Melbourne man with German/Turkish husband

My name is Lambert. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, am in my late 30s, and have three sons ages 10, 12, and 14. Their mother and I divorced a few months after my youngest was born and I have had full custody since. During the pandemic I married a fantastic man whom I'd been dating for about five years. He is circumcised and comes from a VERY large (and thankfully very progressive) German-Turkish family.

I was not circumcised and my sons weren't cut at birth as neither my ex-wife nor I thought it was necessary. About a year ago my middle son had a couple minor foreskin infections and, after finding out from my husband, my in-laws were very surprised my son wasn't circumcised. Embarrassed, I explained that none of us were. My father-in-law (jokingly) admonished my husband about it. He then asked that the four of us be circumcised and offered to pay for it. I'd never asked my husband about his circumcision, but he explained boys in his family are usually circumcised between ages 11 and 13 as a kind of family tradition. I discussed circumcision and the request with my sons, but only my middle son, who had suffered the recurrent infections, agreed initially. All three agreed to go to a consultation. I was initially extremely hesitant, but ultimately agreed to be circumcised as well, if only to support my son.

We ended up flying to Germany over Christmas and New Years, with the operations scheduled after the New Year. This was our first visit, since our wedding was during COVID lockdown and we were unable to meet my husbands family in person. The consult happened about a week before the operation and, between the consult and the operation, both my eldest and youngest sons agreed to be cut as well.

On the day of the operation, there were five of us; myself, my three sons, and my brother-in-law's son. I went first and the procedure was done under local anaesthetic. Other than a mild tugging sensation I didn't feel a thing. When I came out, I gave my boys a big thumbs up to let them know everything was alright. Recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I was afraid of. None of us experienced any significant swelling and pain was pretty minimal and easily quelled with a Paracetamol. My glans was very sensitive for about a week after circumcision but that went away fairly quickly.

It's been about about 6 months now and we are all very happy being circumcised. I have a very low and tight circumcision, just like my husband and my sons. I had a very long foreskin and its definitely much neater now, plus I enjoy the feeling of the head being exposed. My husband is very appreciative of my cut, too.

I was definitely more than skeptical of circumcision before but I'm now a firm believer and advocate for it. If anyone is on the fence about getting it done, I highly recommend it. And for those with sons, I recommend talking up the benefits of circumcision early and often. My sons have all said they hadn't realized how much nicer it is without a foreskin. And a massive thank you to Circlist This site was instrumental in me coming to my decision to be circumcised, second only to counsel from my FIL and husband in helpfulness!