A model finds out what sells best.

Many years ago, when a college student, I did a number of things to earn money including, for a time, an evening per week as a life model for a drawing class. I was 20 and it's just a fact that I was very good looking in those days, so much so that one of the girls in the class brought along a girlfriend on one occasion. This woman checked me out and, at the end of the session, introduced herself, played on my ego and gave me a business card. She asked me if I would be interested in doing photographic work for her agency. She explained that I could make more money than I was currently being paid and it wouldn't take up much of my time. I said "Yes, thank you this sounds good".

So, some time later I had an interview with her boss and, of course, I had to strip. He seemed very happy with me but asked if I'd be prepared to be circumcised as it would make the photographs much more marketable. I was somewhat shocked, I hesitated and said I'd think about it. Later that evening I told my girlfriend, taking the tone of "you'll never guess what crazy thing happened to me today." To my amazement she was very positive about the idea and not just for earning money but said she found it a little erotic and that I shouldn't dismiss it without careful thought.

In the following days I made a couple more calls to my prospective employer and on the second of these was given the number of a doctor who could take care of me. I made the call and just ten days later was circumcised. I remember so clearly, at the end of the surgical process, I got up from the couch and saw the skin that had been cut and it looked like a huge stack: I thought OMG! Anyway I had an easy healing period, just three or four weeks without sex, it really was totally painless and I think I was given a very good circumcision, certainly a fairly tight one. And though I wasn't very photogenic for about three months I did earn much more than enough to recover the cost of the surgery.

I have never regretted being circumcised, sex became so much better and it felt 100 times better to feel my cock directly in contact with a vagina rather than having the sensation diminished by a loose foreskin sliding up and down and getting between us. I was, of course never a shy guy but my girlfriend said that after being circumcised I seemed to be generally much more confident and self-assured. Perhaps there was a psychological adavantage as well as a sexual one.

JL, USA