 50% circumcised – more from US influence than religion or tradition. Then there are Indians, who are a minority and rather looked down on, though many are quite prosperous. They are Tamil, Hindu religion, and not circumcised. But all were welcome at our school – so long as they could afford the fees.

The Malay circumcision age is close to the age of starting school, and some parents made sure that their boys were done before school. Bur family dynamics meant that this didn't always work out. So in year 1 you would see the uncircumcised boys hiding their dicks at the urinal while the circumcised boys made sure that everyone saw them!

So much for background. It was a happy time – I was a good performer at school but marks weren't exactly the center of my life, and I was friends with kids from all ethnicities. Fast forward to age 10, and a strange thing happened one Saturday morning. I was lying in bed, in no hurry to get up. My bladder was full, but enjoyably full, not uncomfortably full. Suddenly my dick started feeling very strange. I grabbed it and found it pointing upwards, hard as a rock. I pulled down my pajama pants to have a better look and saw it was twice its normal size. The skin on the shaft was so tight is was kind of shiny and the whole sensation of tightness and tension was almost unbearable but somehow still enjoyable. I wasn't touching it, just looking at it and enjoying the strange sensation. After a few minutes another feeling started in my dick, and it was so strong I thought for a moment that something was wrong with me, but as it spread out through my whole body I realized it was something wonderful. I didn't have the faintest idea what any of this meant.

Enlightenment came from our maid's son Hamid, aged 11. We were playing around one day when I saw his dick had got hard so I asked him (in Bahasa, of course) why they got like that. He was incredulous.

"You mean you don't know about sex?"

I didn't. He did – and it turned out that 11-year old Malay boys know a lot about sex. So he gave me the low-down. Finally he explained that until boys got old enough to have sex with girls they could get that feeling by playing with their dicks, and did I want him to show me? Of course I did. So we played with each other's dicks, and we both came. I did see that the skin on his shaft would move, and mine wouldn't, but that didn't seem to matter and we neither of us commented on it. After all, I'd seen a pretty wide variety when we changed for swimming at school – I knew dicks weren't all the same.

A few weeks later Hamid decided to expand my education, and brought a 15-year-old boy round so that "I could see the white stuff come out". I enjoyed that too. It was clear to me that they had to handle their dicks – or have them handled – to make it happen but I never mentioned that I didn't need that. After all, it felt really good when they played with me. I did try doing it myself but in the end my own hand wasn't as interesting as someone else's, and I'd just stroke or squeeze until I got hard and then let nature take its course.

In case I'm giving the wrong impression, I don't want to imply that every erection leads me to an orgasm. That would be pretty hard to handle. If I'm doing something else it will just fade away. I have to focus on the situation to make anything happen. But once I was into puberty I did have to be careful when pashing with a girl to avoid creaming my jeans. I know I'm not the only teenager to have this problem!

When I turned 13 my parents decided to send me to a Prep school in the US, as a boarder. (One of my English friends was puzzled by this – apparently in England prep schools only take pupils up to age 13. In the USA they go all the way to college entry). I was keen on this – I felt I was losing my connection with my home country – and I knew it would be a fantastic school environment. And it was. But having 400 boys in a boarding school with no girls had a predictable effect, particularly on the teenagers. OK, I enjoyed it. And 13 is a fun age with all stages of development from barely started to pretty much full-grown. I was somewhere in the middle.

Since this is Circlist I'll mention that the school was, so far as my experience went, a foreskin-free zone. I'd encountered one or two foreskins in Malaysia and not been impressed – seemed to me that either you couldn't expose the knob or you could but couldn't touch it. Neither seemed much fun. I know they don't stay like that, but why? Anyway, all my play at prep school was with circumcised boys. We were ethnically inclusive, and black and Hispanic boys were all circumcised, and so were our international students (mostly Korean and Chinese). There were rumors that some boys who came to the school with foreskins had got the school doctor to arrange circumcisions – quite probably true but I never came across any confirmed cases. I did ask the doc at one of my annual medicals what would happen if a boy asked to be circumcised. He said the health of the boys was his number one concern and if a boy needed to be circumcised of course he would be. He wouldn't be drawn further.

Sex play between boys was something that happened at weekends. It was an honor thing that nothing took place during the week. The grounds were spacious and it was easy to find private spots at the weekend. I'm not saying it was condoned, but I do think that the authorities were happy to turn a blind eye so long as it was discreet. I've read about passionate relationships between older and younger boys (including on this site) and maybe such things did happen, but not for me. It was just friends having fun and seeing to each other's needs. Passionate relationships were for girls, and more of that shortly. But that did leave the need to get off during the week, and here I realized I had a great advantage. We often heard other boys' beds creaking as they jacked, while I just lay still, concentrating, until it happened.

Whatever, weekends were hog heaven. I enjoyed every moment, even though I reckoned that however they handled me (and I wasn't fussy) I would climax just as quickly anyway. One exception – a couple of boys introduced me to using moisturizer (or other slippery stuff) and that really did the trick. If I ever play with myself by hand now that's how I do it.

There was only one, very close, friend to whom I confided that I could get off 'no hands'. He looked at me, touched my dick, and said:

"Of course, because you're so tight. Look."

And he just tugged his skin back as hard as he could, so that it looked shiny like mine. In a little while he shot – and so did I.

"Look, it's not the most fun way to do it, but it's very handy on weekdays."

"You think you're telling me something?"

"OK, obviously not!"

But we all knew that girls were the real thing. The first time a girl handled my dick I came almost instantly. She said:

"You'll have to learn to last longer than that!"

It didn't help that inexperienced me took forever to get her off! That was at age 14 and the relationship didn't progress to going all the way , so we never found out how that would have worked out. But it did highlight a problem, I tended to be a bit quick. The necessary condom slowed things down a bit, and I did get some good sex from age 15 on, which from my school sample seems to be the age when most American boys get to go all the way (and the Asian students get jealous).

The problem was that each summer I'd find a girlfriend, and things would be great, but then I had to go back to school. Some Christmases I'd come back, others my folks would come over and we'd have Christmas with my grandparents – and then maybe go skiing where I'd meet up with my school friends. All good – except for any relationships back home. The girls had always found someone else.

That changed when I got a Malay girlfriend – all my previous ones had been fellow expats. Dating a Malay girl is different – everything has to be very discreet. No holding hands, let alone kissing, in public. And it all takes time – things progress much more slowly than with an American or European girl. But we were really, seriously in love so none of that mattered. She's from an upper class background and her parents totally approve of our relationship. Well, so do mine but in that social climate that is of less importance. Of course her parents wouldn't approve if they knew we were having sex – but the key word there is 'knew', they can guess, but nobody must know. She, like all Malay girls, is circumcised and with no foreskin in the way she climaxes very easily. We are very sexually compatible.

Like all Muslims, male or female, she also shaves her pubic hair. Actually she's had it laser removed – there are dozens of clinics in KL offering that. I finally agreed to shave mine once I'd left school (couldn't face the comments in the change rooms) but I'm not ready for lasering yet. Anyway, she was the one who persuaded me to switch to going to an Australian university, which had always been her aim. When I looked at what they had to offer it looked good, quite apart from the main issue of being with her. So that's what we are doing. Of course we can't share an apartment – she will go to an all-girl residence (which they call a 'college' there) and I'll get a small apartment, and we'll have a great time. And the flight home is much shorter.

Not to mention that I get from July 2016 to March 2017 to work on some of my other interests – a gap year would be too much, but this is great.


Editor's note. Good to have a contribution from a teenager, and more are very welcome but please note that you must be over 18. How about some teenage girls' views?

South African experience

I am a white, English-speaking South African. I do not believe in infant circumcision. I believe that your son should be given the choice of being circumcised from age 13. I went to a boarding school from grade 1 and 90% of the kids had been cut. Being circumcised then became an obsession with me, but my parents would hear nothing of it.

In South Africa circumcision amongst the black african population is a major cultural institution. Young men are circumcised at initiation schools without the use of any anesthetic. Unfortunately deaths occur in some of the schools due to poor conditions.

I eventually, after contacting various doctors, was circumcised at the age of 40 by a black african doctor in his surgery under local anaesthetic. I was able to watch the procedure. I am thrilled with my circumcision which is low and tight. I must mention that I had no pain whatsoever.

My sons were circumcised at the age of 16 at their request. I am now 71 years old.


New England (USA) teen circumcision
- a long story

I was born near Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in 1983 to a family of mostly circumcised men on both sides. I, however, was the first of three in my generation (the other two being my younger brother and a paternal cousin) on both sides to be left uncircumcised. Years later, as a teenager, when I would ask why I had not received similar treatment, my mom (it was ultimately her decision), who admittedly had never experienced an uncut cock sexually, said only she did not want to cause us “unnecessary pain.” Simple as that.

However, I had to reconcile that with my father reporting to me in conversation over the years that he was entirely content with his circumcision and his circumcised penis. My father had spent his entire life circumcised and was happy with his status and with his sex life, so my mom’s reasoning did not add up; if being circumcised was so worth it, why was my dad so happy to be circumcised? My parents said leaving my brother, born a year later in 1984, and I uncut would save us from experiencing pain, but twice when a kid my skin got caught in a zippers (and my uncut brother's did once) in the zippers of pajama onesies, leading to screams of pain and tears, remedied only by dad's handiness with pliers.

Not only was my father a happily circumcised man, but as were his two brothers, as well as my mother’s three older brothers, all of whom had all benefitted from routine infant circumcision, or RIC, soon after birth. I’ve heard from family stories that my mom‘s father was circumcised in the navy during WWII, and know from seeing it myself that my dad’s father has a sizeable circumcised penis. My dad’s two, circumcised brothers both had their sons all circumcised at birth too, though my dad's sister did leave her one son uncut (as of this writing, he is the only uncut male left on either side of the family as far as I know). My mother’s sister had both her boys RIC’ed because, as my aunt said at the hospital, "Your uncle always wanted to be circumcised" and therefore would at least make sure his sons were circumcised at birth. I asked my mom why doesn't my uncle just get circumcised himself, but my mom shushed be, because, as she explained on the drive home, they didn't have the money. This formative moment shaped two things in me: one, that foreskins are inferior and things to not talk about in polite society, and that two, foreskins were often left on those who could not afford it, thus equating in my mind being uncircumcised and being of lower socioeconomic class.

As my horizons expanded, I was soon to discover that being poor is only a reason some males were not circumcised in the United States, and that this did not hold true for males from foreign lands. When I was a child, two French university students stayed with us go to school and served as au pairs.

