Teen circumcision

I was circumcised at 15 years old because of phimosis (I am now 54) and I haven't regretted it a single day.

It's just a really great, cool and clean feeling. You no longer have to retract the foreskin to clean the glans properly. For the last seven years I have lived in a committed relationship and my partner found it is just great to have a beautiful circumcised penis inside her. It's just a super cool feeling for my partner. So as I said I can only recommend every man to get rid of the foreskin and forget alternative experiments.

For a few years now I have completely removed my pubic hair, as you can see in the picture. That too I can only recommend to anyone! It's just wonderful and a great feeling during sex! So I'm totally in favour of both circumcision and pubic hair removal. Just do it!

Translation by Google and the editor.