Twice circumcised.

I come from a Hispanic family where circumcision was not the norm. I always noticed most of my friends had been circumcised, and I always felt ashamed to use the school showers. I always knew I had to wash under my foreskin; every year during my physicals for school, I would complain to the doctor I had problems with my foreskin, hoping the doctor would give me a referral, but that didn't happen.

When I turned 16, I was determined to get circumcised. About two months before my physical, I stopped retracting my foreskin, and one week before my doctor's appointment, I didn't wash under my foreskin. When the time came for my appointment, I was surprised to learn that the doctor I used to see had retired; this new doctor seemed sympathetic about the issue.

After the exam, he told me that some of the soreness would go away with more hygiene and some treatment, but to avoid this from happening again, he would give me a referral. A few weeks later, I was being circumcised with local anesthesia. I was not asked what style, but it was low and fairly tight. Recovery was rough; being 16 yrs I was always horny. I was able to have sex with a foreskin and jacking off was definitely felt better with no foreskin.

So, I was happy with some movement on my foreskin for 25 years, but then I decided I needed to be re-circumcised to make things tighter. Local anesthesia was used during the surgery; recovery time was fast but a bit uncomfortable. I am thrilled with the result. I have now convinced some of my cousins and friends to get circumcised as well as a former boyfriend.

D (USA)    

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