A Filipino experience

Here in the Phillipines, boys are usually circumcised before puberty. My problem why I was not circumcised by age 10 or 11 is that my foreskin was not easily retracted by that time. The glans was still attached to the foreskin and it really hurt me to fully retract it. I was so jealous of my peers during that time because when we were bathing together, they proudly showed me that they were already cut and I'm not. This was a great impact to me as a teen. It really lowered my self esteem as a man. Their penises were cut in the traditional way, dorsal slit done by local circumciser.

It was only at age 17 that my foreskin was retracted along the corona of my glans. I accidentally retracted it one time when I learned how to masturbate by the influence of my classmates who told me how to do it. They said that through frequent masturbations, the foreskin will be retracted fully and the penis head will be truly exposed. It was so late that I learned how to masturbate because of a conservative family. Talking about genitals is a taboo or forbidden.

I followed their suggestion, and it worked. At few strokes, the glans was exposed up to the neck. Then that was the time that I approached the local circumciser to work on my penis. After two weeks, the circumcision was healed. I'm now proud that I am a circumcised man and no more smegma, no more object of teasing by peers.

But as I grew older, I found out that my circumcision was a bit different from my comrades. Their glans were fully exposed even in flaccid state. Mine was partially covered with foreskin. Only when erect that the glans was fully exposed. They said that they had their circumcision done at a clinic. Theirs were so nice to look at, with no floppy skin in the underside unlike mine.

When I was 31, I then asked a doctor to subject me for a circumcision even though I was already circumcised traditionally. He examined my penis and he joked that maybe my penis was getting smaller. Is there such a situation that penis gets smaller? He performed the operation and it healed within a week. It was so nice now in appearance. The glans is always exposed even in flaccid state, but it's so tight now when I have erections I get the feeling that my penis will burst. My other concern with my circumcision is that my penis head becomes easily irritated by unwanted erections, especially when I'm wearing not so tight underwear or boxers.


Editor's comment. No, your penis will not shrink between age 17 and 31. The only difference might be that teen hormones will keep you semi-erect more often at 17 than at 30. I'm sure that the unwanted sensitivity will disappear in time, and as for the sensation of tightness, most men love it!