The first year we had an au pair, only a few days in to his stay, Jean helped get my brother and I get ready for bed, and would have seen our uncircumcised dicks, which to him must have seemed normal. It wasn’t until we went to the local club for a swim a week later that both the French student and my brother and I were in for a shock. Despite his being fully developed, I remember seeing the student obviously flustered when he entered the open shower room and looked around. After a moment, he took stand under the showerhead next to my father. I watched the student as his eyes darted from penis to penis under the waters, all of them circumcised, and most with a dark brown gomco circumcision ring like my dad (as was the norm in our area). I glanced over at my brother and he had noticed too: it was the first adult foreskin either of us had ever seen. We could not help but stare at Jean’s foreskin, and could clearly see the outline of his head the head under his thin foreskin that covered his entire head and spouted out into a tiny, floppy pucker just past the head. My brother and I were intrigued by him and wanted to see more, so we did not rush in and out of the showers so one of our cut friends wouldn’t see us like we usually did. We lingered under the water, watching him wash himself, and, as he got to his groin, he grasped the shaft with one hand and retracted his long foreskin all the way past his glans. Jean’s retracted foreskin bunched up into a thousand folds that nestled in his sulcus and backed up halfway down his shaft. Jean’s head wasn’t like dad’s: it was purple and shiny and had no flare at the bell end; Jean’s cock, even with its retracted foreskin, stood in stark contrast to our father’s cock, which had only had a foreskin for the first day of its life: dad’s cock head was pink and fleshy, with a robust and determined flare along along his bell end that nicely framed the end of his cock.

By this time it was getting late and the showers had emptied out except for the four of us. I realized my father had noticed the student's overhanging foreskin too, when dad asked the student if he wouldn't mind showing his two boys how he cleans his uncircumcised penis: "I mean, I've taught them what I thought was best, but, obviously I lack the necessary equipment to properly teach them how,” dad said calmly as he gestured back and forth between his own RIC and the student's long overhang, which had since snapped back in place over his purple glans. Though taken aback at the request initially, Jean regained his composure and quietly said yes (what else could he do?). "Boys, c'mere. Jean's gonna show you how to clean under your skins."

Dad nudged us up to Jean as he took a step back to watch as well. Jean, who had obviously never had to instruct anyone in foreskin maintenance before, began to speak of the importance of cleaning out one’s foreskin every time one baths in order to remove odor, head cheese, and urine. Jean casually demonstrated this as he spoke, pulling his own foreskin completely back off the head and rinsing it off. Jean showed my brother and I how using soap helped to keep the odor and smegma at bay, which surprised our dad. Dad said it made sense, but he had never really thought about it, since all he never needed to pay any special attention to cleaning his cock, and would simply let the water run over it as he showered. Jean responed that that level of low maintenance would simply not work with an uncircumcised penis.

Jean then told my brother and I to try this, but, while by brother could retract his skin just fine, my tight foreskin did not want to retract much more than halfway down the glans, so Jean showed me a different method of using my fingers of both hands to stretch the foreskin opening as much as possible and let soapy water fill it like a bowl. Then to wash under my foreskin, I could pinch the opening closed and squeeze the ballooned foreskin to flush the soapy water all over and under the head. Jean told me make sure I clean really well because if I didn't it would probably smell. Jean then said to repeat the washing but only with water this time, to rinse out the soap from the folds. We did, then released our foreskins and they automatically snapped back over our young glans.

Later, on the drive home, Jean asked my father if he was Jewish, and if there were many Jews in the area. "No" my father laughed, knowing well why Jean might have thought that, having been to Europe himself a number of times with our mother. It was clear that the French student knew nothing of the history or existence of circumcision in the United States. By this point, Jean’s fascination had got the better of his shyness, and he began asking our dad a wealth of questions: "But if so many Americans have a circumcision, why have your sons not had circumcisions?"

“Well,” dad started before a long pause, “Sherri [our mom] and I thought it was best to not risk causing our sons pain, but… well, I’ve had serious second thoughts about this and would have made a different decision had I known what I know now.” Yep, I heard that right: our dad now wished he had had his boys done like him. I was amazed.

“Then why not have them done?” Jean asked.

“We’ll see, perhaps… someday,” was all that our dad replied. Jean kept on asking dad tons of questions about being circumcised and circumcising society in the USA for the rest of the drive home, but my ears could not stop ringing with my father’s blessed word, a word that gave me hope for my future: “someday.”

I did not hear much about circumcision from my dad or Jean after that, but, a few months later Jean was bedridden for a day and I was simply told by my mother that he had had a “minor procedure” and that he was completely fine and would soon be back to normal. The next time we all went to the swim club together, I saw what exactly that procedure was: a high and tight adult circumcision with a thick red and slightly raw scar halfway back his shaft. My brother and I were shocked. We gossiped the first chance we were along just the two of us, remarking how the temporary hint of normalcy we both experienced as a result of seeing an adult with a foreskin was now gone. A couple of months later, Jean’s circumcision had fully healed and he proudly sported his new cock in the locker rooms. My brother and I felt slightly abandoned, and would remain terribly shy about having foreskins for years to come.

The au pair we had next year went home circumcised as well under similar circumstances: when my brother and I came home from school on a Friday afternoon, we found our au pair Michel laid up on the couch, with our mother telling us to leave him alone, and he was tired and just had a small operation that morning. Later that weekend, I asked Michel, who I knew from the showers was uncut, if he was okay. He said he was fine, then, with a big cheeky smile, said actually he was MUCH better than before. He later confided that, after seeing my father’s cut cock and others in the showers, and then talking with American women, he had had a circumcision so his penis would look “smooth” and “ready to ride,” as he put it. Two years in a row, our French au pairs went home circumcised because they liked the look better and though it was a sexy improvement, so I early on became used to the idea of adult circumcision and knew it was possible for those who had missed out at birth to later correct the problem. I remember telling my parents after the second au pair was circumcised that I wanted it done too. My mom told me it was a big decision and that I could not go back once I did it, so I had to be sure. I had not even entered puberty yet, and my parents told me if I still wanted it when I was “older,” I could have it done. I never forgot those words. As far back as I can remember, I had always wanted to be cut like my dad, family, and friends. Many of my friends were the boys in the neighborhood, and we would often play together as children. There were 24 circumcised boys in our area, but my uncut brother and I were one of only seven uncircumcised boys in our entire area, the other five being two Greek immigrants, a boy from a hippie family (who was later circumcised due to tight foreskin in elementary school), and a pair of twins. As an interesting aside, one of the twins had to be circumcised in 6th grade because of (what I now know to be phimosis) with a Plastibell. Later in high school, the other twin got cut too because, he confided after the fact, he had wanted to be like his brother and their RIC dad. The second twin’s circumcision was done freehand and ended up a bit more radical than his brother's loose cut. One day, while playing ‘i’ll show you mine…’ in the woods with a bunch of us boys, the second twin to get cut showed us he had been striped back to the balls, with the scar maybe halfway up his shaft and skin drum tight on his shaft, even when soft. Boy did he get what he asked for! I remember he had to have a couple of the tight RIC cut guys in the neighborhood teach him how to jack off with lube, since he couldn't learn from his twin brother, who still used the loose skin to masturbate his shaft.

Anyway, by the time I was in elementary school school, the ratio of circumcised to uncut boys was even more of a discrepancy: in my school’s class year of 48 boys, only I and two other boys were uncut, and one of them, Aleks, was from a foreign country, so he was expected to be different anyway. The other uncut American boy, Bill, and myself became friends, in part because we were the only two of the uncuts. One night, when I was sleeping over at his house, he said he knew he could trust me to talk to about our bodies (we were curious kids with lots of puberty and sex and anatomy questions) because I was uncircumcised and wouldn't tease him for all being uncut. He, like my uncut brother, could retract his skin completely, even when hard. We ended up with a fissure in the intimacy of our friendship when, in the summer before middle school, he was circumcised. One night at a sleepover, Bill was excited and nervous and it quickly came out that he would be joining the ranks, since his dad told him that it was time to “man up.” Bill did not really have a medical problem with his foreskin, though it was pretty tight when erect, but his RIC dad simply told him that “it was long since time to fix that.” I was too jealous with BIll to stay close friends with him - the bond we shared was lost when he left me alone and joined the others, the circumcised males. Bill and I never fooled around again, so did not see the results until I caught a glance while changing in the high school PE locker rooms four years later: he ended up with a nice, low and tight result with a clean, dark band of a scar maybe a half inch behind his now-flared head. I wished I had had the privilege of joining him, the only American-born uncut boy in elementary school.

In elementary school, the circumcised boys would occasionally tease Bill, Aleks and me about having foreskins at the urinals in the men’s rooms. It always ended up being that the popular boys were all circumcised, which fed my already existing sense of uncircumcised inferiority. Be it at the playground during recess or at sleepovers, I was frequently reminded of my lesser status through being called “doggy dick,” “anteater,” “skinny” [as in foreskin], “baby dick,” and “troll penis.” I tried to retract as much as I could when I was exposed, but I never had my brother’s luxury of a fully on-command retractable foreskin, so that a few times the guys would see be struggling at the urinals or while changing to get my tricky foreskin back.

Dad had ‘the sex talk’ with me when I was in fifth grade, so that it coincided with my first year of public school sex education curriculum. Other than the difference between cut and uncut cocks, I remember being interested in penis size and how big mine would grow, and asked to compare penises with my father to see how big I was. My dad gave me and my brother a puberty book he bought for me, and we used it to chart each of our progressions into adulthood for years to come.

Despite my sexual education from family and friends, I had a number of unfortunate behaviors due to the near-absence of uncircumcised role models in my life. Sure, Jean the au pair had taught my brother and I how to clean under our foreksin while showering, in part to remove urine, so it never once occurred to my brother or I that one was supposed to retract the foreskin to urinate in the first place; there just wasn’t a single uncut man to teach me that necessity. Thus, when my brother and I peed, we always peed through our foreskins, which would splatter around enough to make urinating standing over a toilet (sitting or using a urinal was fine) too unpredictable a task to risk. I have memories of my mom scolding my father for not teaching us to aim while peeing, and that she was always having to scrub around the toilet, and my father countering that he was teaching us but it took time to aim. Having never had experience with foreskin operations, neither of them realized the issue was because we were not retracting our foreskins to pee. As a result of this focused attention and my failure, I early on in life developed what is called 'shy bladder syndrome,' and hated other males being able to see my foreskin. My uncut brother developed this as well, and, until his circumcision, used stalls in public restrooms to pee just as I did; meanwhile, our dad and our youngest, circumcised brother never thought twice about whipping it out and letting the urine flow, regardless of the presence of other males. After my circumcision, I was slowly able to retrain myself to pee in public at a urinal and not seated in a stall.

This lack of proper hygiene in part explains why, once, when I was perhaps seven years old, I kept developing UTIs and saw my paediatrician. I know my childhood pediatrician made special note of my then-uncut status in my chart because I would look through it while waiting for him in an exam room. My doctor recommended me to a urologist; at that exam, I had to strip off my shorts and underwear so he could manipulate my tight, puckered spout of a foreskin. I saw the urologist also making a large note about my uncircumcised status in my chart. He told me he had had his sons circumcised at birth to avoid the problems I was experiencing. He told my mom in front of me that she should seriously consider getting me circumcised to stop my getting infections and for the other health benefits. I was excited but nervous at this chance of becoming one of the guys, but my mother, who had brought me to the appointment, said no, I would have to keep my foreskin. When she later told my dad about this, he got upset and told her that it was obvious to him that my foreskin was causing me troubles. By this time, he seemed fairly convinced that my brother and I should get circumcised “to make up for lost time,” as he put it.

