Am I too tight?

I'm Martin – not my real name, I'd be too recognizable if I used it since I'm an American expat living in Malaysia – it's a small community. My father heads the local branch of an American multinational company – obviously I can't say which one. I'm 18, just finished school and about to start college. In case you wonder how I can say that in December, it's because I'll be going to an Australian university and they don't start till March. More of that later.

At first I went to an American school here in Kuala Lumpur – maybe it tells you something about American attitudes that it just calls itself The International School, even though it's registered in the US and teaches exclusively American curriculum. The British, French and German schools all identify themselves as such! It's open to everybody, of course, but the expat students are mostly American. More than half of the students are Malaysian, though. The classes are all in English, but English is widely spoken among Malaysians of the class that could afford that school. The only difference is that when we had classes in Bahasa Malaysia (the Malaysian language) the locals had additional English classes. For everything else we were together.

To make things clear, I should explain the ethnic makeup of Malaysia. Malays are the native people, all Muslims, and they are both the majority and also hold most of the political reins. Since this is a circumcision site, I should explain that they are circumcised , with much ceremony, between the ages of 5 and 7. I've been to many of these parties thrown by my father's senior staff. At first I felt jealous that having been circumcised as a baby I was missing out on a party, but when I realized that the boys – my friends – were sore for a week or so afterwards I changed my view. Ethnic Chinese make up about a quarter of the community – a mix of religions and about 50% circumcised – more from US influence than religion or tradition. Then there are Indians, who are a minority and rather looked down on, though many are quite prosperous. They are Tamil, Hindu religion, and not circumcised. But all were welcome at our school – so long as they could afford the fees.

The Malay circumcision age is close to the age of starting school, and some parents made sure that their boys were done before school. Bur family dynamics meant that this didn't always work out. So in year 1 you would see the uncircumcised boys hiding their dicks at the urinal while the circumcised boys made sure that everyone saw them!

So much for background. It was a happy time – I was a good performer at school but marks weren't exactly the center of my life, and I was friends with kids from all ethnicities. Fast forward to age 10, and a strange thing happened one Saturday morning. I was lying in bed, in no hurry to get up. My bladder was full, but enjoyably full, not uncomfortably full. Suddenly my dick started feeling very strange. I grabbed it and found it pointing upwards, hard as a rock. I pulled down my pajama pants to have a better look and saw it was twice its normal size. The skin on the shaft was so tight is was kind of shiny and the whole sensation of tightness and tension was almost unbearable but somehow still enjoyable. I wasn't touching it, just looking at it and enjoying the strange sensation. After a few minutes another feeling started in my dick, and it was so strong I thought for a moment that something was wrong with me, but as it spread out through my whole body I realized it was something wonderful. I didn't have the faintest idea what any of this meant.

Enlightenment came from our maid's son Hamid, aged 11. We were playing around one day when I saw his dick had got hard so I asked him (in Bahasa, of course) why they got like that. He was incredulous.

"You mean you don't know about sex?"

I didn't. He did – and it turned out that 11-year old Malay boys know a lot about sex. So he gave me the low-down. Finally he explained that until boys got old enough to have sex with girls they could get that feeling by playing with their dicks, and did I want him to show me? Of course I did. So we played with each other's dicks, and we both came. I did see that the skin on his shaft would move, and mine wouldn't, but that didn't seem to matter and we neither of us commented on it. After all, I'd seen a pretty wide variety when we changed for swimming at school – I knew dicks weren't all the same.

A few weeks later Hamid decided to expand my education, and brought a 15-year-old boy round so that "I could see the white stuff come out". I enjoyed that too. It was clear to me that they had to handle their dicks – or have them handled – to make it happen but I never mentioned that I didn't need that. After all, it felt really good when they played with me. I did try doing it myself but in the end my own hand wasn't as interesting as someone else's, and I'd just stroke or squeeze until I got hard and then let nature take its course.

In case I'm giving the wrong impression, I don't want to imply that every erection leads me to an orgasm. That would be pretty hard to handle. If I'm doing something else it will just fade away. I have to focus on the situation to make anything happen. But once I was into puberty I did have to be careful when pashing with a girl to avoid creaming my jeans. I know I'm not the only teenager to have this problem!

When I turned 13 my parents decided to send me to a Prep school in the US, as a boarder. (One of my English friends was puzzled by this – apparently in England prep schools only take pupils up to age 13. In the USA they go all the way to college entry). I was keen on this – I felt I was losing my connection with my home country – and I knew it would be a fantastic school environment. And it was. But having 400 boys in a boarding school with no girls had a predictable effect, particularly on the teenagers. OK, I enjoyed it. And 13 is a fun age with all stages of development from barely started to pretty much full-grown. I was somewhere in the middle.

