Circumcised at 16 in England

I'm 18, circumcised through the NHS in the UK at 16 because of phimosis. I had been given cream for it twice but it never worked so the doctor said the best way was circumcision. (I secretly wanted it anyway). About 8 months later I go to the hospital to get it done, sign the consent form etc. Have my full circumcision under general anesthesia and everything was good. First week I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel pain because of the erections pulling on stitches but 2 years later we're good. My girlfriend at the time said it looked better than when I had foreskin.

The one and only downside is that I can't masturbate without a condom (any advice?) as I just don't get the motion anymore. The other thing I was wondering is what type of circumcision I had? I know it's full circumcision with frenulum removal. All done free hand but what style is it?

MF, England     

Editor's comment. A beautiful low and tight job. I gave him advice about using lubricants to masturbate, and got the reply "Much better James, thank you so much for the advice!". Tips about masturbation can be found on our Circumcised Sex page.