When my second, youngest brother was born in 1989 when I was in elementary school, two things changed. The first is the ratio of uncut-to-cut cock in our household, which was at that time, by a two-to-one majority, uncircumcised. My parents had by then seen enough problems caused by foreskins in their two older sons (infections, extra cleaning, the couple of zipper catches, etc.) at this point to reverse course. I had had problems retracting as a boy and so had my brother, who also got infections like balanitis a couple of times. Plus, all the smegma that we built up and the extra smell and cleaning for my parents, plus my bro and I having most all cut friends and me telling them I wanted to be circumcised like dad, made them choose to have baby brother ric. My parents decided their boys having foreskins ultimately just wasn't worth it, so they had their third and last son RIC the day after he was born.

My baby brother, like my father before him, was circumcised with a Gomco clamp before he left the hospital. Since I was already seven at the time, I remember helping my mom change my new baby brother until i was good enough at it that I could change him alone. From the start, my youngest brother's lack of a foreskin--and the Gomco clamp scar halfway down his tiny shaft instead--were constant reminders of my own foreskin. When I asked my mother why our newest brother received special treatment, my mom said that if she could do it over again, she would have had me and my younger brother cut at birth too and something about parenting being a learning-on-the-job experience. That statement sat with me for a long time, since, to me, it was in part an admission of both failure and fallibility as a parent. That moment stuck with me because it demonstrated to me that, since parents don’t always make the right choices, that it is in those times necessary to take matters into one’s own hands.

The second change following by baby brother’s birth was, up until that point, my younger brother and I had had separate bedrooms, but be now had to move in together so the baby could have his own room and not bother us. The result was, just as we were entering puberty, we started seeing each other’s dicks much more frequently since we were dressing and undressing daily in the same room; sometimes we’d even jerk off at the same time in our respective beds, and every once in a while, especially when we were younger and trying to figure out how our bodies worked, would jerk off side by side or even jerk off each other, but not that often. My younger brother and I would continue to share a bedroom until I left home for college.

Sharing private space was a blessing in disguise for my younger brother, since he was able to witness my masturbation habits. As he entered puberty, I taught my younger brother how to masturbate, showing him how to glide his foreskin all the way over his glans then to retract it completely so it gives a titillating tug down on the frenulum. My brother’s frenulum was not as tight as mine was, and therefore he did not experience the frenulum tug on the downstroke nearly as acutely as I did (later, this turned out to be a blessing for him, since during puberty my frenulum became too tight to tug downward on without pain). My brother's foreskin was always thicker and a little shorter than mine - it always retracted on its own when erect, and, after puberty, only covered 3/4 of his glans when soft (before puberty, his foreskin completely covered his glans but with no overhang at all when soft). In contrast, before puberty, my foreskin, when soft, had a pucker of foreskin forming a noticible overhang; after fully developing, I had about the same amount of coverage as my brother did prepuberty: just enough to duly cover the glans to a pucker but no overhang at all. As we developed fully, my uncut brother would occasionally tease me since I had about the same amount of coverage after growing as my brother did prepuberty--it was clear to me even then that not only was their a hierarchy of cut cocks being superior to uncut dicks, but that within the pantheon of uncut dicks, the ones with shorter, retractable foreskins like my brother’s were superior ones with longer and harder to retract foreskins, such as my own. Along with having a thinner foreskin than my brother, the other big difference between us (we had the same shape and size cock) was that I always had to manually retract my skin when erect. As we grew into our adult dicks, my uncut brother and I would sometimes continue to jerk off together (but much less as we started dating and having our own sexual lives) through our teenage years.

When my uncut brother and I did engage each other sexually one-on-one as children, our sex games at first were almost always centered on retracting and stretching our young foreskins in bed at night. This would sometimes continue when we played with friends too, though most guys, almost all of whom were circumcised, were not at all interested in our foreskins, so generally when playing with other boys, our foreskins and therefore our uncut penises took the proverbial backseat. Later, the idea that uncircumcised cocks were weird and foreign was additionally cemented in our young minds by the obvious fact that all the men in porn (usually from our fathers’ stashes of old Playboys and VHS tapes) were across the board circumcised. If having a foreskin was such a great sexual bonus, then why did none of the professionals have them and why did no one want to watch them?

I continued fooling around with other boys as we entered our local middle school, where all the kids from all the city elementary schools all went to one big school. In middle school, we had to change clothes (but showers were not mandatory so no one took them) in the locker room for PE class. This only added to the number of occasions that my alien foreskin would be on parade for other’s bewilderment and entertainment. I continued to survive ongoing occasional teasing at school.

While in seventh grade, I was able to sneak a peek while changing for physical education class of my friend Josh. I was shocked to see he was also uncut, with a long foreskin pouting out past his glans. It was the first and only other uncut cock I ever saw in when attending middle school. In middle school and later high school, other than my brother, all but three of the guys whose dicks I saw were circumcised: of the penises I saw those years, 42 were circumcised and only three were not. Circumcision was such a normal trait for a guy’s penis that my friend Jim did not even know he was circumcised; we had to tell him what it was and that he had been once when we were jerking off with another, cut friend, because Jim wanted to know why I had all this “extra skin” on my dick. The older i got, the more I realized i wanted to be circumcised. I liked the way it looked and the sense of camaraderie the cut boys had with one another.

For years, my dad (and therefore presumably my mom) knew I wanted to be cut and felt weird having a foreskin. My dad told me if i still wanted it done when i became an adult (i.e. turned 18), I could have it done. But, as my frenulum tightened and my foreskin didn't grow with the rest of my cock as I went through puberty, i increasingly had a medical reason not to wait that long. My frenulum was excised when I was 13 because it was too tight, and even though i asked my mom for the full cut then, she said let's wait and see. When my foreskin started tightening during puberty a couple of years later, she finally acquiesced and had the doctor circumcise me.

Not long after I entered puberty, my own paediatrician carved out my frenulum in a brief, out-patient procedure in his practice. He used local anesthesia and the tugging under the head of my penis felt unreal as he put in a few stitches. Weeks later, after I had healed, I could pull the foreskin MUCH farther back down my shaft than I could before - I was amazed since I hadn't realized how much my (tight) frenulum was restricting the movement of my foreskin. My frenulum was never particularly pleasurable relative to my glans or inner foreskin, but after my doctor removed it and I healed, I noticed in the remaining valley where my glans rim met that I now have this deep-rooted pleasure zone that responds really well to rubbing and touching. in terms of sensation, my groove is kinda the opposite of the inner foreskin: instead of being very sensitive to direct light touch, the groove likes to be 'rubbed deeply' since the pleasure comes mostly from under the skin, if that makes sense. Also, after i had my frenulum out, it was almost impossible to keep the foreskin back when soft, something I had been doing for years in public to pretend I was circumcised and not feel embarrassed. In the couple of years that I still had a foreskin but no frenulum, I had a couple unpleasant conversations with friends and family that essentially outed me as the uncut boy I had always tried so hard to hide that I was.

Regarding the frenulum’s status as a source of sexual pleasure is a more subjective and individual experience than the rest of the foreskin. My current primary partner, for instance, loves his frenulum and it's a major source of pleasure for him. My boyfriend before him, however, retained his full, long, thick frenulum but it was too tight to jerk off with any technique other than lot of lube; he eventually got a frenectomy to complete his cock but that's another story. Before my frenectomy at age 13, my frenulum had been pleasurable, but not amazing, and I've talked to a number of other guys who had their frens cut out as teens or adults (usually as part of their circumcisions), and, while some say that it doesn't really make a difference having it or not in terms of experience sexual pleasure, a number of them report having the deep sexual feelings in the groove. This has been my experience as well: getting my frenulum full gutted exposed many deep-rooted pressure points that I was unable to hit prior due to the frenulum being in the way. To this day, rubbing the groove under my glans is one of the surest ways of getting me off as a man.

After my frenulum was removed, the desire in me to go through with the rest of it and have a full circumcision only increased--I wanted finished what was started to my penis. This feeling only increased during high school as I became increasingly sexually active, not just with other boys, but now with girls as well. My first serious girlfriend had never seen a foreskin before, and though to her would not give me oral or allow me penetrative sex even though I would give her oral, she wouldn't do anything more than jerk me off half heartedly.

Despite the increasing availability of girls my age wanting to experiment sexually, I continued to enjoy the manual and oral pleasures of other guys. In particular, I would always pay close attention to the methods circumcised boys used to masturbate, and would often have them teach me the best ways to handle a cut cock. This would come in handy later, after I got cut, when I would continue to pester my circumcised fuck buddies with LOTS of questions about operating my new member and in particular about masturbation techniques. Even as an uncut boy, I loved watching my cut jerk-off buddies jerk off by sliding their dry or lubed hand up and down the shaft without any skin movement. I would try and mimic them to get a sense of what my cock would end up like without a foreskin, but holding back the skin required constant attention and was distracting, plus wasted the use of a precious hand that might be otherwise occupied elsewhere.

I would often then teach these circumcised masturbation techniques to my uncut brother late at night in our shared bedroom. My brother and I continued to share these experiences until I got circumcised (we stopped in large part because he said he felt weird doing it with a cut guy- for him it was more about having another person to share in the burden of being a uncut boy in a cut man’s world). Only once did we have any sort of sexual learning experience with our youngest brother.

One weekend afternoon when I was a freshman in high school, my uncut brother and I were babysitting my baby brother and it was just the three of us at home. We put the kid down in front of the TV and went to do our homework. After some time, my RIC brother, who was nine years old by that time, came into our bedroom and said he had a question. He asked us why, when peeing in public, his two older brothers always use the stalls and not the urinal, like he and dad do. I explained that we were shy about our foreskins because we were uncircumcised. I told the kid that he and dad are circumcised, and that being circumcised was normal and what most men get, at which point he interrupted and said he know what circumcision was because dad years ago had explained it to him and showed him the dark ring around their cocks was the scar from where their foreskins had been clipped. I told our baby brother he should be happy he was cut; he didn't know what it's like to live with a foreskin. He said he found out one of his friends has a foreskin, and that he thought it looked weird when he saw it changing at a birthday pool party.

A week or so later, our baby brother came back with more questions and entered my bedroom. My uncut brother and I were doing our homework, but he asked to see our foreskins, since he had never seen one up close. We obliged, and showed him. He was particularly interested in the difference the frenulum made in our cock retractions: while my brother still had his frenulum and it tugged his head downwards and opened up the piss slit when he retracted fully, my dick, now without its frenulum for a few years, He asked us if he could try, and we let him but told him just this once. He reached out and retracted our foreskins back and forth a couple times, and, after my having to explain to him what smegma was when he saw a bit in my sulcus, said he decided that he liked his circumcision better than our uncut dicks and left the room.

I never really talked about circumcision with my baby brother after that, largely due to the fact that, like most all American males who had their foreskins circumcised right after birth, he never thought much of it other than ‘uncut dicks are weird.’ I will admit to feeling utter jealousy: it was not fair that he never had to think about his penis because he had been marked as normal, as part of the tribe of men. As an uncut boy, it was my lot to be plagued by feelings of inferiority, physical ailments, and psychosexual self-consciousness.

In high school, it was further clear to me that foreskins were in a tiny minority in my world. My foreskin was on even further display in high school, since we not only had to change clothes as we did in middle school, but I quickly found out that now showers were mandatory for PE class. No more hiding behind a towel for a moment while I slipped off sweaty underwear and into a clean pair: I was now going to have to brave open, communal showers in the nude and hope for the best. In my entire time in high school, other that my brother and I, there were only ever three other guys with foreskins that I ever saw or heard about. When you are that unique, word spreads - a few times I heard of people referring to be as ‘the uncut guy’ when girls were gossiping and such.

