Circlist persuaded a German man to get what he alwys wanted.

I always dreamed of being circumcised. As a child I learned swimming in a club with many muslim boys. I saw their penises and thought: Wow! I want that status. They are cool guys and have a kind of impressive penis. But as a shy person (and without much money in my family background) it wasn't possible to arrange a circumcision. Finding the Circlist site in June 2019 made me determined to go ahead with it. Now I had the money and my own family (2 children) and my wife supported my wish. She saw that I hated the skin behind the glans when I retracted my foreskin. It always jumped over the glans in the wrongest situations.

Before circummcision - my foreskin was quite normal.Foreskin retracted - I've been able to retract it since age 9 or 10
I was circumcised in August 2019. But the doctor didn`t remove enough skin,
giving me a high and loose cut.
In operation no. 2 (January 2020) he changed it to high and tight.
He didn`t want to remove my frenulum, although it was my wish in both operations. In January 2022 I got problems/pain with my frenulum during erections at night. I went to another doctor who is a specialist and he finally did it well and he removed my frenulum.
He changed it to a low-style with very, very tight skin. I`m very happy now.

My son (4 years old) isn`t circumcised. He has to make his own decision, when he is older. I will pay for circumcision for him if he wants it, and he can stay intact if he wants to be intact.

Jim B. , Hamburg, Germany