A Chinese high-school student speaking.

I'm an enthusiast for circumcision,and in my view this technique isn't new for us. Of course Muslim Chinese have been doing it for centuries but the najority ethnic Han had developed the technique of circumcision a hundred years ago. The earliest record of circumcision technique that we have found occurs in a book called 'Yi Men Bu Yao', which was written in 1851, Qing Dynasty.It says that "No matter young or old, the one with a tight foreskin which causes urological problems which shelter urine between foreskin, can be cured by the following steps: use bone needles to enlarge the space between glans and foreskin. Or, if the foreskin is quite loose, use tweezers to pick up foreskin and use scissors to cut appropriate amount of foreskin, hemostasis quickly ". Thus circumcision did exist in ancient China,

From the 90s onward advertisements for circumcison were widely spread through public toilets. However,infant circumcision is rare (I mean, 0-3 years) in China but fortunately I met one guy who was circumcised when he was a baby (easy to prove because I met him in the first day of kindergarten and he was the only one with a different dick in the toilet). On the other hand, circumcision is popular for primary school student. I saw too many penises with exposed glans and stitches on the inner foreskin. (My father suggested circumcision when I was eight but I refused to do it even though I wanted the surgery. It was really stupid!!!!! I hated myself for a period of time because of that ). After 13 years old penises with retracted foreskin are widely seen in junior and senior high school.

Therefore I strongly agree with the description of your website 'born circumcised'. According to official data of the Chinese Ministry of Health, 90% of adult male's foreskins are permanently retracted. This is the official figure, but to some extent I doubt this data, because from my experience the percentage should be 70% or even less as many of my classmates has phimosis or long foreskin, and I was one of them.

I got circumcised when I was 16, the recovery was quick but the result was disappointing. This is because my doctor was too conservative and little foreskin was cut. I'm now using a special foreskin ring (pictured right) for treatment because I don't want to have further surgery and the result seems to be satisfactory. See pictures below.

I saw the army picture on your website. Fun fact, many boys gets circumcision for hygiene during harsh training in the army. What's more, it is said that a higher success rate can be achieved for entering the army if a man is circumcised. (However my father passed the selection as a soldier and he entered even though his foreskin is long).

The editor asked for girls' opinions about circumcision.
About your question, my reply would not be certain. Because girls in China emphasise "real" love rather than sex experiences, they don't express their opinion about penises frequently. However according to my observation, they prefer circumcised ones. This is because they like a large penis with glans exposed when flaccid. They trust the broadcast by hospitals that adolescent boys who cannot get their glans exposed when flaccid are not healthy and treatment such as circumcision is necessary. Talking about girls, I think Chinese moms cannot be ignored. One kind of moms don't know about these issues at all as they may have received conservative or traditional Chinese education that avoid talking about boy's genital issues. It is much the.same with the junior high biology book This is where sex education first appears and little information is given about the foreskin while girl's genital issues are discussed in detail. Therefore these moms accept all kinds of penis they see so it dosen't matter whether their son's penis has problems or not, they avoid these kind of questions and tell their boy to not to talk about it to. Another kind of mother, like mine, discusses sex education when their children are young, like 4,5 years old.Therefore they do notice the situation of their boy's foreskin, especially if he reports discomfort in his genitals.