1998, I was finally circumcised. The ultimate reason was because my foreskin was tightening more and more as my dick grew through puberty, since my foreskin was not growing properly. My doctor's medical diagnosis was that my foreskin was already tight and was only tightening more as I went through puberty, and my family's health insurance paid for it. I would be dishonest, however, If I did not divulge that part of me also wanted it done, to be a real, American man. I hated being one of the only uncut males growing up in suburban New England in the 1980s and 1990s, but was delighted when I was cut at age 16 and a half, over the school holidays.

During the winter break of my junior year of high school, I was circumcised at my local hospital (the same one at which I and both my brothers were born). I knew there were many different results of circumcision from years of observation, but didn't know at one could choose from the different methods and results; I naively thought the differences in circumcision was due simply to differences in penises. I remember thinking before my circumcision that I hope I had the penis that would yield a tight circumcision. The old Jewish doctor who supervised my circumcision, which was performed by one of his residents, made sure my frenulum was totally carved out, and had the resident use the forceps guided method for the actual circumcision (the latter of which I was able figure out later while researching circumcision styles online). The cut was noticably uneven (a few sex partners have commented curiously on it over the years) with much more outer foreskin removed on the right side and much more inner foreskin removed on the left side, so that if you looked at the distance from the scar to the corona, you could think it was a high cut by looking at my cock from one side while thinking it was a low cut by looking at it from the other side. The resident doctor sewed me up using dissolving stitches, but i did not know that they would need to be removed if they were still there after a week or two, which resulted in a series of skin tunnels that I had to have corrected during my one-month post-operation check-up with the old Jewish Doctor. The final result was a messy dark scar, not low or high, and pretty loose - I can still pull my remaining foreskin half way over my glans when erect, and it bunches up a lot against the corona when flaccid, so that, on a couple of occasions over the years, I have still produce a little bit of smegma just in the hooded sulcus in hot and humid weather.

As for the style of my circumcision, I wasn't given a choice, and did not even realize that there were different styles (I just thought there were different dicks). No one ever mentioned it to me. I do remember beforehand really hoping that I ended up with a cut like my dad's and many of my friends, which i now know to be a high and tight circumcision. I did not know of other males who had been circumcised after the first year, so I naively did not realize that my scar would not look like that of those who had RICs, nor that I would end up with a much more obvious, rougher scar. The one aspect of style I was informed of (though not given a choice about) was removal of the frenulum; the urologist told me prior to my circumcision, during the pre-op visit as he started to inspect my penis to ascertain what he had to work with, that he "always" removes the frenulum, since, according to him, it can "cause problems" and serves no function without the presence of a foreskin anyway. Just as I was about to tell him I already had my fren out a few years prior, he retracted my foreskin and saw for himself my string had already been carved out, which surprised him for a second. I quickly explained that he was right and that the frenulum had caused trouble for being too tight, and that's why they carved it out completely three years ago. The urologist said that was great because that was the most painful part of a circumcision and I had already gotten that out of the way. As the nurse was me getting ready for my circumcision, I had asked the doctor how he had decided to circumcised me. The doctor said since I had had my frenulum completely carved out, leaving me with a deep and sensuous groove on the underside of my head, that he wanted to provide me with a result that would ensure I could adequately massage that area.

I did not even really know there were different methods of circumcision at the time, but I later through researching results was able to determine with certainty the doctor had used the forceps guided method on my foreskin. My circumcision ended up not fitting any of the four classic models (high and tight, high and loose, low and tight, and low and loose), and instead seems to be just all around moderate: not tight, but not particularly loose, and neither high nor low scar placement, though it would be many years before I learned all these styles and terminology. The one thing that I guess you could call a complaint was that the doctor used dissolving stitches, which in and of itself is not a problem, except that I left them all in and let them dissolve on their own. This resulted in a somewhat uneven, dark scar that I’ve grown to love over the years, since it unquestionably marks me as a circumcised man. No one in the locker rooms or at the beaches ever has to think twice about whether or not I just have a loose cut or if i have my foreskin rolled back!

Even with the extra remaining skin bunching behind my head when soft, I nonetheless get to experience the the casual massage my glans receives when I walk around in loose-fitting (or no) underwear. The feeling of my dry, silky head rubbing against my underwear remains very, very arousing to this day.

My youngest brother, who was ten years old by then, also soon after that said he thought my now cut cock looked better and that he was glad we were the same too. My dad also joked it was nice to have another member of the family in his “camp.” I responded it felt good to finally be on his team too, and we both laughed and left it at that.

The good part of a year after my circumcision, I was getting into the shower at our house as my my RIC dad was getting out. It was the first time he had seen me fully healed, and he remarked that it looked like the doctor had done a good job and removed all my foreskin. We talked about the results of my now-circumcised penis for another minute as he toweled dry and I soaped up, with me explaining that actually there was a bit of loose skin left and that I could still somewhat masturbate like I did before with my foreskin, sliding it just over and up onto the corona when erect. Dad noted that was odd because his shaft skin never bunched up behind the corona at all erect of soft. My circumcision wasn't nearly as tight as his circumcision, I told him. Dad asked me if I thought I should go for a full cut and remove the remaining extra skin. I told him that it seemed to function WAY better than before already in terms of sex, masturbation, and hygiene, and that I did not think it was necessary now, though, I admitted, his cock did look better with it’s drum-tight shaft skin.

After the full circumcision, it took me a while to really get the hang of new masturbation techniques, but I much prefer it now, not just because there's no more smell or head cheese, but because of my self-image. As a cut man, I feel proud to be nude, and now I don't ever try to cover up in the locker room or steam room or sauna. I am carefree and happy when attending nude beaches with friends.

Although I went from being in the uncut minority to being a member of the cut majority in the United States, but it was interesting for me to travel abroad and suddenly become in the minority again in many (though not all!) places now that I am now circumcised. Following college, I started traveling a lot, visiting dozens and dozens of countries all over Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, and Europe. While it was fascinating to see what cut and uncut cocks looked like in different communities, one of my favorite places was China, because it is very normal and accepted for other men and boys alike to look at each other’s cocks while peeing and at urinals. From my experiences, white foreigners got stared at a lot in the men’s rooms, and they seemed to stare much more at my circumcised cock that at the uncut cock my travel companion still had.

I've received many compliments on my circumcised state, and about various aspects of my cut cock, since I was circumcised at 16 a dozen years ago. I've always been a little apprehensive about my uneven scar and the faded suture marks, but I've only ever had positive remarks about my scar; a number of male and female sexual partners have commented how sexually and aesthetically appealing they find my wide, dark and obvious teenage circumcision 'halo' scar.

All of my sex partners have said they prefer a cut cock, with about half volunteering the information on their own, and with the other half, I had to ask which they prefer. Most had been with one or two uncut guys, and those experiences had sured up their favor for a circumcised lover. I had one girl that had previously dated my uncut brother for a while, and she was very surprised to not find a foreskin on the end of my penis, as she had always assumed that families were one way or the other, all cut or all uncut. The men in her family, she told me, were all cut at birth in the hospital. She said since my brother and I were pretty much the same length and thickness, fucking me was going to be a fun experiment, like being able to experience the same cock first with then without its foreskin. I was so incredibly turned on after she said this that I had her then and there. No surprise, but she ended up throwing in her lot for vaginal sex with a cut cock. She said the flared ridge felt more intense inside her and rubbing against her clitoris on the outstroke, and the tighter shaft skin of my circumcised cock provided her with more direct contact with my cock.

Away at college, of the American-born guys I saw or discussed the topic with, only one lone friend still had his foreskin. There were a number of foreign students, but even some of them had been circumcised, like my friends from Indonesian, South Africa, and even England. The vast majority of the guys I attended college with were, regardless of class year, socioeconomic status, or home state, had all been circumcised soon after birth. I continued keeping my list of guys’ circumcision statuses, and can report that at my elite liberal arts college in the Northeast, that over 98% of the guys were circumcised.

All the guys I fooled around with were cut at birth and almost none of the girls I was sexually active with had ever even seen, let alone experienced firsthand, an uncut dick. One night, three closed female friends were talking about sex and asked if I was cut, to which I could proudly say yes. I was thankful to now be able to proclaim the status of my penis without fear because they went into a lecture on how glad they were that all three of their boyfriends were circumcised, and that they would make sure to have any sons done as well. One of the women did note she had given oral to uncut guy in high school but she couldn't finish it because it was gross and rife with smegma, though she easily jerked him off onto her large breasts. Another, on the other hand, said the foreskin she had experienced was kept fairly clean and didn't harbor smegma, but she had lost her virginity to an older uncircumcised man and his dick still had a bit of a smell that wafted out from inside every time he skinned back his long foreskin overhang. At this point, of of my good male friends came in and, in response to the women’s immediate questioning, announced that of course he was circumcised. He joked that his parents knew that he was going to be a porn star, so they wanted to make sure their son had a “rock star cock.”

Following college, I worked as a file clerk in a doctor's office for a time, where I was privy to all the patients' charts in order to organize them and streamline the data, and was able to see that most all the boys where I grew up (near Boston, MA) were RIC, since it was noted in their post-birth exams if RIC, or in annual check up reports if done later in childhood or as a teen. Also, many but not all of the patients who had circumcisions performed after birth also had a letter in their file from the doctor performing the circumcision, dated and signed saying the procedure was carried out, and often it mentioned the method the doctor used. Unfortunately, most of my files as an adult do not mention my circumcision status one way or the other. I do, however, always make a point to list my circumcision in the section asking what if any surgeries I have ever had! I get a kick out of listing my circumcision on medical forms now; I write “circumcision” as a badge of honor when I have to list all past surgeries. In the last few years, i've even had two different doctors express to me that they were glad I was circumcised during physicals because of the medical and public health benefits.

The year he graduated college, my uncut brother, the only uncircumcised guy left in our family, confided in me that he was seriously considering circumcision. He said while he never really had any medical problems like I did, he had for years preferred the look, and now his girlfriend was providing a little pressure for him to “man up,” as he put it, since apparently had yeast infections with him that she never had gotten with any of her uncut lovers. Over a long conversation, he ultimately decided to go for the cut, and made an appointment for a few months later with a local urologist. Having learned from me to study the results and methods you want beforehand, my brother ended up getting circumcised with an adult-sized Gomco clamp in a true high and tight cut. Now healed for many years, his scar is just as dark and obvious as mine, but much more neat and place much further down his shaft than mine. He’s actually ended up with the highest cut in the family, and a tightness in his shaft that rivals our RIC brother and father. We’ve compared notes a few times during his healing and afterwards, and he is just as stoked to be a circumcised man as I am. Oh, and his girlfriend loves his cut cock, and hasn’t gotten a single yeast infection since!

My current partner is (thankfully) Jewish, and his circumcision was therefore was done ritually with a Mogen clamp by a rabbi eight days after his birth, which left a gorgeous, dark, telltale scar about two-fifths of the way down his shaft from his perfectly-shaped head. Although when we first started discussing such things, my partner was not particularly interested in having any male progeny circumcised, it turns out that he just did not know much more about the topic than ‘it hurts a baby.’ After discussion the issue with him at length, and after hearing what I endured as a child and teen, we jointly decided to have our male children circumcised as soon as possible when we have them.

