Circumcised without stitches
- a pictorial account.

My wife and I discussed circumcision on a number of occasions - she always wanted a nicely tight cut husband. So two years ago, after 4 years of marriage I took the plunge. We both like the end result.

This is me before the operation.
Before circircumcision
I was circumcised without using stitches since I wanted to experience a circumcision as it was done in ancient times. We have only been using stitches on circumcisions for a not much over 100 years now. A middle-eastern doctor agreed to do this.

This was the second day. I had to keep a bandage on for the whole healing time with a antibiotic cream or gel. It was very painful and the first week was the hardest.

Below is the result at the end of that week.
Second day
Day7Day 7 - underside
In the second week the pain started to ease and the edges were beginning to close up. Healing was really going well in the third week - here I am at 4 weeks, and the cut it almost closed. After 4 weeks
After 5 weeks (right) healing is complete but erections are still painful.

The images below show the result now, after two years. The scar is neat and smooth, and you wouldn't know there hadn't been any sutures except for the absence of stitch marks.
After 5 weeks
Two years on Two years on