An British man with diabetes is considering getting circumcised.

I am an uncircumcised man approaching middle age. I am considering being circumcised. I have type-2 diabetes, and am worried about urinary tract infections. This is especially an issue now that antibiotic resistance is increasing. UTIs can lead to sepsis and kidney damage. [1] The website presents an argument in favour of circumcision to help prevent adult UTIs. [2]

It is difficult to find information about circumcision. That is what we are here for! (Ed) There are men who just go with the flow, and do not think about it. Then there are what might be called anti-circumcision warriors, who try to dominate discussion. The medical profession often does not think about the issues.

As a young man, I had some foreskin infections, and mild phimosis (foreskin tightness). The infections were cured with creams, and the tightness with stretching. I have had no foreskin problems since. If I do decide to be circumcised, I want it to be high and tight with the frenulum removed, for both sensitivity and a streamlined look. I thought that writing about my experience might be useful for other men.


[1] diabetes-and-its-impact-on-your-urinary-and-sexual-health

James (UK)     

Editor's comment. Diabetes causes sugar to be present in the urine, and that attracts bacterial infections. It is not just a matter of UTIs, it also causes balanitis (infection under the foreskin). Hence circumcision is strongly advised and I'm surprised that James' doctor hasn't recommended it.