Growing up with a long foreskin in Canada

My parents are European and did not have me circumcised. I had a very, very long foreskin, almost an inch past the glans; possibly I stretched it out by pulling on it when I was little. Growing up in Canada, where most guys my age were circumcised, I became aware that my penis was different than the other boys. One day when I was about 15, or so, I retracted my foreskin for the first time ever. I had never seen my glans before; had no idea what was there.

I instantly wanted to remain that way, but it took quite a while before I could manage to keep it retracted. After some time of permanent retraction, my inner foreskin started to get irritated and often would bleed. I had wanted to be circumcised for some time, but was too embarrassed to ask for it, so the occasional bleeding of the inner retracted foreskin was a great pretext to go ask for a circumcision.

My wife was quite excited at the prospect, as she liked the exposed glans, and was not a fan of foreskin. I didn't know much about the procedure, so I left it in the doctor's hands. He did it under local anaesthetic. When I finally had a look at it, I was quite disappointed, and my wife even more so. He had only done a partial circumcision, just removing some of the excess foreskin and leaving the frenulum intact.

We waited a while, but then about a year later, we went to see another doctor, who happened to be her cousin. I gave the doctor the authorization to let her, and my wife, decide what should be done. So, while I was under general anaesthetic, she and my wife picked a low and tight circumcision, removing all of the frenulum. I was shocked to see the outcome when I saw the result; there was no foreskin whatsoever left. Also, I had no idea that the frenulum would be excised entirely. Now, 25 years later, I am glad to have done it, but would have preferred the high and tight look.

GH, Canada     

GH's circumcision
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Editor's comment. Looks like an excellent result to me. While cosmetic surgeons will try to give you whatever you want, urologists don't like preserving the inner foreskin in adult circumcisions, for a very good reason. There is often a lot of swelling after the op, and this can permanently stretch the very thin inner skin giving a very unsightly, puffy, result. Given that you have already said that your inner skin was seriously damaged it would not have been a good idea to try to preserve it.