My current partner says that my life has been a string of interesting circumcision-themed events, and that there is no wonder to him that my experiences before and after my teenage circumcision have shaped who I am as a man. I have always thought that circumcised penis were just somehow superior to uncircumcised dicks, and I am now, following my circumcision, a proud member of the tribe of men.


Circumcised without stitches
- a pictorial account.

My wife and I discussed circumcision on a number of occasions - she always wanted a nicely tight cut husband. So two years ago, after 4 years of marriage I took the plunge. We both like the end result.

This is me before the operation.
Before circircumcision
I was circumcised without using stitches since I wanted to experience a circumcision as it was done in ancient times. We have only been using stitches on circumcisions for a not much over 100 years now. A middle-eastern doctor agreed to do this.

This was the second day. I had to keep a bandage on for the whole healing time with a antibiotic cream or gel. It was very painful and the first week was the hardest.

Below is the result at the end of that week.
Second day
Day7Day 7 - underside
In the second week the pain started to ease and the edges were beginning to close up. Healing was really going well in the third week - here I am at 4 weeks, and the cut it almost closed. After 4 weeks
After 5 weeks (right) healing is complete but erections are still painful.

The images below show the result now, after two years. The scar is neat and smooth, and you wouldn't know there hadn't been any sutures except for the absence of stitch marks.
After 5 weeks
Two years on Two years on


A British Kenyan's circumcision experience.

I'm British, but ethnically Kenyan and born in Kenya. I come from a culture where circumcision is practiced. I was not circumcised as an infant, unlike some of my peers, because my mother wanted to give me the option when I grew up. I grew up in Britain and for most of my life had little knowledge of whether my penis was any different from anybody else’s. It was however a thing of fascination to me. I wondered if others had one too like me and quickly learnt some tricks.

My mum taught me to wash behind my foreskin "pulling it back". When I reached the age at which it was normally done in our culture, I was informed by my mum that I would have to undergo "circumcision". At that age I had envisioned this strange word to mean as having part, if not all, of my 'william' cut off! Deeply terrified and confused as to how I could function without it, I did what research I could. I saw how it was done to infants and became even more petrified. I put it to the back of my mind, hoping somehow that my mother would forget and not allow her beloved son to be so done! Otherwise I knew my mum loved me, but why did she want my privates to be changed?! It was a looming threat in my mind. And as I looked at it sometimes while urinating or bathing, I sympathetically grieved for its fate. When this would be, I knew not and this made it more frightening. My childhood years of bliss were shadowed by the imminent chop! I wondered if others knew of my plight and could sympathise with me.

Having been brought up closely with other Africans like a family, I would often go to my "aunties" house. One day as she bathed me in a bucket, she spied something rather irregular. I had a spare part! This news quickly spread and my case was evidently discussed amongst our tight-knit families. When I visited they seemed to taunt me because I was uncircumcised. Apparently I was out of the norm. I was embarrassed that I should be cursed with such an unsightly member and confused as to why this should concern them. When the room was quiet one movie night, I was asked, "are you circumcised" to which I replied "no". Laughter began to emerge as they asked why. I could not explain myself. I asked my mum more about this and she told me to ask my "brother" (my best mate). Intently curious as to how one could live with this I did ask. At sleepovers, I wondered about this and, having the opportunity, became more informed. To my surprise his was absolutely fine, except it was without the hood mine had. This eased my fears and I was not so terrified. I enquired of the pain, to which he told me he was a baby when it was done. As I later came to discover by the help of the internet, that is how it was commonly done; the screams I heard brought me nightmares. (Editor’s note – infant circumcisions are normally done with some form of anaesthesia these days. In the UK that was the case way back from the 1930s or earlier – it took longer for anaesthesia to catch on in the US.)

Influence from pornography and peers

As I had regrettably been exposed to pornography, and changes occurred in my downstairs department, I understood what this 'sex thing' was. My discovery of using my foreskin to produce pleasure was not a new discovery after all. As porn was so commonly used and sex discussed, it was no shame to watch it but only in secret. I saw those acrobats perform. I compared my own to theirs and thought I was on the smaller side and wondered if ever I should get a girlfriend, could I possibly please her? I also noticed that the majority of them were cut, having an aesthetically pleasing equipment. To which I wondered if this was the norm and required for such sex. Needless to say, my fascination being fuelled by the free access to internet pornography, I thought a lot about sex. To be circumcised wasn't such a bad idea after all. On the other hand, I feared the procedure and wondered how I would live the rest of my life without it. In religious education class, I remember one day our teacher taught us that Jewish boys are circumcised. My heart raced inside me as I thought I too would be and none of them knew anything of it. I thought of how they were oblivious to the controversy within me and saw myself as I soon would be on that table.


I had several relationships through my early teen years, I was very shy and they were ever so innocent as I hadn’t any sexual intention. There was a lot of talk about losing one’s virginity, and I heard of some who did so at very tender ages. I thought wow! How? And what was I doing still a virgin?? I thought much on sex and what it was like. I had simulated it often in my own bedroom, but I wondered about the real experience. I wondered what it would feel like. Hormones raging as is normal in youth, I often was caught unawares.


The time came closer and my mum told me I must be circumcised. The reason being that if I returned to my home country, they might find out I was uncircumcised and tie me down and do it without sterile instruments and thus I might catch HIV. I thought, nobody will know! I don't walk around naked! I immediately protested to which the firm reply came, it was only a matter of time. It must have been in the summer of the second to last or last year of secondary school. I battled with the thought. I thought of the benefits. But one thing I would now miss was my well familiar foreskin. I thought of how I would be one of the few who consciously experienced life with and without. I also wanted to experience sex with and without too.

A clinic was found in London, as it was not permitted on the NHS. I went there with my mum and grandmother. It was not as awkward as it sounded. I had finally agreed. I was not afraid. Simply intrigued, thinking of how the rest of my life would be after this day. I had researched much about it by this point. And thanks to the forums and information pages I found, I was well informed and at ease. I had shaved my pubic area as they requested and I had the underpants for the post-op healing. I remember the taxi driver being a Muslim man – as he pulled us up to the place, he said something to me, which I could not understand and I wish I did, probably for my consolation. We went in, there were others like me but I must have been the oldest of them. We sat and waited until I was called up to see the physician, He inspected before the op and asked why I was having it done. “Quite simply, because it is cultural, and I also want to have it done.” I heard the shouts and shrieks of the young boy before me, maybe 12 years of age. I looked at my mum and grandma and we laughed inside (myself nervously) for my fate. I wondered if it would be so painful. He came out and seemed not too shaken. Next it was my turn. My heart raced. I took those steps alone as I didn't want them to see. The two pre-operative pain killers were now in my blood, I approached the operating table boldly. Not just the doctor but an assistant, a woman too. I dreaded that it might accidently become erect. But it was well trained. I saw the instrument table, everything ready, it was time. I lay on the table thinking how surreal this felt. That day had finally come! I thought to myself, I cannot miss the action! Perhaps to their surprise I asked if could watch the procedure. My trousers were off, underpants off too, my willy was now poking through a surgical sheet. The area decontaminated. They began to handle my member. The pain began as the local was injected into the base, a strange feeling it was! I felt a little faint. They then waited for it to take action.

My foreskin had previously covered my glans entirely, over the tip, when totally flaccid. When erect, the foreskin just barely covered half the glans, so far as I can remember. They began to grasp my foreskin with the forceps and pull. A mark was made on the skin, the scissors came in and began to cut dorsally, I think an instrument was used to cauterise the blood vessels. Goodbye foreskin! I was surprised to feel no pain. Apart from when they cut at one point, after which more local was administered to my penis. The surgeon very skilfully cut around free hand. I do remember feeling some tugging of my foreskin as he cut away at the circumference of my foreskin and the surgical assistant held up my foreskin with forceps. In a matter of minutes my foreskin, which I was so used to having, was separated permanently from my body. I remember that beforehand I would keep my penis in a retracted state so as to simulate being circumcised in order to get used to it.

Also my frenulum was removed, and all that remained was a little mountain looking like a mini clitoris. I wondered if I needed a new manual about how to use this new penis. The remaining tissues now reunited at the 12, 6, 3 and 9 o clock positions relative to the frenulum. These were held up and the intervening stitches were skilfully inserted. My penis, now full of anaesthesia, a little swollen, numb and snipped, I looked at my manhood with many thoughts running through my mind.


In the days following, the recommended salt baths helped and I tried to follow closely the instructions as to how to remove the bandage (a huge inflamed member was underneath!) gradually transitioning to what would become my penis for the rest of my life. It healed nicely, the swelling went down. Erections were not welcome at this stage. I was eager to try out the new and improved member.

Also I used this period as a welcome break from, and hopeful cessation of, masturbation. I continued what I was doing with this healing organ between my legs. One thing I can contrast is the lack of moisture and smoothness, which I have now come to terms with. In all honesty, I still cannot get over the fact I was circumcised (as you may imagine) and perhaps sharing my testimonial is a way of reaching closure. I'm very glad that I was circumcised, it was one of those big events of my life.

I recently came to try to understand the motivation behind circumcision. How culture and normality can play a great role in shaping our bodies. How the impressions we receive from media and pornography influence our conceptions of what we would choose. I'm 21 years old (at the time of writing). To anybody considering circumcision like me in their teens or adulthood - don't be afraid, make your choice, and stand by it.


Circumcised in Denmark.

Frank's penis

I'm from Denmark, where circumcision is rare, but my parents come from the UK. I was circumcised at age 18 because of a tight foreskin and I'm now 56 years old.

I'm gay and my partners were all very surprised to see a circumcised man but they didn't make any problems of it. In fact they liked it. I had also some weird looks in the showers at the gym and at the sauna.

My current partner thought it was so nice he got circumcised himself.


Circumcised three times, in the UK.

I went to an English public school as a boarder and during my years there first noticed that some boys were circumcised and some like me were not. I was born in 1949 just after the NHS started and circumcision was no longer routinely carried out at birth. My father was not circumcised so I guess my parents decided it was not important. At school the ratio was about 40 circumcised to 60 not circumcised so I did not stand out. I was quite well endowed and enjoyed frequently masturbating. However there were one or two boys who I particularly noticed had very small penises when flacid and who had not much more than their glans showing. I thought these looked very neat and in a way I was envious of them.

After leaving school and a few years later getting married, I only thought about circumcision from time to time. However in my mid forties my wife asked me to have a vasectomy so she could stop taking the pill; I went ahead with the operation and that started me really thinking about circumcision and how I really wanted to be circumcised. This was in the days before the internet so there was not a lot of information and certainly nothing about different styles. A few years later I had found details of a Marie Stopes clinic that offered the operation. So I made an appointment and went along. The result was a medium cut, not very high and not very tight. But I was happy enough to at last be circumcised. My wife approved and I felt that sex was better.

