Circumcised as graduation celebration

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I realised one day that my dad's and other adults' penises looked different from mine. Later I asked my dad about it and he taught me what circumcision is and tried to teach me how to pull back the foreskin and clean the inside. Except, my foreskin wasn't fully retractable probably due to adhesion and this caused some pain. The topic was then forgotten for many years until it was my final year of elementary school. It was common in Korea during my days that almost all boys would get circumcised around or before puberty, without question.

It was somewhere during winter holiday season and my last winter holiday as an elementary school pupil. My dad suddenly told me that I would get circumcised the next day. He said circumcision is required for all men and that I need to get it done in order to become an adult male. On top of it it would also be a celebration because I was graduating from the elementary school and would be be enrolled to the middle school in the upcoming spring.

I didn't want a circumcision as I heard from already circumcised friends how painful it is. But there wasn't anything I could do when my dad forced me.

Next day I was taken to a local urologist. First, the doctor examined my penis and quickly realised that I had some adhesions and told me that I had to get circumcised because of it. My dad and the doctor had some conversation then which I didn't understand. Later I was called into another room, where I lost my foreskin. Before the anesthesia were given, the doctor first removed the adhesion by inserting a pair of forceps into the foreskin and violently stirring the inside. Once the adhesion was gone and the foreskin was retracted, the penis and its surrounding was sterilized with antiseptic. I felt an intense burning sensation on my glans from the chemicals. I almost sprang up from both the adhesion removal and the sterilization from the pain but got scolded by thedoctor. Soon the base of my penis was injected with anesthetics and the circumcision started.

I was curious and allowed to watch the procedure so I vividly remember how my foreskin got removed. It was performed by the clamp forceps method. The doctor stretched my foreskin and clamped it between a pair of forceps and cut it away with a pair of scissors. Simply and quickly, my foreskin was removed forever within seconds. Next the doctor did something at the back of my glans from which I felt a sharp pain. I didn't know what it was but later when I got interested in the topic of circumcision I realized that he removed my frenulum. It is quite interesting that he fully removed my frenulum because a Korean circumcision typically leaves the frenulum fully intact or (very rarely) releases it from the glans if it appears too short. When all the stitching was done, the doctor showed me my freshly circumcised penis: A bare red glans and stitchline somewhere down in the shaft. I had never seen my glans before so the surprise was quite intense but I was somewhat glad that my penis finally looked like an adult's. Then he commented that my penis had became a man's penis from a boy's penis and released me from the surgery.

My dad also congratulated me for finally becoming a man. Next several days I had to fight with painful erections, bandage change and finally stitch removal. The cut ended up being somewhat high and quite tight. It used to draw some pubic hair and scrotum skin almost halfway up to the shaft during an erection. When it was flaccid, my penis would point forward or upward instead of downward as it used to do previously. But now over the time the skin has loosend and became perfectly fit without having those issues. As I said, the frenulum was totally removed.

For the next several weeks I also had to deal with my sensitive glans rubbing against clothing. It was painful in the beginning and forced me to walk in an awkward way. So my friends got to know my circumcision and made fun of it. But the sensation eventually became less and I could start having a normal life again. Sooner or later my remaining uncircumcised friends also got their foreskin removed in a similar way.

I also had to relearn masturbation. When I had an adhered foreskin, I used to masturbate by twisting the barely exposed tip of the frenulum or tugging the foreskin but after circumcision, I could finally masturbate like any other men I saw on porn.

Kim (33)    

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