A Dutch man, done at 15, who now wants to spread tyhe word.

Hello, I am Dave born in 1993, 100% Dutch and raised in an environment where few or no Muslim boys live. When I had to be circumcised when I was 15, this was the first time I heard about this operation. I had a very long foreskin and even if I had an erection, a small skin of ~1cm remained in front of my glans. The tip of the skin was so tight that it couldn't go over my glans. This led to more and more painful situations. Because my parents were divorced and I lived with my mother, I continued to struggle with this problem for several years until it started to get worse. I was ashamed to discuss this topic with my mother, but in the end I couldn't get out of it.

The GP referred us to a special circumcision clinic because they have a more personal approach than the hospital. He told me that it might even be possible to just remove my trunk of skin so that I would have a normal length of foreskin. Besides the scar, my penis would still look normal and uncircumcised, which was definitely my preference. None of my friends, classmates or friends of my soccer team had been circumcised, so I wanted to deviate as little as possible.

My mother made an appointment at the circumcision clinic for an intake interview and I thought this was the same as with the GP. Discuss the problem, let things go, look at the problem and discuss what the solutions could be. On arrival at the clinic I was able to take a seat in the waiting room and my mother had to fill in some papers at the desk. In the waiting room were 2 Muslim families with young children and I felt quite conspicuous sitting between them. After my mother had filled in the papers, she also had to make a payment immediately. She was so nervous herself that she paid without asking questions.

We were able to continue to the doctor's office where we told the doctor what the problem was and what my doctor had advised. The doctor said he didn't do partial circumcisions because he thought the risk of new narrowings in the foreskin was too great. He explained that he could take personal preference for a preferred circumcision style into account. The doctor explained the pros and cons of all styles and especially recommended a low and tight circumcision. His opinion was that a low and tight circumcision had the best health benefits and that it also produced the best appearance. STIs would be less easily transferable and because the scar falls short behind the glans, it is almost invisible and the shaft has no color difference.

My mom felt that a high and loose circumcision was best because it would preserve the most sensitive skin and the loose style made it close to a partial circumcision. In this 5 minute explanation and because of the doctor's clear preference, I found it difficult to make a choice now. I couldn't quite decide what to prefer because I agreed with my mother that a high style retains a lot of sensitivity but I also agreed with the doctor that a low style with the scar hidden behind my glans would be very nice. I thought I still had a few weeks to choose. And when the doctor asked what my preference was, I indicated that I didn't have it and that I mainly wanted to get rid of my problem. The doctor looked at my mother and asked if she wanted to choose the style or if he should just follow his advice. My mother made the choice to keep her style if I had no preference myself and the doctor referred us to the operating room.

I was shocked and she thought that we would only have an intake conversation today and that the operation would come later. The doctor answers: no, we first do an intake interview to discuss the preference and then the circumcision is performed. It's not for nothing that your mother has already paid for the operation upon entering and he continues to the operating room. Surprised, I look at my mother, but she does not respond and follows the doctor. Startled and surprised, I take my place on the operating table and everything goes so fast that because of the nerves and tensions I no longer get everything from the operation. Before I know it I'm circumcised and my dick is completely wrapped.

The day after the operation I spoke with my mother for the first time. Then it turned out that she also thought that we would only get an intake interview, but because of the nerves she didn't know what she had to pay for. When she heard the word operating room, she had such a blackout that she couldn't even remember my question to the doctor. Now afterwards I thought it was quite strange that my mother was at the operation and saw everything, but at the time I was completely unaware of this.

When I was 20 I had a revision performed. I regretted a high circumcision afterwards and now wanted to finish as low as possible. Due to my extremely long foreskin, I still had a lot of inner foreskin left and a low circumcision was no longer possible. I am now completely tight and moderately high circumcised. The scar is ~3cm behind my glans and in a limp state the skin is tight on my shaft.

Although I was very taken by surprise during my first circumcision and I was very insecure about this change especially in the beginning because I was always the only circumcised boy in the group. The awkward questions and comments I got in the beginning because my dick was new to everyone were annoying. Despite the fact that it was on the advice of the doctor, people often did not understand it and often knew a better option than the doctor's. Now I am very happy that I have been circumcised tightly and I also find the end result much nicer than when I was uncircumcised. I think it is a pity that many people in the Netherlands are against circumcision, while it also has many advantages.