A Russian man finally gets done - after wanting it for 22 years.

"Hello everyone! I'm from Russia. I immediately apologize for my English, it's not very good. Now I am 41 years old. 2 months ago I was circumcised and I want to share my impressions. Circumcision is not common in Russia. A very small percentage of men are circumcised. This procedure is carried out only for religious (some Russians are muslims) or medical reasons. And if you go into the men's locker room of a gym or pool, you won't see many circumcised men there. For 10 people, no more than 1, and maybe not even one.

Why did I think about circumcision? The fact is that I am a convinced nudist. I've been sunbathing only on nudist beaches since I was 19. The first time I saw a circumcised man was on a nudist beach. There were two or three of them on the beach where I was sunbathing at the time. I wondered why their penis was different from mine. That's how I learned about circumcision. I liked this kind of penis much more than mine. I also learned that in terms of hygiene, a circumcised penis is better than a penis with foreskin, and this also impressed me. I really didn't like the fact that secretions and odors were constantly accumulating because of the foreskin.

So I thought about circumcision. But I couldn't decide, it was a surgical operation and it was scary to cut something on the body. Years passed. I was constantly thinking about circumcision, but I was afraid of the procedure itself. In order to look like a circumcised man, I kept the head of the penis constantly naked for many years. So that the foreskin would not come back, I made a ring behind the head from a bandage or a hair band. I put it on my dick and walked like that. About a year after the start, the foreskin got used to not coming back and my penis head was always uncovered. Many thought I was circumcised seeing my dick. But I didn't like the crease that came up to the head of the penis. Finally, I decided that there was no point in putting it off anymore and I had to remove this unnecessary skin. I found a good doctor and he performed the operation. Everything went well.

Now after two months all the swelling has subsided and a neat thin scar remains. My dick is great. Now he's the way I've wanted him to be all my life. Hygiene has improved, sexual sensations have become brighter. I'm very happy and I can't find an answer to just one question - why didn't I do it earlier?