Not circumcised as a child - but very regularly retracted

I was not circumcised as a child as my mother and her ObGyn were adamantly opposed to circumcision.  My mother was obsessive/compulsive about penile cleanliness and from my earliest memory around 2.5 to 3 years of age I remember her retracting me and cleaning my glans with a wash cloth.  During and after potty training she retracted me fully and trained me to retract my foreskin tightly before urinating and to make sure my penis was dry before putting foreskin forward to prevent urine from causing smell and infection which would cause me to have to have an operation!

I grew up on a farm so spent most of my time outdoors and therefore many times a day when I came in the house my mother would retract me tightly and wash my penis.  Because of this the summer before starting school I left my foreskin retracted and when I felt it go forward I would go to a secluded spot where I could retract and put it away that way. Upon starting parochial church school I realized that all the boys looked like they were doing the same thing so told my mother about that and that she didn't need to retract me for cleaning anymore at which time she told me that they were all circumcised because their mothers all used the same doctor from church and he circumcised every boy he delivered without even asking/telling the mothers beforehand.

She then immediately took me to the pediatrician (a female) to have me stop this behavior but she informed my mother that it was ok for me to do that as it was almost like being circumcised.  The doctor then used an instrument I learned was maybe a small clamp which she inserted in the opening to stretch the opening and told me to make sure the foreskin didn't stay stuck back.  I also learned that the pediatrician was Jewish who staunchly advocated for circumcision.

I had a brother born 12 years after me and when he had a doctor appointment I had to go along to hold him while she drove.  When I was brought along on the appointment I was not allowed to stay alone in the waiting room and was brought along into the exam room.  He was 3 months old at the time and the doctor, the same female Jewish lady, asked if mom had fully retracted him yet and mom replied no that she only got him back a small bit at which time she inserted an instrument under his foreskin and rotated it around and around to loosen it and she then retracted him and told mom she had to do that every diaper change and after cleaning him to put Vaseline on it before returning it forward.

I now had an explanation for all the Vaseline used on me.  On the way home I asked my mother if that had been done to me and she explained that all boys are born that way and that her ObGyn had retracted me before we left the hospital.  It was around this time that I pulled my foreskin back tightly as trained and the skin came loose from the rim on one side with whitish substance coming out and my mother immediately looked at it and she finished the loosening the skin the rest of the way around and cleaning the smegma and again explaining that that attachment was normal for uncircumcised boys.

It sure seems that RIC would have been so much simpler and at age 41 I finally was circumcised due to repetitive yeast infections from my wife!  What a joy and I am 84 years now!