Since this is Circlist I'll mention that the school was, so far as my experience went, a foreskin-free zone. I'd encountered one or two foreskins in Malaysia and not been impressed – seemed to me that either you couldn't expose the knob or you could but couldn't touch it. Neither seemed much fun. I know they don't stay like that, but why? Anyway, all my play at prep school was with circumcised boys. We were ethnically inclusive, and black and Hispanic boys were all circumcised, and so were our international students (mostly Korean and Chinese). There were rumors that some boys who came to the school with foreskins had got the school doctor to arrange circumcisions – quite probably true but I never came across any confirmed cases. I did ask the doc at one of my annual medicals what would happen if a boy asked to be circumcised. He said the health of the boys was his number one concern and if a boy needed to be circumcised of course he would be. He wouldn't be drawn further.

Sex play between boys was something that happened at weekends. It was an honor thing that nothing took place during the week. The grounds were spacious and it was easy to find private spots at the weekend. I'm not saying it was condoned, but I do think that the authorities were happy to turn a blind eye so long as it was discreet. I've read about passionate relationships between older and younger boys (including on this site) and maybe such things did happen, but not for me. It was just friends having fun and seeing to each other's needs. Passionate relationships were for girls, and more of that shortly. But that did leave the need to get off during the week, and here I realized I had a great advantage. We often heard other boys' beds creaking as they jacked, while I just lay still, concentrating, until it happened.

Whatever, weekends were hog heaven. I enjoyed every moment, even though I reckoned that however they handled me (and I wasn't fussy) I would climax just as quickly anyway. One exception – a couple of boys introduced me to using moisturizer (or other slippery stuff) and that really did the trick. If I ever play with myself by hand now that's how I do it.

There was only one, very close, friend to whom I confided that I could get off 'no hands'. He looked at me, touched my dick, and said:

"Of course, because you're so tight. Look."

And he just tugged his skin back as hard as he could, so that it looked shiny like mine. In a little while he shot – and so did I.

"Look, it's not the most fun way to do it, but it's very handy on weekdays."

"You think you're telling me something?"

"OK, obviously not!"

But we all knew that girls were the real thing. The first time a girl handled my dick I came almost instantly. She said:

"You'll have to learn to last longer than that!"

It didn't help that inexperienced me took forever to get her off! That was at age 14 and the relationship didn't progress to going all the way , so we never found out how that would have worked out. But it did highlight a problem, I tended to be a bit quick. The necessary condom slowed things down a bit, and I did get some good sex from age 15 on, which from my school sample seems to be the age when most American boys get to go all the way (and the Asian students get jealous).

The problem was that each summer I'd find a girlfriend, and things would be great, but then I had to go back to school. Some Christmases I'd come back, others my folks would come over and we'd have Christmas with my grandparents – and then maybe go skiing where I'd meet up with my school friends. All good – except for any relationships back home. The girls had always found someone else.

That changed when I got a Malay girlfriend – all my previous ones had been fellow expats. Dating a Malay girl is different – everything has to be very discreet. No holding hands, let alone kissing, in public. And it all takes time – things progress much more slowly than with an American or European girl. But we were really, seriously in love so none of that mattered. She's from an upper class background and her parents totally approve of our relationship. Well, so do mine but in that social climate that is of less importance. Of course her parents wouldn't approve if they knew we were having sex – but the key word there is 'knew', they can guess, but nobody must know. She, like all Malay girls, is circumcised and with no foreskin in the way she climaxes very easily. We are very sexually compatible.

Like all Muslims, male or female, she also shaves her pubic hair. Actually she's had it laser removed – there are dozens of clinics in KL offering that. I finally agreed to shave mine once I'd left school (couldn't face the comments in the change rooms) but I'm not ready for lasering yet. Anyway, she was the one who persuaded me to switch to going to an Australian university, which had always been her aim. When I looked at what they had to offer it looked good, quite apart from the main issue of being with her. So that's what we are doing. Of course we can't share an apartment – she will go to an all-girl residence (which they call a 'college' there) and I'll get a small apartment, and we'll have a great time. And the flight home is much shorter.

Not to mention that I get from July 2016 to March 2017 to work on some of my other interests – a gap year would be too much, but this is great.


Editor's note. Good to have a contribution from a teenager, and more are very welcome but please note that you must be over 18. How about some teenage girls' views?