However there was one problem and that was that on the journey home getting into my car I had managed to pull some of the stitches which resulted in an uneven scar line. Not too bad but not a perfect look. Additionally over the next 10 years the shaft skin stretched so that the cut was not as tight as it had been. I decided I needed to have a re-do and by this time there was a lot of information on the internet about different styles of cut. I liked the look of a high and tight cut and selected a London clinic where I could have it done. This time the surgeon removed a portion of only the shaft skin giving me the high cut I wanted and a reasonably tight finish. I made sure I went straight to a nearby hotel to spend the rest of the day and night to make sure the stitches were not pulled. It healed up quickly and painlessly and I was very pleased with the result, a very nice even scar ring over 3cm from the sulcus. When erect there was still enough movement of the shaft skin to allow me to masturbate without lube. One side effect seemed to be that my penis when erect was not as long as it had been although it had a greater girth. Sex was better than before and having moved on, my new girlfriends really liked the appearance.

About another 10 years went by and again I found that over time the shaft skin had stretched and it got to the point, when I was really flaccid, that the skin started to roll back and cover my glans. I also think that with the advancing years and some ED my penis, even when erect was again not as long as it had once been. I was perhaps even more interested in circumcision and by now was living with a woman who had only had circumcised partners and expected her man to be properly circumcised. I decided that I wanted to experience a really low and tight cut, I also thought back to the boy at school with just his glans visible and how I liked the look of that. So I booked an appointment a few months ago for my second re-do, again at a London clinic. I asked for a really low and tight cut and the surgeon drew 2 lines on my penis where he proposed to cut. The one near the glans showed that he would leave less than 1cm of inner foreskin, which I liked but the other line left too much of the shaft skin for my liking, he asked me what I thought and I asked him if he could take more. He moved the line about 1 cm further so as to remove more skin. He then proceeded and at the end assured me I would have no more problems with the shaft skin covering the glans. Again I was careful getting home so as not to pull the stitches. It has healed well giving a nice even scar line just near the sulcus. When flaccid I no longer have bunched up skin on the shaft and when erect It is very tight with no movement when I masturbate. Again when erect, my penis is shorter than it use to be but again the girth has increased. When flaccid, there is very little shaft and so my glans really stands out and my penis sticks out from my body rather than hanging down. I find that this low tight cut is a disincentive to masturbate and when I do it takes longer for me to climax.

So to sum up, over the years shaft skin in my experience, tends to stretch and penises lose some of their length and to correct this re-dos are necessary to maintain a good tight circumcision. Age in my experience has also not been a problem in having a circumcision. It has been very interesting to experience the different styles of cut and I would say that low and tight cuts are the most restrictive and this tends to show why 19th century physicians prescribed circumcision as a potential cure for masturbation. But I am sure that today many women appreciate that the low tight cut with its related desensitisation allows a man to last much longer during intercourse.

Martin B.     

I passed as circumcised from age 5 - but then I finally got it done.

I was born in the Midwest in 1940 and left the hospital intact. I don't ever remember not being retracted by my mother at bath time and many times daily for her required cleaning. Many years later I found my mothers journal where she wrote that her obgyn refused to circumcise baby boys he delivered and was adamantly opposed to circumcision. She also wrote that he retracted me the day before we left the hospital and showed her how to do it and instructed her to do it every diaper change and bath and to apply Vaseline before bringing it forward so it wouldn't grow stuck again.

I was raised in the country and first born so never saw another boys penis or my dad. My mother was OCD and she retracted me and washed many times daily. Being outside most of the day with many opportunities for privacy I retracted myself every time I urinated and by age 5 I began leaving my foreskin retracted thinking if it had to be retracted for cleaning I would just leave it retracted so it wouldn't get dirty.

When I started school I was surprised that every boy in my parochial school was bare headed and I rushed to ask my mother why. Her response was that all had an operation as babies to remove the skin called circumcision. She explained that all the other mothers used the same Doctor for delivery and that he circumcised every boy he delivered without any discussion. I didn't see another uncircumcised penis until my brother was born when I was 7 and I saw his sore red penis when his diaper was changed and also the multiple daily retractions and Vaseline application that I remembered from an early age.

Once I started school and saw the circumcised penises I secretly wished I was circumcised and left my foreskin retracted all the time. By the time I was 13 my foreskin would only cover 2/3 of my glans when flaccid and 1/2 coverage when erect if I held it forward.

Every woman I was ever with apparently thought I was circumcised and not one of them ever tried to bring my foreskin forward during foreplay and my foreskin never came forward during intercourse. While married to second wife I suffered from recurring yeast infections and after several prescriptions from her obgyn she insisted I come in for office visit before prescribing more medicine. When she examined me she remarked that my loose circumcision was the cause of my getting yeast infections and when I told her that I had never been circumcised she was shocked and stated she was absolutely opposed to uncircumcised men and had never been fooled. She said I should get cut ASAP and she would do it and that she would do wonderful job.

This was pre internet so I had no idea about the variety of style choices except to know from locker room and military experience that some looked different then others. She circumcised me low and tight with no frenulum and it turned out great. When healed she remarked how she loved the appearance and how happy she was with the result!! From my experience I would recommend infant circumcision to any new parent to be and from observing my brother after his infant retraction and the appearance of his glans I doubt circumcision would be much more painful and I certainly don't remember my forcible retraction at all.

RWD, Upper Midwest, USA     

A model finds out what sells best.

Many years ago, when a college student, I did a number of things to earn money including, for a time, an evening per week as a life model for a drawing class. I was 20 and it's just a fact that I was very good looking in those days, so much so that one of the girls in the class brought along a girlfriend on one occasion. This woman checked me out and, at the end of the session, introduced herself, played on my ego and gave me a business card. She asked me if I would be interested in doing photographic work for her agency. She explained that I could make more money than I was currently being paid and it wouldn't take up much of my time. I said "Yes, thank you this sounds good".

So, some time later I had an interview with her boss and, of course, I had to strip. He seemed very happy with me but asked if I'd be prepared to be circumcised as it would make the photographs much more marketable. I was somewhat shocked, I hesitated and said I'd think about it. Later that evening I told my girlfriend, taking the tone of "you'll never guess what crazy thing happened to me today." To my amazement she was very positive about the idea and not just for earning money but said she found it a little erotic and that I shouldn't dismiss it without careful thought.

In the following days I made a couple more calls to my prospective employer and on the second of these was given the number of a doctor who could take care of me. I made the call and just ten days later was circumcised. I remember so clearly, at the end of the surgical process, I got up from the couch and saw the skin that had been cut and it looked like a huge stack: I thought OMG! Anyway I had an easy healing period, just three or four weeks without sex, it really was totally painless and I think I was given a very good circumcision, certainly a fairly tight one. And though I wasn't very photogenic for about three months I did earn much more than enough to recover the cost of the surgery.

I have never regretted being circumcised, sex became so much better and it felt 100 times better to feel my cock directly in contact with a vagina rather than having the sensation diminished by a loose foreskin sliding up and down and getting between us. I was, of course never a shy guy but my girlfriend said that after being circumcised I seemed to be generally much more confident and self-assured. Perhaps there was a psychological adavantage as well as a sexual one.

JL, USA     

Twice circumcised - then frenulum removed.

before frenuloplasty

I was initially circumcised when I was 15 as I always liked the look of the circumcised penis and had found lots of information on the circlist website. I got it revised as an adult when I was 20 with a freehand revision since there was still too much skin left - it would cover around 80% of the glans when flaccid, which I felt was quite unsatisfactory.

The revision was done under local anaesthetic and the most painful parts were the needles going into the base of my penis for the anaesthetic, however it was pretty much pain free after that, apart from when my frenulum was being cut through to release it (felt like an intense paper cut) as it was quite short initially, however I was left with most of my frenulum still after it was cut. The procedure lasted for about 45 minutes. My penis was swollen for about 3-4 days where I had to sit down to urinate to avoid it going everywhere, though it was pretty much fine after that. It was a bit painful for the first 24 hours - panadol really helped, but after that it was fine as long as I didn't bump it into anything.

After two circumcisions, but still with a substantial frenulum

There is a marked difference in sensitivity between the pinker inner skin and the shaft and so I would recommend trying to keep as much inner skin as possible, as I find that stimulating the shaft skin takes a lot longer to get to orgasm. I did find that there was a ring of constricted scar tissue after the wound fully healed by about 4-5 weeks, but it has softened up over time. Masturbation is quite different as I can no longer pull the skin up the shaft over the glans as it is a lot tighter, and so lube is a must (it is extremely difficult to reach orgasm without it)!

Two years ago, I had a frenulectomy to complete my circumcision. I like the look of a streamlined glans and since my procedure I have found that I have much more stamina - which has been popular with my sexual partners! The images below show the result.

After frenulectomy

JS, Australia     

Circumcised at 16 in England

I'm 18, circumcised through the NHS in the UK at 16 because of phimosis. I had been given cream for it twice but it never worked so the doctor said the best way was circumcision. (I secretly wanted it anyway). About 8 months later I go to the hospital to get it done, sign the consent form etc. Have my full circumcision under general anesthesia and everything was good. First week I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel pain because of the erections pulling on stitches but 2 years later we're good. My girlfriend at the time said it looked better than when I had foreskin.

The one and only downside is that I can't masturbate without a condom (any advice?) as I just don't get the motion anymore. The other thing I was wondering is what type of circumcision I had? I know it's full circumcision with frenulum removal. All done free hand but what style is it?

MF, England     

Editor's comment. A beautiful low and tight job. I gave him advice about using lubricants to masturbate, and got the reply "Much better James, thank you so much for the advice!". Tips about masturbation can be found on our Circumcised Sex page.

Growing up with a long foreskin in Canada

My parents are European and did not have me circumcised. I had a very, very long foreskin, almost an inch past the glans; possibly I stretched it out by pulling on it when I was little. Growing up in Canada, where most guys my age were circumcised, I became aware that my penis was different than the other boys. One day when I was about 15, or so, I retracted my foreskin for the first time ever. I had never seen my glans before; had no idea what was there.

I instantly wanted to remain that way, but it took quite a while before I could manage to keep it retracted. After some time of permanent retraction, my inner foreskin started to get irritated and often would bleed. I had wanted to be circumcised for some time, but was too embarrassed to ask for it, so the occasional bleeding of the inner retracted foreskin was a great pretext to go ask for a circumcision.

My wife was quite excited at the prospect, as she liked the exposed glans, and was not a fan of foreskin. I didn't know much about the procedure, so I left it in the doctor's hands. He did it under local anaesthetic. When I finally had a look at it, I was quite disappointed, and my wife even more so. He had only done a partial circumcision, just removing some of the excess foreskin and leaving the frenulum intact.

We waited a while, but then about a year later, we went to see another doctor, who happened to be her cousin. I gave the doctor the authorization to let her, and my wife, decide what should be done. So, while I was under general anaesthetic, she and my wife picked a low and tight circumcision, removing all of the frenulum. I was shocked to see the outcome when I saw the result; there was no foreskin whatsoever left. Also, I had no idea that the frenulum would be excised entirely. Now, 25 years later, I am glad to have done it, but would have preferred the high and tight look.

GH, Canada     

GH's circumcision
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Editor's comment. Looks like an excellent result to me. While cosmetic surgeons will try to give you whatever you want, urologists don't like preserving the inner foreskin in adult circumcisions, for a very good reason. There is often a lot of swelling after the op, and this can permanently stretch the very thin inner skin giving a very unsightly, puffy, result. Given that you have already said that your inner skin was seriously damaged it would not have been a good idea to try to preserve it.

