Twice circumcised - then frenulum removed.

before frenuloplasty

I was initially circumcised when I was 15 as I always liked the look of the circumcised penis and had found lots of information on the circlist website. I got it revised as an adult when I was 20 with a freehand revision since there was still too much skin left - it would cover around 80% of the glans when flaccid, which I felt was quite unsatisfactory.

The revision was done under local anaesthetic and the most painful parts were the needles going into the base of my penis for the anaesthetic, however it was pretty much pain free after that, apart from when my frenulum was being cut through to release it (felt like an intense paper cut) as it was quite short initially, however I was left with most of my frenulum still after it was cut. The procedure lasted for about 45 minutes. My penis was swollen for about 3-4 days where I had to sit down to urinate to avoid it going everywhere, though it was pretty much fine after that. It was a bit painful for the first 24 hours - panadol really helped, but after that it was fine as long as I didn't bump it into anything.

After two circumcisions, but still with a substantial frenulum

There is a marked difference in sensitivity between the pinker inner skin and the shaft and so I would recommend trying to keep as much inner skin as possible, as I find that stimulating the shaft skin takes a lot longer to get to orgasm. I did find that there was a ring of constricted scar tissue after the wound fully healed by about 4-5 weeks, but it has softened up over time. Masturbation is quite different as I can no longer pull the skin up the shaft over the glans as it is a lot tighter, and so lube is a must (it is extremely difficult to reach orgasm without it)!

Two years ago, I had a frenulectomy to complete my circumcision. I like the look of a streamlined glans and since my procedure I have found that I have much more stamina - which has been popular with my sexual partners! The images below show the result.

After frenulectomy

JS, Australia