Father and sons circumcised together

My wife is a nurse who works for a urologist, so she is very familiar with circumcision. Along with the normal procedures of a urology practice, the doctor circumcises both adult men and boys, no infants, for cosmetic and medical reasons. Ever since we were married, my wife has urged me to get circumcised like her brothers (she has five). Her father had all of his boys circumcised as teenagers as a matter of good health. He himself was circumcised at age 71! In that part of the country, the central US, it was, and still is, common for most males (but not all) to be circumcised.

My parents intended to have me circumcised as an infant, but due to a shortage of funds for other expenditures, never did. Time went by, and nothing was ever done. When I was a teenager in high school, I knew that I looked different from just about everybody else in the shower, and I wondered why I had so much skin on my penis. So I asked my parents about possible circumcision. My father told me every man/boy should have this done. He said that it would help me become a man, that it would improve my manhood, whatever that is. He did offer to have me circumcised for my birthday, and then promptly forgot about it. I figured that if I wanted to get circumcised, I would have to do it when I was on my own. But that didn't happen for a long, long time.

We have two sons, who were 13 and 15 at the time. We did not have them circumcised as infants, but rather let the boys develop into a more workable size. The 15 year-old participated in a lot of school sports, such as basketball, and, as a result, spent a lot of time showering. He told my wife and I that he was tired of looking different from his friends that he played ball with, and that having a foreskin was such a nuisance, that he wanted to get circumcised for both athletic and cosmetic reasons. We talked to the 13 year-old, who was in junior high at the time, about surgically removing his foreskin. It turned out that he agreed with his brother and wanted to be circumcised for gym class. He was already tired of looking different. He said that a lot of boys in gym were getting circumcised. Since this all fit in with my wife's experience with her brothers, she was heartily for it. She mentioned it to the doctor, and he said to bring them in for an exam and to set up the procedure. This I did. When I discovered how simple it was, I thought "If they can do it, so can I." When I asked the doctor if I was too old for a circumcision, he laughed and said "This is a good time to circumcise your sons, and I can circumcise you like you were a 12 year-old boy!" When I later told my wife of my decision, she said "Why did you wait so long?" So, all three us of were circumcised at the same time in the doctor's office, one by one. The doctor's assistant was, of course, my wife, which caused the boys a little embarrassment. The procedure took about 30 minutes for each. He used what I think is called the Freehand Method. We all elected to have as much of our foreskin removed as practical. The healing process took about two weeks. All of us, including my wife, are very happy and satisfied with the results.

This is the best thing that I ever did, and I wish that I had done it earlier. My wife really likes the new, clean look of my penis. I can certainly say that there is no loss of sensation. This is a simple procedure that can be done at any age.