Photoshop circumcision

photoshop circumcision
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I'm uncircumcised, but considering getting done. To help me decide the style I wanted I prepared these Photoshop versions of my own penis with four different circumcision styles. Maybe they will be of interest to Circlist readers.

Steve W.     

Editor's note. Steve, I'm hugely impressed by your Photoshop skills and I'm sure many of us will find these pictures useful. Please, if you do get circumcised, let us know which style you chose and include a photo of the result.

Well, Steve did get circumcised, and here is the result.

Anyway, now in my mid 20's I finally went through with it three months ago and haven't looked back. I was spurred on when living in Korea where public bathing is common and an adult with a foreskin is unheard of so is often met with uncomfortable stares. I made the call to a men's urology clinic on a Thursday for a Saturday appointment and was cut on a Saturday morning under local anesthetic by the sleeve resection method. Recovery was easy and painless, I was able to return to work on Monday with no issues. The whole process was unbelievably quick, easy and painless ( I guess it helps that almost every male in the country goes through it). There was no examination prior to being prep'd for surgery and no questions as to why I wanted it. Overall the cut is looser than I would have liked but this was what the urologist suggested to avoid hair being pulled onto the shaft during erection.

Since healing sex feels great and cleanliness is amazing. My British girlfriend was neutral at best on the idea of me being circumcised beforehand, but since she has seen the result and difference she has come full circle and thinks the newly cut version is great. I honestly wish I'd done it years ago and would encourage anyone else to go for it.

actual circumcision

I've included a couple of pics from almost exactly three months after the cut.
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Steve W.     

A German reader (of Vietnamese descent) tells of his phimosis problem

I was about 14 or 15 when I first knew that I had phimosis. There was a unit about sexual education at school and the teacher told us that at least 1 in 10 could not retract his foreskin. So I went home and tried it. And failed.

I never told anybody of my condition. I was ashamed. I was even more ashamed since apparently 90% at my age could retract their foreskin. For many years my sexuality was nil. Time passed and I got older. For many years, I ignored my phimosis. As I did not engage in sexual activities, it was not that big of a problem. Then I realised that I had to do something. Sooner or later, I will have a girlfriend and it is time to act. I was 20 at that point.

One day I plucked up my courage and called the doctor. He told me to come in soon. I did. At the reception, the secretary asked for my name and when I told her, she asked me whether I was the guy with phimosis. Almost silently I told her 'Yes'. Now looking back at it, my issue wasn't as big as other men's: impotence and incontinence were the main issues at the day. Mine seemed like a minor inconvenience. As I waited for my appointment, I became more and more nervous. What is the doctor going to think? I took a sip of water. My name was called when I hadn't even finished swallowing the first gulp.

So I went into the examination room, the doctor sitting there and calmly asking me about my issue. I stated that I suspect that I had phimosis - I could retract the foreskin when flaccid but when erect, nothing would move. He asked me to take down my trousers and lie down. After a few seconds examining my penis he told me: 'You need to be circumcised'. I was not in shock, in fact, I expected him to say that. I replied with a simple 'Ok'. Then he told me not to worry and so on. He gave me the telephone number of a hospital nearby and told me to call them for a surgery appointment. I went home and did so. Circumcision was due in just two and a half months time.

In the meantime, I read more about circumcision and got more and more excited. A problem which existed for too long would finally come to an end. But there was one problem. In Germany, you can't go to surgery and after that go home by yourself. You need to be picked up. I couldn't ask my parents, they didn't know about my phimosis or my surgery. So I asked a close friend who had a car. And man, I was so relieved when I told him my story and he did not react weirdly. He was pretty open and supportive. So with everything sorted, I waited for the big day.

The day of my circumcision came. I was excited. I woke up in the morning in a positive mood and couldn't wait to make my way to the hospital. I texted my friend about when to pick me up and where to park his car. Arriving at the hospital, I first had a talk with the surgeon. He told me about the surgery and asked for my consent. I signed all the documents and everything was in order. Then I had to change - I remember looking at my foreskin and saying goodbye before getting out of the changing room. I was escorted to the operating table, parked in a central area. I remember enjoying the bright spring sun and listening to the radio, praying that everything will be fine.

Then the operating table was pushed into the operating room. The surgeon and the female assistant asked how I was doing at that moment. I replied that I'm doing just fine. Then he took a mask and applied it to my face. It was anaesthesia. I took three deep breaths and was gone. Surgery started. It must have been pretty quick. I went to hospital at 10am and woke up from anesthesia at 12 noon. Suddenly I was in the recovery room, and felt something hard 'down there'. It was a bandage. As soon as I woke up, a nurse came in, asking me if I would like some biscuits and tea. I accepted the offer and enjoyed the fact that everything was now over. After I had recovered from anaesthesia and surgery for a little while I was allowed to walk to my locker. I called my friend and he congratulated me and said he would soon be there. After a short talk to the doctors, he came and hugged me. "Congratulations, bro" he said.

Everything went well after my surgery. No swelling, little pain. The day after circumcision, the bandage came off after going to the toilet. For the first time I saw my 'new' penis. It still looked freaky, due to the stitches, but I was happy. After exactly 18 days, my sutures closed up and all the stitches were gone. I was super happy. Recovery after circumcision was faster than I would have thought.

My circumcision
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Now, three years after circumcision, I am more than happy to be a cut guy. There is only one thing I regret: Why didn't I got circumcised sooner?


Circumcised at 45 - before & after photos

I was circumcised in the US with the frenulum completely removed at 45 (Oct 2015), not for any medical reasons, but by personal choice. I knew for sure I wanted to be cut very tight (what's the point of getting circumcised if you remain with some skin above your head and some movement?) so I have no extra floppy skin when flacid and absolutely no movement when erected (but not so tight so that it is painful). However I was not too sure whether I wanted a high or low cut. The Doc decided for me and gave me a low cut, which some surveys do suggest would lower the risk of contracting an STD. (Ed - a low cut in adulthood also avoids the risk of post-op swelling leading to loose puffy skin on the shaft.)

After general anaesthesia surgery I came back home with a ring of blood right behind the head of my penis and a swelling shaft. However I had no pain and did not take any pain killer except for one that the nurse gave me as a precaution before I got into the car. I spent the night thinking about spiders and grandmothers, but nethertheless, I woke up the next morning with an erection. I was worried about pain and pulling the sutures, but they held up OK. I spent the entire day with multiple erections (I guess because of the new sensation) but luckily I got to work from home. The erections remained for a few days until I got used to the new feeling of my now permanentely bare head.

The first few days saw my penis and scrotum swollen and going through multiple color states (which is normal after a surgery). The ring of blood along the circumcision scar dried into a crust. It was a little sensitive to the touch but not really painful and I was able to take a shower a couple of days later. After 3 weeks I had a checkup with the Doc and everything was normal. He recommended using antibiotic cream to soften the crust that had formed above the scar and ease up healing.

The first 2 weeks did feel unconfortable. Then all starts to get better and heal. I did not have any intercourse until 2 1/2 month (because I was worried the scar would not hold) but started masturbating gently (with lubricant) at 2 months. Now 3 years later I am completely healed and love the result. I love the look with no visible scar. There is a little bit of "railroad tie" but because the scar is so low, it is hidden right behind the head and only really shows when hard. Hygiene is also so much better with a penis that is now always clean and with no smell.

My head did not dry and/or lose any sensation, however because all of the foreskin was removed (low cut) I did lose some of the sensitivity. Some may say this is a bad thing, but I'd say it actually moved the feeling from the shaft into the head. At first I was feeling like the skin was pulled forward above the shaft, but got used to it and now I love the more subtle arousal that this creates. I can also last longer to the benefit of both my partner and me.

Masturbation and intercourse need to have a good lubrication (natural or lubricant) but this was expected since I wanted a very tight cut. I have absolutely no regrets and if I went back in time, I would definitely do it again and try to get it earlier in life (but at least this way I am lucky that I actually got to experience sex before and after).

I would not circumcise my son as an infant but I would explain the differences and let him know that I would fully support him if he someday decided to get circumcised but that is eventually his own body so his own decision to make.


19-year-old English boy tells of being an uncircumcised Protestant in primary school then a circumcised Muslim in high school

My circumcision story is far from being a typical experience for a British boy, but it is something that I know is becoming increasingly common nowadays. To explain how I came to be circumcised, it is necessary to provide a little background. I was a working-class London lad, being brought up on a council estate by my mum, who was a single parent. I was her only child. My "father" (in the strictly biological sense of the word) abandoned my mother and me before I was born, and until I was 10-years-old, I had no-one to call 'Dad'. That all changed when my mum met Samir. He and my mum very quickly fell in love, and we went to live with him in a wealthy part of London. Samir and I took to each other very quickly, and I couldn't believe my luck that I actually had someone who wanted to be my dad. Samir absolutely doted upon me and I idolised him in return.

It wasn't very long before Samir proposed to my mum, but not before he asked for my permission to do so (something that I've always thought was a wonderful gesture), and, of course, I happily gave him my permission. Samir was from a mixed Turkish-Bosnian family, and he was Muslim. He and my mother arranged to get married in Turkey at an Islamic ceremony with all his family in attendance, and we planned to spend the whole summer with them. By this time, I was 11, and I would be starting secondary school after the summer holidays.

A few months before the holidays began, my mum sat me down and told me that she and Samir thought that it would be better for me if my religion (Protestant) was changed to Samir's religion (Islam) and that they wanted me to change my religion during the summer while we were in Turkey. She told me that all I would have to do would be to dress up and say a few words in English and Arabic, and then I'd have a big party, with lots of food, presents, and money. To my 11-year-old self, that sounded a pretty good deal, and so I consented to it...except, my mum didn't tell me everything! In reality, it had been planned that two weeks before my parent's marriage ceremony, I was going to take the shahada (convert to Islam) in front of numerous family members, followed by a big party, and then I would be circumcised (have my sünnet) immediately after.

On the morning of my sünnet, I was dressed up in an expensive white outfit with silver detailing, and my stepdad's sister pierced my left ear with a diamond stud, so that I'd look like 'a little Turkish prince' and also resemble my stepdad in the future. The latter was also intended as a little gift from him so that I'd look grown-up going to secondary school. The conversion ceremony was quite brief and uneventful; there were a few prayers and then I just had to speak a short statement in English and Arabic into a microphone, after which I was hugged and kissed by practically everyone there. My mum and stepdad were then congratulated on having 'a wonderful and handsome son' and my stepfather's family thoroughly approved of me.

A huge party then ensued for about 90 minutes, during which I had a great time, although, about 15 minutes before the party ended, I was taken by my mum and my stepdad into a small side room off the main event area where we were met by another man, who I would later learn was a doctor and my circumciser (sünnetҫi). He spoke to my stepdad in Turkish, so I didn't know what was being said, but my stepdad then told me to take my trousers and underwear down to my knees and to lay on the sofa in the room, while my mum nodded in approval. I didn't know what was going on, but I just did as I was told. Moments after laying down, to my complete shock, my penis was being injected four times around the base. I couldn't believe what was happening and I didn't understand it either. I asked my parents what was happening and they simply said "It's nothing to worry about" and "It'll all be over in a second". The injections were painful and gave me a cramping feeling in my left leg. Once the injections were done, I was allowed to pull my clothes up again and I rejoined the party for the finish, although I wasn't particularly happy as I could feel my penis was very heavy from the numbness. I still had no idea why that had happened, and I certainly had no clue about what was to happen next; in fact, I was completely ignorant about circumcision as a whole.

