Circumcised three times, in the UK.

I went to an English public school as a boarder and during my years there first noticed that some boys were circumcised and some like me were not. I was born in 1949 just after the NHS started and circumcision was no longer routinely carried out at birth. My father was not circumcised so I guess my parents decided it was not important. At school the ratio was about 40 circumcised to 60 not circumcised so I did not stand out. I was quite well endowed and enjoyed frequently masturbating. However there were one or two boys who I particularly noticed had very small penises when flacid and who had not much more than their glans showing. I thought these looked very neat and in a way I was envious of them.

After leaving school and a few years later getting married, I only thought about circumcision from time to time. However in my mid forties my wife asked me to have a vasectomy so she could stop taking the pill; I went ahead with the operation and that started me really thinking about circumcision and how I really wanted to be circumcised. This was in the days before the internet so there was not a lot of information and certainly nothing about different styles. A few years later I had found details of a Marie Stopes clinic that offered the operation. So I made an appointment and went along. The result was a medium cut, not very high and not very tight. But I was happy enough to at last be circumcised. My wife approved and I felt that sex was better.

However there was one problem and that was that on the journey home getting into my car I had managed to pull some of the stitches which resulted in an uneven scar line. Not too bad but not a perfect look. Additionally over the next 10 years the shaft skin stretched so that the cut was not as tight as it had been. I decided I needed to have a re-do and by this time there was a lot of information on the internet about different styles of cut. I liked the look of a high and tight cut and selected a London clinic where I could have it done. This time the surgeon removed a portion of only the shaft skin giving me the high cut I wanted and a reasonably tight finish. I made sure I went straight to a nearby hotel to spend the rest of the day and night to make sure the stitches were not pulled. It healed up quickly and painlessly and I was very pleased with the result, a very nice even scar ring over 3cm from the sulcus. When erect there was still enough movement of the shaft skin to allow me to masturbate without lube. One side effect seemed to be that my penis when erect was not as long as it had been although it had a greater girth. Sex was better than before and having moved on, my new girlfriends really liked the appearance.

About another 10 years went by and again I found that over time the shaft skin had stretched and it got to the point, when I was really flaccid, that the skin started to roll back and cover my glans. I also think that with the advancing years and some ED my penis, even when erect was again not as long as it had once been. I was perhaps even more interested in circumcision and by now was living with a woman who had only had circumcised partners and expected her man to be properly circumcised. I decided that I wanted to experience a really low and tight cut, I also thought back to the boy at school with just his glans visible and how I liked the look of that. So I booked an appointment a few months ago for my second re-do, again at a London clinic. I asked for a really low and tight cut and the surgeon drew 2 lines on my penis where he proposed to cut. The one near the glans showed that he would leave less than 1cm of inner foreskin, which I liked but the other line left too much of the shaft skin for my liking, he asked me what I thought and I asked him if he could take more. He moved the line about 1 cm further so as to remove more skin. He then proceeded and at the end assured me I would have no more problems with the shaft skin covering the glans. Again I was careful getting home so as not to pull the stitches. It has healed well giving a nice even scar line just near the sulcus. When flaccid I no longer have bunched up skin on the shaft and when erect It is very tight with no movement when I masturbate. Again when erect, my penis is shorter than it use to be but again the girth has increased. When flaccid, there is very little shaft and so my glans really stands out and my penis sticks out from my body rather than hanging down. I find that this low tight cut is a disincentive to masturbate and when I do it takes longer for me to climax.

So to sum up, over the years shaft skin in my experience, tends to stretch and penises lose some of their length and to correct this re-dos are necessary to maintain a good tight circumcision. Age in my experience has also not been a problem in having a circumcision. It has been very interesting to experience the different styles of cut and I would say that low and tight cuts are the most restrictive and this tends to show why 19th century physicians prescribed circumcision as a potential cure for masturbation. But I am sure that today many women appreciate that the low tight cut with its related desensitisation allows a man to last much longer during intercourse.

Martin B.