Twice circumcised in the UK - 35 years apart.

I first discovered circumcision at age 11 when my Mum asked me to ensure I pulled back my foreskin, otherwise I might have to be circumcised, so I looked it up and was immediately intrigued by it.

Shortly after I heard some boarders at my school talking about it, how much better it was and how when they masturbated a circumcised boy he was slower to reach orgasm. As I was too sensitive that seemed like a good idea and I became "circumsexual" before long and wishing to be circumcised. I did not do any investigations as the school had an odd code. Day boys were not allowed to take part (I was one), boarders would appoint one each night to be wanked, another to do it, the rest to look after their own and not touch anyone!

Searching through the several magazines on sexual practice a few years later I read in one that an adult male had been circumcised in USA, so my assumption that it was only available in young boys was wrong and also - interestingly for me - could be done using local anaesthesia.

Girls started to take over my interest and I only started thinking again about circumcision when I discovered that sometimes when a girl pulled back my foreskin I would ejaculate straight away. By my earlier 20s I really wanted to get it done, and once I had earnings of my own decided to follow up.

In an age just pre internet and with doctors not allowed to advertise, it was tough to find someone who did circumcisions on adults. I wrote to "Forum" advisor and was given the name of two, one being relatively nearby, as in London. After a false start I organised an appointment again, checked out the doctor's qualifications and decided to go for it, in March 1979 at age 28. There was no prior consultation and no choice of style offered, my assumption being that the doctor would do what he thought was best for me. He rolled back my foreskin, washed my penis fully and rolled it up to be removed, first cutting down from the tip with scissors and then going around the outer skin with a scalpel, followed by trimming the inner to approximate to the outer cut. A final lengthways slice along the top of my frenulum and my foreskin was lifted off in one piece to be placed in a waiting kidney bowl. Stitching and dressing followed and I was told to continue the anti-erection pills for a week, along with antibiotics.

As advised, I took the dressing off after about 10 days and waited as directed for the self-dissolving stitches to drop away. The doctor was middle-aged and he did not use any task lighting. He had performed adult circumcisions since he was in the army in WW2 where in the desert and in dry conditions some foreskins got very sore or infected.

Once the dressing was off, I noticed several issues. The amount of skin removed looked ok, but the cut was lower on the right than the left. I soon realised this was because when very clean my foreskin needed a slight pull on the tip to pull its up properly. There were very visible stitch holes and despite what he had said, he did not remove my frenulum, instead choosing to form a fold, effectively rebuilding the section that had to be removed where attached to my foreskin. Fortunately as it all settled the new reduced sensitivity was really good; I snipped through the stitch holes which soon then flattened. The cut remained uneven so in 2014 at the tender age of 63 I got recut to even it up and remove my frenulum. At last the circumcised penis that I wanted,

I remain at age 70 a circumsexual and get aroused by it. My only negative comment about being a circumcised man is that I should have got it done a bit earlier and it would have been good to get the first circumcision perfect - despite the fact that I really enjoyed the consultation and procedure for the recut.