At the end of the party, bifold doors were pulled back in the event area which led to another smaller, but still substantially-sized room. In the middle, was a raised area with a soft padded mat covering it, which I was ushered on to. The males in attendance came into the room, but the women stayed outside. The men crowded around me, while the man who had given me the injections appeared at my side. My stepdad was with me too, holding my hand and reassuring me with a smile on his face. My stepdad's brother acted as my kirve (similar to a godfather) and he held me from behind. My legs were also held apart by other family members.

My penis was then exposed through my clothing by the circumcising doctor and my stepdad, and within a very short time, my foreskin had been squeezed between the sides of some form of metal instrument. It looked like a silver piece of metal with a slit down the middle. My foreskin was slid through the slit and pulled tightly upwards by forceps that were attached to the tip of my foreskin. Then the doctor handed me – to my great surprise – a scalpel that he put into my left hand. He said something to my stepdad in Turkish, and my stepdad relayed what he had said to me, which was to hold on to the scalpel tight – and so I did. The doctor evidently saw that I had tightened my grip and at that moment he grabbed my hand that was holding the scalpel, and drew it down to the metal instrument, swiping it quickly along the top, severing my foreskin completely in one stroke. I was in a state of shock and upset, as I couldn't believe what had just happened, but fortunately, I felt no pain at all. Everyone around me was cheering and making religious exclamations that I didn't understand. My stepdad had a huge smile on his face and kissed me on the cheek, telling me that I was a good boy, and my stepdad's brother kissed me on the other cheek. Music seemed to start almost immediately and people were then dancing around. I didn't know at the time, but it is a hugely important event for a boy in Turkey, marking their manhood, coming of age, and also their dedication and devotion to God (Allah subhana wa ta'la).

I must be honest in saying that I did not immediately appreciate my circumcision. I was initially angry that it had taken place, partly because my parents had not been honest with me, and partly because the healing process was a painful one. However, I did come to understand over the following weeks why it had been done, why it was important, and why my parents had decided to withhold knowledge of it from me. I came to accept their reasoning and I forgave them, as children tend not to stay mad with their parents for very long. Over the next few weeks, my circumcision healed extremely well and I played a full part in my parent's wedding ceremony a few weeks later. Once I had returned home, I was amazed to see the amount of money my Turkish relatives had gifted to me and the presents my stepdad had bought for me as a reward for my conversion and circumcision. I was bought a BMX bike, a playstation, a watch, and two pairs of expensive trainers, one of which I was told I could wear to my new school. As a boy who had spent 10 years of his life watching his mum struggle to make ends meet as a nurse, I just cried as I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have those things. I am grateful to my parents every day.

I am sure that the hysterical anti-circumcision lobby would react to my personal experience with horror; no doubt professing how 'cruel' and 'backwards' my parent's decision was, but, as an adult, I can categorically state that it was the right decision for me and I am proud that my parents took the steps necessary to do it. I freely admit that everything that happened to me that summer was a huge change for me, as I left primary school as an uncircumcised and unpierced Christian boy, and I entered secondary school six weeks later as a circumcised Muslim boy with an earring. Nevertheless, I cannot fault my parent's decision-making. Since then, my twin half-brothers and my younger half-brother have had their circumcisions in the same way, albeit at a much younger age. I can only state that if I am fortunate enough to have sons in the future, they will be circumcised, and I have no doubt whatsoever about it being absolutely the right thing to do for them. I sincerely hope that in the near future, the NHS will offer routine infant circumcision to all newborn boys free of charge or for a token fee. If anyone were to ask me if they should circumcise their son, I would only ever answer them with a definite 'yes'.

Circumcision is not an act of cruelty, it is, in fact, an act of love and care – so, thank you mum and dad!

Harry / Hasan     

Growing up circumcised in Sydney

I was circumcised at 6 weeks old, in Sydney, Australia and I'm now 29. I'm very glad I was. I feel it is much cleaner and my sensation is great. I do however sometimes wish I had been circumcised at an older age so I could remember the full experience. My scar is hardly visible and I have been cut high and tight. For the record, I am 6" erect and 2.5" flaccid. (Hey, Australia went metric before you were even born! Ed)

Growing up in Australia in the 1990s I was the odd one out, since circumcision had gone out of fashion by then. There were only 4 circumcised boys in my class. I was told from a young age that I was circumcised and different and given the reasons why - about hygiene etc., so I wasn't too worried I wasn't uncut like most of the boys.

The other boys did like the look of our cut penises. Nowadays I also notice my cock gets a lot of looks from other men in the changing rooms. It seems the older guys around 60 plus are cut and are surprised to see a younger cut cock. Sexual partners both female and male have preferred my circumcised penis as there is no stench for oral sex and the scar is pretty much invisible from being cut at a young age.

I still have my frenulum and it is a very sensitive part of my cock, but I am wondering about having it removed. Other men say how nice it is to have smooth skin there.


I've lived with my head exposed for more than 10 years - should I now get the snip?

I am in my mid 20's and have lived more than 10 years already with my glans exposed. I pulled back my foreskin for the first time by accident when I was 7 or 8. I loved the strange but pleasant feeling of my moist glans drying in the air or by my clothes. Some days I would leave my foreskin retracted for many hours and then cover it back to moisturize it again. At some point, I just decided to keep back the foreskin without covering it back. Since then I have a semi-permanently exposed glans. My foreskin will still occasionally roll over and cover and leave moisture on the head. But generally my glans is kept dry and exposed for 99% of the time, rubbing against clothes all day. By my teenage years the glans has been completely keratinzed and developed a rough leathery texture and small cracks with no sign of any moisture or smoothness (see picture). My glans changed its color from bright to darker pink. I also stopped masturbating by moving my foreskin over the head. Instead I hold my foreskin back as tight as possible and dry rub the inner foreskin and head directly with my hands.

The idea of circumcision came from my somewhat sexually dominant girlfriend. She loves to play with my foreskin but she also wants me to have a tightly cut penis because it is aesthetically more appealing for her. She also loves the idea of leaving the head permanently exposed and irreversibly never to be able to be protected again by a foreskin. I guess that comes from her slightly sadistic nature. In our sexual play, she would often tell me how nice it would be for my glans to become even more desensitized and helplessly exposed but at the same time become more masculine and nice looking. Also it has become our routine for our play that she wraps my penis with cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol for multiple minutes because she read somewhere in the internet that alcohol keratinizes and desensitizes glans.

So I did some research on circumcision, pro and cons, styles, methods, etc. and I find the high and tight style quite aesthetically appealing and also it leaves as much inner foreskin as possible since I get most pleasure from it. I am thinking about leaving my frenulum untouched for now but may remove it later if I think otherwise - or maybe my girlfriend will decide it for me. Getting my thing circumcised doesn't seem to change much from my current situation as I live with the head exposed anyway and at the same time I can make my girlfriend happy too. The cost and worries about the small possibility of risks are keeping me away from getting it done immediately but I am slowly preparing to get a cut.

MJ, west Europe     

Editor's note - medical research suggests that keratinization of the glans doesn't increase after circumcision.

Frenulum problems in the UK

In my early twenties, I was told that I would have to be circumcised. My problem resulted from my frenulum being too short which resulted in its tearing. I am not a medical expert, but it seemed to try to repair itself by extending its width. Gradually bridges or adhesions developed between the corona and the sulcus. A band of tissue associated with these also developed on the sulcus. This gradually extended further around it and with intercourse it would tear creating small lesions which could be sore. My doctor thought I would have to be circumcised but I was relieved when the urologist I was referred to decided that a lesser operation (frenuloplasty) should be tried. This failed to correct the problem and I learnt that eventually I would have to be circumcised. The prospect did not appeal to me and so my doctor agreed that the operation could be deferred until it either became a necessity or I was ready to have it done. I resolved to delay it for a long as possible. I was not going to condemn my foreskin to eliminate some soreness after intercourse.

By the time I had reached my thirties, I was married with two children. Intercourse continued to result in discomfort and the adhesions between my glans and sulcus were increasing. Like us, many of our friends had completed their families and an increasing number of the guys I knew were electing to be sterilised. All talked positively about their experiences. Initially vasectomy was way off my horizon but the idea began to gel in my mind that since they had performed their intended job, perhaps it was also time for my balls to be decommissioned. My wife's response when I mentioned that I was thinking of having the snip left me in no doubt, and so I made an appointment to see my doctor. He agreed to refer me for the vasectomy and suggested combining it with the long overdue circumcision. He asked why I was so unwilling to be circumcised yet so willing to be sterilised? I had no answer and could not fault his logic. I also knew my wife would agree with him; she had been pestering me to get it done for a long time.

Shortly afterwards I found myself in a treatment room with a doctor and an alarmingly young nurse. I was naked except for a hospital gown which the nurse had earlier told me to put on back to front. I was directed to an operating table where the nurse covered my groin with a surgical drape containing a round hole. My balls were passed through this hole and laid to rest on the drape. Their exposed vulnerable state left me questioning my judgement. Was this really a good idea! The doctor began by anaesthetising my right vas deferens, and within a few minutes, I was shown a segment of it which he placed into a specimen jar. He then cauterized the cut ends of what remained of it and returned them to my scrotum. The process was repeated on my left vas deferens and a segment from that joined its friend in the jar.

My balls were allowed to escape back through the hole in the surgical drape and seek refuge between my legs. Their place was now taken by my penis. The anaesthetic injections into both vas deferens were less painful than the several I now had to endure into its base. While the anaesthetic took effect, the doctor marked up the extent of foreskin he planned to remove. He showed me his markings and explained that all my outer foreskin, together with some shaft skin and most of the inner foreskin would be removed. The residual inner foreskin would be joined to the remaining shaft skin leaving me with a moderately high and tight cut. What remained of my frenulum was also going to be removed together with the adhesions. The circumcision technique used was sleeve resection.

My wife collected me from the hospital and took me home. I had not told her about the circumcision, and she was delighted when she found that it had finally been done. She inspected and approved the two small cuts in my scrotum and told me she could not wait to test my modified kit. She had not seen a circumcised penis before, and her immediate comment was that although it looked puffy and sore she could see that when it was healed it would look neater and better than it used to! She liked the fact that my glans and its corona were no longer hidden and the adhesions were no more.

Although I was told that we could not have sex for six weeks my wife's curiosity resulted in erections. When these occurred my shaft skin had very little mobility, erections seemed harder than before and although they were not painful I was more aware of them. My balls were also pulled up much closer to my penis. My wife became increasingly desperate to try out my modified tool. When she finally did she judged that it exceeded its pre-modified performance. Her satisfaction and approval led her to suggest that we should arrange for our sons to be circumcised before they got much older. Aside from her newly acquired preference for circumcision, she thought they should avoid them having to endure the problems I had experienced. As a result, they were both circumcised a few moths later during their summer holidays. As a result of mine being done there were no more lesions after sex and no more soreness and there has been none since.

Why did I put off the operation for so long? If I had not had the vasectomy, I suspect I would still be struggling to avoid it. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to someone else in my position.